Monday, January 23, 2017

Acai Bowls in Laguna


TOP: Bardot (similar smocked option here) | DENIM: Frame (not maternity) | WEDGES: Marc Fisher c/o (I also have this style!) | HANDBAG: Prada (similar here & here) | SUNGLASSES: Celine (similar here) | NECKLACE: Lana Jewelry (both of mine are 14k gold - but HERE is a dupe) | WATCH: Nixon | BRACELETS: The Styled Collection c/o, David Yurman | LIPS: Kim KW  | NAILS: It’s a dip powder from a salon in Tulsa - its not an SNS brand though.

On Saturday, my cousins, John and I went to get acai bowls and took them over to the beach to eat and it was such a dreamy day. I love love acai bowls - we don’t really have any good places to get them around Tulsa so I love finding good ones when I am traveling! John doesn’t like them though - he was like “what in the world is that?” ha! The weather here in Laguna was SO nice - it was perfect for wearing jeans and wedges and a light top! (just a warning I have 3 pair of these wedges so I wore them the whole time!) I basically packed several pair of denim, wedges, and cute little off the should tops. These flowy off the shoulder tops are great if you have a bump growing because they fit really nicely and it doesn’t look awkward! 

Anyway, I hope you all had a fun weekend. Did you do anything fun?!?! LMK in the comments!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nautical Striped Dress + Neiman Marcus Sale

DRESS: Theory | WEDGES: Marc Fisher (similar style HERE on sale & HERE) | HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton (similar HERE) | NECKLACE: Lana | SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban | BRACELETS: Styled Collection, David Yurman | WATCH: Nixon (similar HERE) | LIPS: ‘Mauve’ +  MAC’s ‘Myth

Just thought I’d do a quick Sunday post and update you all on a promotion that is happening at Neiman Marcus right now! Started today, Neimans is doing an online only event where you get a gift card for spending! If you spend $500, you get a $100 gift card, if you spend $750, you get a $150 gift card, etc. (click HERE to see more details on this promo!). My dress is actually part of the event so I had to share. Also, Neiman’s also has a free gift event going on with Estee Lauder. One of the BEST lip liners out there is Estee Lauder long wear (here) and I am wearing it in the photos in ‘Mauve’. I have a couple colors in the EL lip liner and I think they are truly on of the best!! 

Okay, in other news, John and I flew out to Laguna on Friday to visit my cousins! Laguna is getting hit with this really bad storm for like 3 days and its happening while we are here - just my luck! But, we did have sunshine yesterday which was really nice - it turned out to be a gorgeous day. I wouldn’t mind if the storm got bad and caused our flights to be cancelled though. :) 

Hope you all are having a fun weekend! <3

Thanks to Neiman Marcus for sponsoring today’s post.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Spring Cravings (See What I’ve Ordered For Spring!)

The sun has not been out much here in Tulsa and oh my gosh - it has me craving some sunshine and a tropical trip. (Thanks to Zika I won’t be going anywhere so that’s why we have a collage, haha).

So, I got a few pair of these.. :/ Oops. I really love the perforated look and I wanted to have plenty of comfortable wedges to wear through spring - and even after I have the baby. If you haven’t noticed, I live in wedges, booties, heels - they are more comfy to me personally. I wanted to have some comfy wedges stocked up for once we are out running around with the babe! Plus, I have a feel these will sell out SUPER fast so I wanted to snag my size early. (These run a little big and are SOOO comfy!!)

One of my FAVE swimsuits last summer was a suit just like this and I have been wanting to hunt it down in black and FINALLY found it! I probably won’t be wearing it this spring & summer, but I wanted to snag it for next year.

I want a pair of these in ALL colors. They are SO cute! I’m really wanting a white pair to go with my dark hair 

Oh em gee - I love these! This is ideal for the Feb - April awkward transitional weather. It would be so cute with white or black denim - or ripped denim. I’m THIS close to ordering it.... :)

I literally wear this bracelet DAILY. I actually bought myself the ‘real’ version of this bracelet last spring - it was $200 and such a mistake. I lost the screw for the end and never could wear it again! I WAS so thrilled to find this dupe bc it is under $30 and this specific one doesn’t have the extra screw. 

I’m a crazy iPhone case hoarder - I change mine all the time! I love this new version of the cactus one! This brand makes my favorite cases.

If you go through last spring and summers archives you will see that I literally lived in 2 pair of One Teaspoon jean shorts - both of which sold out SO fast. I just thought I’d give you a heads up on THESE bc they are SOOO cute and I don’t think they will be around for long. (I also love that they aren’t too short - ordering them for after babe.)

Self explanatory. Just wishing I were going some tropical... maybe next year!

Oh em gee- these are SO cute and under $100. When I first saw them, I was like “oh I want those - I bet they are like $300 though!” and was so excited to see they are under $100. They look very high end designer!

MAC’s Snob is my fave soft pink for summer!

These wedges are seriously TO DIE FOR!! Dying over the details and colors of these wedges! I am so so so close to ordering these... Ahh! They are so precious. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Baby Gemma Bumpdate #2

TANK (so cheap!) | CARDY (more HERE) | SIMILAR DENIM | Flats c/o MGemi - not longer made in pink - almost identical HERE tho | LIPS ‘Personal Statement'

So, it’s been exactly TWO months since I announced that we are expecting baby Gemma! And I had a Doctor’s appt. yesterday so I thought today would be a perfect day to do a little ‘bump date’. (I think that’s what you call them.. for me it will just be a lot of chit chat about what is going on with the babe!) In this post, I am going to be pretty honesty or ‘real’ (lol) if you will. SO, you may be like “Ok, Emz, that’s TMI” so just consider this your warning. Also, I’ll be sharing a section on some maternity clothing I like, baby things we’ve purchased, etc. But let’s just get started...

#1. When Are You Due?!
G-Baby is due this spring! Needless to say, we are past the half way point & enjoying powering through what is left the of the second trimester. It seems as if time has been CRAWLING the past few months. I am not sure if that is because I have been sick daily this entire pregnancy or if I just spend too much time day dreaming about what life will be like when he gets here. Either way, I am hoping that the third trimester will fly by (positive thinking!).

#2 How Are You Feeling?!
Well! This is where I’m going to be pretty ‘real’ with you.. I am not a fan of people complaining AND I am beyond grateful and fortunate to be able to carry this baby, however, for me this has been a pretty rough journey. I really appreciate when people are honest and open about something not being as great as it seems to everyone else. So, getting started.. I think 90% of the women around me had/have great easy pregnancies w/exception of the first trimester fatigue and the few aches & pains here and there. My mom and sister both had relatively easy pregnancies so I honestly believed that meant I would have it ‘easy’ (no throwing up, just little bouts of nausea on occasion). Well, I’ve told you all before that before I even got a positive pregnancy test, I was already crawling into bed at 8pm (compared to a lifetime of going to bed at 1am!!). I’ve had fatigue issues for a decade (all of this was covered in another blog post) and I’ve had studies, bloodwork, etc. done and tried it all and nothing ever helped. That being said, imagine how my body reacted to growing a human being!! The first trimester was rough in that I could only stay awake for ab 3 hours at a time, I was starving (if you saw twilight - where the new vampires are hungry -- that’s what I was like!!!), and I had this all day nausea lingering - sometimes it would be really bad, but others it was manageable. During the first trimester, I was traveling non stop & crazy busy with work, which was a major blessing. It kept me going each day! BUT, second trimester.. that was a WHOLE new story. My hunger chilled out a bit which was nice. However, I started throwing up 3-5x a week. I do think it was morning sickness at first -- which was rare because I’d never heard of anyone not throwing up for the first trimester, but throwing up the rest of the time. At this point my heartburn had gone from like being uncomfortable and annoying to pretty painful. I noticed I threw up if I ate grilled chicken, rode in a bad taxi / uber drivers car, etc. But after like week 18, the throwing up got worse with my heartburn. I’ve mentioned it on here before but it was getting bad and becoming really painful. (Just FYI, I am not looking for advice on anything! I have a great doc and most of our friends here are in the medical field and take great care of me.) I started throwing up more and more as the heartburn got worse. Which brings me to this weekend - I had this horrible cold. I couldn’t swallow, was coughing a lot, and my heartburn went to a whole new level. It was so bad, I wasn’t able to sleep - not amount of Zantec, Tums, Papaya Enzymes, Baking Soda, ACV, etc could have touched it. It was actually at 3am Friday night (as I am throwing up acid to get relief) that John was like “you have GERD.” He ran to Wal-Mart Neighborhood (@3am) and grabbed one last resort medicine and it honestly changed the game for me. I felt SO much relief since I started it. Prior to this medicine, my heartburn was so bad on a daily basis that I would break out in a sweat, my ribs would ache, back would hurt, etc. It was something I’d never heard of any expecting woman experiencing. I was throwing up almost daily the past couple of weeks because of the acid. BUT the good news is that I feel so much better now. I’m praying this medicine will stay effectively working on me until the baby comes! Any other ache or pain I’ve had, I won’t even mention because they are all standard pregnancy things - back aches, round ligament pains, etc. (Yikes this is getting long!!) 

One last thing, my energy never returned after the first trimester like everyone said it would.. I still go to bed super early. Someone please tell me I will get some energy back after the baby gets here?!

#3 How Is Baby Doing!?
If you are new here - then you may not know we are expecting a baby Boy. He is doing great - we got a really good close up of his face yesterday and I had chills up and down my body! Everything is becoming SO real. I mentioned last month that I had anterior placenta so I wasn’t feeling him much and our doc couldn’t see him well so we did formal US at the hospital and got a good look at him. They actually told us that he is a rather large baby......... :) As the girl said this to me I side-eyed John bc he was nearly 10lbs!!! I can’t talk bc I was nearly 9lbs. So yea, it wasn’t too shocking to find out he is big. The tech actually said based on their technology the due date would need to be moved. So he is doing really well and growing nice & big. It is really funny because I use all of those baby apps each morning and the other day it was like “your baby will be 1 pound this week!” and our baby weighed a pound like a month ago! haha. (Guessing he really loved the Chic-Fil-A I fed him in the first trimester?!) As for the anterior placenta issues, the doctor saw the him fine yesterday so it must be thinning out a bit. And I feel this babe kick ALL. DAY. LONG. Get this -- yesterday morning I was working in the living room and put the Bachelor on in the background.... well, I decided to put my BellyBuds on and play Mozart for the baby (bc I need to shelter him from girls like Corrine lololol). As soon as I pushed play on Mozart, he immediately started moving and wiggling. It was fascinating knowing he heard that? or at least I think that’s what caused the movement! :)

#4 How Is The Nursery Coming Along?!
Well, I’m taking VLOG clips of the nursery as things progress. I can’t wait to share that video with you all! So, we had the carpet pulled upstairs and put down a new grey flooring. And then I had the walls, doors, baseboards, and ceilings all painted. So right now, the room already look 100x better! Lulu & Georgia sent him THIS rug which goes PERFECTLY in his room - we love it. I ordered his furniture from Restoration Hardware about 7 weeks ago - and guess what - no word on it. I am so glad I did it early on because I can’t imagine being close to spring time and not having it in. Hopefully it arrives ASAP. I love going to his room - I go up there almost every day as a little break from work. I have been hanging up his cute little clothes and just look around. It’s so cheesy but there’s something so special about being in there! 

#5 Cravings?!
I get asked about cravings a lot. There’s really nothing to say on this. Praise the Lord, I am back to eating my normal ways.. aka McAllister’s 4x a week! I love their soups, salads, and spuds. But yea, no new cravings at all! Unless the occasional cheese fry craving happens! Honestly, I craved those on occasion before so it doesn’t count!

#6 “Let Me See Your Bump!” 
Lol... ok there’s a reason for ^^ title. I have gotten messages and comments from people asking about why I hide my bump. At first I was so confused.. “why would I need to hide my bump?!” But I realized, a lot of people have a bump  at like 18w so I think people really expect me to have one as well. And I definitely do - but it isn’t always obvious (although it is getting there - everyday it is larger!). But I think a lot of it is that I have never been one to wear much tight fitting clothing. My entire life I’ve loved oversized sweaters, tunics, etc. I remember January of 2 years ago, I got a ton of comments from people asking if I was expecting bc I wore a few oversized sweaters. Also, my stomach gets bigger after I’ve eaten carbs! In the morning, it is definitely there - but it looks more obvious after lunch. :) Just thought I’d fill y’all in on that... I am sure you will be sick and tired of seeing that bump tho this spring! 

#7 What Are You Wearing?!
Oh em gee- cardigans and comfy tanks/tees around the clock! And for your sake, I am trying to back off the leggings! lol.  While in Utah last week, my pants officially quit zipping. So, I either wear my pants w/ THIS bellyband or maternity jeans. You guys know I usually only wear AG jeans so I bought AG maternity jeans in a few styles and I like them, but they are still a little big. The two pair of maternity jeans I wear the most frequently are HERE & HERE. But, if you are looking for flattering maternity jeans on a budget - I really like H&M Mama Skinnies! Also, if you are pregnant or not, stock up on THESE tees and THESE tanks - I just size up for the bump. So cheap but so good. I may buy some extra white ones! I’ll be honest, I think maternity clothing is overrated - It is kind of pricy and much of it is not really my style. I am glad I can still fit into the oversized pieces I had or just buy a size up in other things. If you are on a budget, I would only splurge on maternity pieces that you’ll wear all the time and really get your money’s worth out of..... just my two cents.

#8 When Will You Stop Traveling?!
My doctor said at 34w I will have to ‘chill with the jet setting’ - his words. But, to be honest, it hurts my back to fly these days. I can handle a 2 hour flight but it really takes a toll on my ribs and back. I want to be able to travel with John a little before the 34w mark since we won’t be doing any traveling before (34w on) and after the baby gets here for a while. It is tough bc his schedule is cray cray and I’m pretty picky ab how long of a flight I can stand so we are just taking it easy! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Easy 60-Second Bun Tutorial

The past few weeks I’ve been tossing my hair up in this ‘messy’ top bun weekly and each time I do, I get a lot of questions about how I do it.. whether I use a ‘donut’ or a sock, etc. And to answer that question, I don’t use anything! This hair style is CRAZY easy and can be achieved in under 60 seconds. Most days I don’t even do it with a mirror around (including for these photos - I had no mirror so I couldn’t see what I was doing!). That just goes to show that this is super easy!! 

I think so many outfits are made cuter with a messy (or neat) top bun/knot. I prefer mine to be a little undone but too crazy! Also, I usually only wear a bun when my hair already has curl in it - I use THIS curling iron to curl my hair on a regular basis.

Anyway, sorry of the poor lighting! We have had kind of poor weather around here so I used artificial lighting to get these shots. 
Step #1: Make sure you start with brushed neat hair - get all the tangles out! I swear by THIS brush - it is really good for your hair and is incredible. I know it is pricy, but it truly is an investment - you will love it!

Step #2: If you like your bun or knot to have some texture or volume (or if it is dirty), use a dry shampoo/texturizer on the roots. My go-to product for this step is THIS - it gives your hair some grit, while also soaking up extra oil! The grit helps create volume & give the hair some life.

Step #3: Work that spray through your roots and then grab a teasing comb and tease the hair around your face. 

Step #4: I have a lot of hair so I always flip my hair over to get it all together for a good pony tail. I call this pony tail my cheerleader pony - I like it to set high on my head & be perky. :) I do not like for my hair to be slicked to my head which is why I tease & use volumizer before this step! TIP: If you want your hair to look thicker & fuller, make sure you don’t slick your hair down! 

Steps #5 & 6: These steps are just like 2&3 - use that texturizer on your pony tail - trust me - you will want your hair to have some grit so that it will stay in the bun! My hair has a sleek, smooth texture which has a tendency to slide out of ponytails and bobby pins so having grit on my hair is a MUST. Also, notice in Step #6 I am teasing (using this brush) my ponytail - this gives the appearance of a thicker and fuller bun. If I skip this step, my bun just looks smaller and my hair doesn’t look as thick. 

Step #7: OKAY! This is the big step. It is so hard to photograph since I have dark hair! But, you want to start by TWISTING your pony tail. You just need a quick twist - don’t think too hard about what you are doing!

Step #8: As you twist, simultaneously start wrapping that twisted pony tail around. You’ll see my hair looks kind of messy as I am wrapping - don’t worry about that - just wrap until you are at the end of the ponytail.

Step #9: When you are finished wrapping, tuck the end of the ponytail back into the ponytail holder. I have TONS of layers in my hair so not all of the layers make it all around, but by tucking in that last little bit of hair, it secures everything that’s been twisted. (Does that make sense?!!?)

Step #10: At this point, I tug and pull on the bun to loosen it up, give it volume, and make it fuller! This is the key to really making your bun look big & voluminous!
Steps 11 & 12: The last thing I do is use two large (roller) bobby pins to secure the bun. If there are any loose pieces, I pin those down, and any questionable spots, I secure with the bobby pins. Also, if you don’t have a heavy bun or super thick hair, just use regular bobby pins bc these longer ones will definitely show up more if you don’t have hair to hide them! 

And there’s the final result! If you want your to be super neat, definitely spray hair spray and secure it! I like to pull my flyaways out and let my bun remain a little messy on casual days!

My (amazingly comfy) long grey top is available HERE
My white denim are available HERE.
My pink flats are available HERE.
My lips are ‘Personal Statement’ HERE. 

If you have any other questions - let me know in the comments! 
easy bun tutorial, emily gemma hair tutorial, emily gemma top knot tutorial

Monday, January 16, 2017

Pops of Pink (Snow Day in Park City)

JACKET: old (similar HERE & HERE) | BEANIE: out of stock via H&M (almost identical HERE) | SUNGLASSES: random cheap store (similar HERE & HERE (these are so cool)) | LEGGINGS: Zella (*must-haves*) | TEE: BP ($11!) | HANDBAG: Prada (similar HERE) | WATCH: Nixon | BRACELETS: The Styled Collection c/o, David Yurman BOOTIES: Cecelia New York c/o (similar HERE & HERE) | SCARF: LV (Rose Ballerine)

I’m a little late getting start this Monday morning... I was SO sick this weekend. Probably the most sick I have been in years and years. I couldn’t even hold my phone up to read a text! BUT, the good thing was that we got this crazy freezing rain all weekend so it was super cold and kind of dreary so I considered it a weekend of rest. :) We usually work a lot on weekends so it was (sort of) nice to relax. I am feeling 75x better today though! John watched football all weekend and made use of our new Instant Pot (chicken and noodle soup was so good).. and Fitz literally slept on top of me (the baby) all weekend. 

I thought I’d share photos of this look I wore in Utah last weekend though! I am so sorry if you are like “omgosh emily you wear those leggings 24/7!” bc yes... I totally do. The week we went to Utah was the first week my pants quit buttoning ‘officially’. Luckily, I packed 2 pair of these leggings and my back up maternity jeans so no problem there! I’m just being real, lol. (And these are literally the best black leggings you can own - I still wear the same ones I wore before pregnancy - they are high waisted, wash up perfectly, don’t fade, and no pilling!) Having a stomach that is a little bigger every day is no joke. I wake up almost daily and think “woah! How can it get so much bigger over night!” I’m already nervous about what I will wear when spring gets here and I actually have a huge stomach and it is hot outside.. I have never liked tight fitting clothing so I am sure that will be a challenge for me! Okay.. totally rambling. I literally was so sick this weekend I couldn’t even talk to John so now I apparently have a lot of chatting I want to do, haha! I promise the bump date post is coming and oh-em-gee, it is long and I am chatty Kathy so just get ready.

Friday, January 13, 2017

My Go-To Camel Wrap Coat (& it is on SALE!)

JACKET: Soia & Kyo (similar HERE & HERE) (love THIS vest, too!) | LEGGINGS: Zella (*must-haves*) | TEE: BP ($11!!) | BEANIE: BCBG via Nordstrom | WATCH: Nixon | SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban | BOOTIES: Ceceilia NY (similar HERE & HERE) | HANDBAG: Gucci (similar HERE

I found this coat at Nordstrom right before we went to Park City last week and I got SO excited (it was half off!!!!)! I have several camel coats - they are my FAVES. This one is probably my favorite of all - I’m actually going to a game tonight and planning on wearing it again! It isn’t super heavy, but it is thicker than a cardigan so I love it! Wrap coats remind me so much of Olivia Pope soo... :) (I love everything Olivia wears!) Anyway, Nordstrom has a few really amazing wrap coats right now - and most of them are on sale! My favorites are THIS one and THIS one - but I already have THIS one and kind of wish I could buy a second one. Hopefully it is still cold where you live so you can keep wearing it - and then it will be a surprise when you get to pull it out for next winter! (I’m linking a few of my favorite wrap coats from Nordstrom in the widget below!!)

Tonight my little nephew, Baby Bo, is in homecoming court so we are going to Arkansas to see him! Baby Bo is like my little mini me - when we go places together, people always assume he is mine (and I eat that up!!). My dad’s nickname is Bo so we all call my nephew Baby Bo - and he HATES when I refer to him as that! He always says “I’M NOT A BABY!!” :) I always wonder what our kids will look like though - John has big blue eyes and blonde hair and I’ve always been dark! I have had two dreams since being pregnant where I got a glance of the baby and both times he had dark hair... but I think it would be cute to have a blondie, too! BUT, if heartburn is truly an indication of how much hair your baby will have, my baby will have like a WIG on bc holy guacamollleeeee. This heartburn stuff has me going to bed at like 7pm!! 

Okay, I am working on a blog post all about a bump date so I will save other pregnancy ‘stuff’ for that post! That should be up next week. I wanted to wait until next weeks appt.

Hope you all have a fun, warm weekend!!!

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post.


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