Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Spring Shopping Cart

I thought I’d quickly round up some items I’m loving for spring - including a few things I have ordered this week! The weather here has been so nice so I’m pulling out all of my springy pieces!

How darling is this top?! With the little dos on the sleeves! I am going to order a size large and hope it accommodates the bump... :/ I bet it won’t but I figure it is worth a try! This top would be adorable w/these white skinnies that are only $59!

I wore this necklace last February on my blog and it sold out in a day - it FINALLY restocked and is available! Literally goes with even the most simple outfits & is just too cute. *It does tend to sell out quickly.*

This style of wedge has been around for a couple of years now and I have always loved them - I finally got a pair last summer and I wore them so much, I probably need a second pair... so I ordered this new nude style! They are supposed to arrive before the beautiful weather this weekend!!

I thought this was a clutch when I saw it initially - but it says it is a cosmetic bag online.. either way it is perfect for summery cute dresses and vacation!

I am a sucker for a loose fitting, ruffly, shift dress like this - they flatter all body types and I love this shade of orange.

I <3 this little bag... probably not the most practical but I thought I’d include it! :)

I know I’ve mentioned this tote a lot but I can’t get it off my mind! I really love the whole trend of carrying beach style totes around daily... even if you don’t live near the water, carrying a funky cute tote makes even a simple white sundress a perfect outfit.

Seriously... how adorable are these?!?!? I’m dying over the criss cross front!

I wore these a lot while in Hawaii and had a ton of you ask about them - they are officially in stock and available online! (They go with SO much!)

I’m literally obsessed w/any and all One Teaspoon shorts... I even make them work while pregnant, lol! No joke, I get my money’s worth out of these during the spring and summer - and I get more compliments on them than I do anything!

Im linking a few extra items in the tool below...

I’d love to see what you all are craving for this spring... leave me a comment with a link!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Four Seasons Maui Resort Review [Babymoon]

If you haven’t noticed, most of my photos lately were taken while in Maui for our ‘baby moon’. We stayed at the Four Seasons in Wailea and I’ve received numerous requests for a blog post reviewing this resort. I typically only review resorts if they are more pricy and people want to know if it is actually worth it. (I did Excellence Playa Mujeres in Cancun last March - and I wasn’t not the biggest fan of this resort.)

Anyway, moving on, I’ll just say it - we LOVED the Four Seasons in Maui. It was the perfect place for a baby moon and we keep saying we want to go back with the baby! But I will break it up in to categories and share some feedback/stories on everything!
^This is a view of the resort from the lobby area - overlooking the pool and ocean. There are restaurants to the left and the right of this pool.

When we travel, I usually work for 4-5 hours in the morning and then spend the afternoon out exploring or by the pool/water. Keep in mind we went in early February and the entire island of Maui was very busy - almost every resort on the island was full apparently. That being said, I am sure our hotel was pretty full -- but each day around 1pm when we would head to the pool, it never seemed ‘packed’ or busy - and there was always a cabana open for us. This was shocking to me because most of the time in vacation spots, everything is taken when you go out that late in the day. However this resort has so many options for sitting by the water that there was never any need to get out early and reserve a spot. 

Also, the resort is super kid friendly - but you never loud or out of control. Many of the families who brought children hung out at a different pool that was still very nice. There were a TON of families and children there when we were there but I kept noticing that it was never loud or chaotic. I even texted my girlfriend about it and she said “they must put something in the air to calm down the kids!” (Keep in mind I have 6 neices/nephews so I know crazy it can be with kids.)

The next couple of pics were taken around lunch time. We ate lunch next to the pool every single day because the food was SO good. Honestly, the food that was served while at the pool was better than the dinners we ate at restaurants at night! One day we just had chips & guac which was SOOO good, the next day we tried the Nachos which were incredible, and another day we split a chicken club sandwich -- and oh em gee, I’d kill for that sandwich right now! The food is definitely not your typical ‘by the pool’ food at all!

One afternoon, my friends Audrey & Tara came to our resort while the husbands went golfing. It was so fun to just sit with them under a cabana and drink ‘Lava Flows’ and eat a kids meal and chat while it was nice and quiet. The people who are working come by every hour or so and give you a cool rag, offer you an Otterpop, frozen grapes, refill your water, etc.

They staff are so incredibly kind and thoughtful - with me being pregnant, they would bring me out a big fluffy pillow to lie back on.  
^^view from the pool of the ocean w/our yummy drinks! 
^^girls day at the pool.
^^day one at the pool! (full blog post on this look HERE.)
^^cooling off in the main pull.. and fixing my hair! (full blog post on this look HERE.)
^^Serenity/Adult Pool

We spent a couple of days upstairs are the adult pool. This pool is referred to as the serenity pool and is for 21 and older. You can bring your phones up there, but they ask that you keep them on silent and you are not allowed to talk on the phone. This area does tend to fill up faster! There’s a swim-up bar just to the left of John. Everyone was drinking these really cute pineapple drinks so I had him get us one! They were cute and so tasty.. plus the fruit in Hawaii is just soooo good - I never turned it down!

As you can see the pool over looks the ocean and is infiniti like - so the views are so cool! 

We sat by the pool and had lunch up there on the last day - the shot below is of our sandwich and fries. :) (thats the sandwich I mentioned earlier!!) I will say - the food and drinks were pretty expensive but according to our friends who stayed a few resorts down, all of the hotels food and drinks are marked up like crazy! (We won’t be doing much traveling for a while since I am in my third trimester and John has some bad rotations so I justified the priciness with that, lol.)
^^My sunglasses are available HERE - and I wear the ‘Havana’ ones. 
^^another view from the Serenity pool!

My hot pink swimsuit is available HERE (bottoms here) and is $30!! And my cover up with the cute side ties is available HERE. Also, I got a ton of questions about my Tory Burch flip-flops - they are available HERE in ‘Vintage Vachetta Leather'
 ^^A shot from our bathroom - I had a TON of people ask about my PJS - they are available HERE

Okay, let me cover the rooms really quickly...  they are very nice and spacious. I really don’t like small rooms at all so I was relieved to have plenty of space (even closet space!). I also loved how large the bathrooms were - it was so fun and easy to get ready because there was plenty of countertop space and extra mirrors so John and I never ran in to each other. There are built in speakers throughout the bathroom that have 5 stations which really nice, relaxing music playing. 

Also, since I’m in PJS I thought I’d talk about my favorite part of the resort - BREAKFAST. Oh em gee. I literally would talk about it all day... not sure if it is my pregnancy hunger or just that it is that good but I was obsessed. When you arrange your reservations before going, you get a chance to add on the breakfast package which is what we did. John and I get up early so I can work - so we knew we wanted to be able to quickly run over and grab breakfast. It was an enormous buffet and the food was not your typical buffet food. I would always get lots of fresh fruit, eggs, etc. and John would have chocolate chip pancakes made for us! They were like gourmet pancakes - super fluffy and nearly melt in your mouth. Typically, I try to eat healthy on trips - especially at breakfast - but not on this trip, oops! I told John if we ever go back, it may not be as fun bc I will probably feel guilty eating so much. 

^^Dress is back in stock and available HERE. **Selling out quickly again!!**

There are lots of pretty little areas around the resort w/huts and places to sit in the shade. I really loved relaxing in the hammocks.

^^Beach area in front of the resort. I will say, I was not crazy over how the beach in front of the resort was public. Often times, resorts have a private area but in Maui it didn’t look as if any resort had a private area?! It was still beautiful but we preferred to sit by the pool where it was more relaxed and quiet. 

A few other randoms:
There is Uber in Maui. (lol, I’ve had people ask!)
We didn’t use it much because the resort has vehicles that will take you within two miles. So if we wanted to go to a different resort or to the shops, they would just drive us there and pick us up.
We didn’t rent a car. 
Next door is the Grand Wailea which has some really good restaurants - we at there the first night with our friends. We also did a lot of a shopping at the Shops of Grand Wailea. 
The staff at Four Seasons is SO incredible - makes it worth the price. Very thoughtful - added a bib, stuffed animal and body pillow since I was pregnant!


Okay, that wraps it up! I hope this answers some questions for you. Let me know if you have more questions. <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Battle of Under-Eye Concealers AND How To Cover Dark Circles

One of the more popular questions I get is about what I use under my eyes to keep them looking very bright & awake. It’s actually something I struggled with at one point, during and after Accutane because my under eyes looked a little dull and sunken in.. like they’d been drained of any hydration. I was drinking SO much water bc it is a requirement when on Accutane and also using really good eye creams, but I realized I needed something that would really cover the dark circles. (Oh and severe allergies don’t help this either!) Long story short, I began trying every ‘top’ under eye concealer that I heard anyone rave about... I have literally spent a small fortune testing out concealers, whether they be from the drug store or high end. After over a year of testing out concealers and trying a plethora of new ones, I thought I’d share some of the ones that I have used and quickly review which ones actually worked for me.

At the end of the post, I am sharing a step by step of what I use to set my under eye concealer to make it wear all day!

Out of the 8 concealers that are being discussed in this post, this concealer is in my top 3 & is VERY effective. It truly is waterproof and stays put all day. It is easy to use since the formula is not too sticky or heavy, but is also not too light of a formula - so you don’t have to build up any coverage. You just use a small dot for each eye and it will cover the circles very well. It’s not drying and won’t crease or crack in fine lines. My final thoughts: if you need a full coverage concealer that will wear ALL day long and cover even the darkest of spots, this one is for you.
If you watch YouTube at all, this concealer is one of the HOT items from 2016. Every top YT’er was using this concealer like crazy in 2016 so I gave it a shot... and shockingly, I didn’t fall in love. The formula is very light and thin, and didn’t cover my dark circles in the least. However, it could just be my skin type that it didn’t mix with considering how many people are crazy over it. I’ve tried it numerous times and never felt like it covered any darkness - but it is a light, skin-like formula so maybe I just needed to build coverage? I am just not a fan of building up coverage under my eyes since that end result can look cakey and bad. My final thoughts: if you don’t have crazy dark circles and just need a light formula to brighten the under eye area, this may work very well for you!
Like #2, this concealer is another hot item from 2016 - any and every YouTuber raved about it and said it was their top product for 2016! I am not 100% sold on this one.. but I do keep it around and like it. I think it is kind of effective.. but not crazy effective. It is supposed to be full coverage but I’ve noticed it doesn’t do the best job covering my darkness fully. One thing I do love about it is that is an easy application & doesn’t have a sticky, cakey formula. It also isn’t too light of a formula, so you won’t have to build up coverage. My final thoughts: I can see why people love it, but I don’t think it is the best for those of us with severely dark circles that are hard to cover. Also, this stuff is VERY long wearing which I think really impresses me!
Okay, this is like #2 and #3... it’s a concealer that so many top influencers are obsessed with... and it reminds me a lot of the Tape Shape from #2. Again, I’m not obsessed with it because it doesn’t cover for me like I need it to. However, I can see how it would work for those whose circles aren’t too-too bad. Also, I think my skin type has to have stronger, more full coverage than most people. I have friends with circles who are dark like mine and this one and the previous 2 actually work for them, but my skin seems to be more challenging. My final thoughts: I can see why it is as popular as it is, but if you have challenging skin, you may need something more powerful.
This concealer is definitely in my top 3 of the 8 mentioned in this post. I really love this concealer because it has a thicker, tackier consistency which I know is hit or miss for a lot of women. Also, I think that because of the tacky consistency, it can take a few times to get used to blending it in and making it wear well for you. The consistency or formula being thicker and more sticky is what makes it effective for me - when I tap it into my skin, it sits there and stays there. It doesn’t fade or look watered down at all which is why I think it works so well at covering dark circles. Also, the formula is NOT drying so you won’t see it cracking or creasing. My final thoughts: this is best used by those who have drier skin or severely dark circles. It isn’t the longest wearing or waterproof out of all of these, but it is very effective for covering darkness. 
This one is a lot like #3  & #4 - except it wears MUCH longer #4. It’s got a lightweight consistency so it does look and feel like your own skin. It won’t look cakey at all - but for me, it didn’t cover the darkness like I needed it to. My final thoughts: much like 3 & 4, this one is best used for someone who has more normal, combo skin that is not challenging - it will wear for HOURS and hours, but if you have under eye circles like mine, it may not work for you.
Okay, this concealer is my #1 - my holy grail.. it is EVERYTHING. And of course, it is the most expensive out of all of these. The little jar is a whopping $48 (!!!) BUT a little goes a REALLY long way. You will 100% get your money’s worth. In fact, if you even get the slightest bit too much on your finger or your face, it is not a good situation. This formula is a heavy consistency and works best if you’ve moisturized your under eye are well. It does not look cakey or feel sticky on your face, but it truly covers ALL flaws. A fave YT’er of mine recommended it - saying that apparently Kylie Jenner uses it and sometimes mixes it with a primer to use it as a foundation for all over! I think this concealer is great for skin of all ages - even more mature skin. It won’t dry you out at all and it will stay put. My final thoughts: if you have beautiful under eyes or just a little darkness, you don’t need to invest in this. However, if you have dark circles and are willing to splurge, you will love this! 
This one is middle of the road for me - mainly because of the packaging and the way you have to use your finger to swipe out some product. It doesn’t last a while or anything but it DOES cover. It has a bit of a tacky consistency initially but that is what makes it cover. I really like this product, but I don’t reach for it a lot bc I don’t like how it’s packaged. Final thoughts: worth a try if you need full coverage and want something that will really cover and wear well - however, check out the packaging first!
From left to right:
Lancome ‘Effacernes’ Waterproof Protective Concealer in ‘Ivoire’ and I wear it year round in this shade.
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: in ‘light medium’ - a little dark for me year round - wish I had the ‘light’.
NARS Radiant Cream Concealer: in ‘Vanilla’ - works year found for me in this shade.
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer: in ‘light’ and works year round for me.
Smashbox 24HR Waterproof Concealer: in ‘light medium’ - too dark for me though - even in summer.
Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer: in ’02’ - works best for me in this shade in winter - need darker in summer.
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit: in ‘Porcelain’ - works year round for me.

**For reference, I am ‘dessert beige’ in Estee Lauder Double Wear and NC 20 in Mac foundation in winter. 

I shot these photos on Sunday and have bathed since and the Lancome, Tarte, NARS, IT cosmetics, and Smashbox concealers STILL have marks on my arm!! However, my top favorites for my bad circles and skin is the Lancome, Kevin Aucoin, and IT. 

Alright, so now let’s talk abut how I use these products... first of all, most days if I am in a hurry or just heading out to run errands, I simply dab a little concealer on my under eye area and set it and head out. But the steps I’ll be sharing are if I wanted to really brighten the are and have it last all day - bulletproof.

Step #1: Make sure your moisturized your face and under eye area!! I use THIS under eye cream before application - it wakes up my eyes and de-puffs and brightens. (Has Vit C- which is made to brighten dark spots!) 

Step #2: I apply concealer of choice to my RING fingers and rub together to get them warmed up so they blend better. Then I tap the product under my eye in a triangle and sort of blend it all in. 

Step #3: Using my damp beauty blender, I tap out the product - the BB really does the trick in blending it all out seamlessly. I can not get ready w/o a BB - I only use it damp though! If it is too damp, it will wash out the concealer so wring it out. 

Step #4: Use an eye brighter like MAC Prep & Prime (in light boost) or BareMinerals Well Rested (in clear) - (you can use before or after concealer.) I use it after bc this really brightens the area and brings it to life!*I only use this step occasionally - it isn’t a must!*

Step #5: I use my damp BB and dab it into the white in the TOP, RIGHT corner of this pallete. This powder is SO good for brightening the area - but use carefully or it will look super white. You can use the lighter shades in this palette too if this is too bright or too white. 

Step #6: No matter how big of a hurry I am in, I always use my damp BB to set my concealer and foundation with THIS powder. This powder is EVERYTHING. Everyone needs a good translucent powder to set your base or concealer. It won’t dry you out or look creasy or bad - it just subtly sets your foundation and makes it stay all day. 

^^two stripes up top are the highlighters mentioned in #4.

^^my fave setting powder


Linking all products mentioned below!

Monday, February 20, 2017

7 HOT Items to Buy From the Nordstrom President’s Day Sale [+Best Sitewide Sales Happening Today]

I thought I’d quickly round up SEVEN top items to purchase during todays PRESIDENTS DAY SALE! Nordstrom has a few staple items that everyone loves - including me and I wanted to share those. Plus, I’m sharing the best SITEWIDE sales at the end of the post! 

***All of my photos are pulled from the archives of my blog - if you see something in a photo, you may have to go through the archives to find the full outfit post.***

#1 LUSH TUNIC [$27.90]

I have this top in a few colors and have been wearing them year round for several years now. They are great for spring, summer, fall & winter. They run large - I wear an XS (even while pregnant). 

#2 BP TEE [$10]

I purchased multiples of these black and white tees - they are nice and long and are essential for layering. I’ve worn them alone, under vests, cardigans, etc. I wear a small in these- and now that I am pregnant I wear a medium! 

#3 KARLY DRESS [$32]

I have this dress in two colors and I REALLY probably should buy the black one now that it is on sale. These dresses are similar to the tunics bc you can wear them all year long - with sandals/wedges in the spring and summer OR with boots and booties {and a vest!} in the fall & winter.

I ended up getting this sweater in a couple of colors because it is SO cute! I love the v-neck and the length. It’s a bit longer in the back so you can pair it with leggings. I bought mine a size up because I was pregnant - but they do run fairly big.

A simple top  - easy to dress up or down. Comes in a couple of colors! 

Love Always [Monograms]: 25% Off BEMINE25 (My monogram is on sale too!)

I am CRAZY over these thermal tees! They are available in TEN colors! I wore the off white one a lot in Paris - it is so soft and has a cute shape - shorter in the front and longer in the back. I love them for layering - but also alone! 

I literally lived in these this fall and winter! The are originally $100 and are THE BEST dupe for the Stuart Weitzman Highland boot. They come in tan, black, & taupe. Mine are the taupe. Unlike many dupes, these stay nice and tight at the top so they aren’t sagging to your ankles every few steps! 


Nordstrom: 40% Off Select Items
Love Always [Monograms]: 25% Off BEMINE25
ILYCouture: 20% Off Sitewide
The Loft: 40% off Sitewide
Ann Taylor: 40% off Sitewide
Express: 40% off Sitewide
Lulu & Georgia: 20% Off ALL Rugs! (they have the best rugs!)
Accessory Concierge: 25% Off Sitewide w/code HAILTOTHESALE



Friday, February 17, 2017

Sunset Dinner In Maui

DRESS: Minkpink (blush color available HERE) (OR similar for $45 here) | SANDALS: Valentino (dupes under $100 here) | NECKLACE: BaubleBar | HANDBAG: Gucci (similar style HERE) | EARRINGS: Nadri | SUNGLASSES: Celine (similar HERE) | WATCH: Michele | BRACELETS: David Yurman

I really wish we had better photos of this sunset- it was SUCH a gorgeous night! We were heading out to dinner and stopped to take this all in - it was just stunning. I am so happy to be back in Tulsa though - with Fitzy! Even though he has been acting extremely territorial - I shared that whole story on my snapchat yesterday. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Off The Shoulder Teal Swimsuit + Embarrassing Tanning Fail Story

  SWIMSUIT: Splendid (bottoms HERE) | HAT: Nordstrom | SUNNIES: Prada | BEACH BAG: old (similar HERE & HERE) (how CUTE is THIS beach bag?! Wish I had it for the trip!) | NECKLACE: BaubleBar | BRACELET: Styled Collection | SANDALS: Valentino (dupes user $100 here) | BEACH BLANKET: Nordstrom | SWIMSUIT COVER UP:  Eberjay 

Okay, really quick - this is one of my fave suits from our Maui trip! It’s got the cutest white stitching and is just too cute. I got my regular size in it so I can continue wearing it after baby.. the bottoms were a little snug (probably bc I over ate at breakfast every morning!!) but otherwise it is true to size!

Moving on - I have to share this fake tanning fail.. first of all, I am getting a TON of ?s about my self tanner so I’m working on a full post to cover that! But no, I am totally not tan at all w/o self tanner. It’s a long story but I’m not one to sit in the sun for long, ever - so I am SUPER white. Like, scary white w/o self tanner! Anyway, before I go on a trip where I am going to be wearing shorts or dresses, I always go by my local mystic tan place to get sprayed. WELL! I don’t know what happened but the night before we flew out, I went to get sprayed and I got the darkest color.. and when I woke up for our flight I was still strikingly white. I don’t know if there was something wrong with the machine or what but I had zero color. I kind of freaked out because my theory for this trip was “if you can’t tone it, tan it”... bc lets get real, girlfriend needs to get back to the gym after baby! But really, I am far from tone and being tan always flatters, if you know what I mean. SO, I packed my favorite tanning foam and as soon as we got to our resort I made sure to tan my whole body. Well, the night before I wore this swimsuit I showered and added another layer of self tanner BUT the next morning I forgot to rinse my body off before I got dressed... :/ SO before we took half of these photos I was walking into the ocean to cool off.. and the waves would come in and splash and it felt really good. I went to look at the camera to see if the photos were good and I noticed my thighs have huge white stretch marks in the pictures that I didn’t know I had (!!) so I look down and and my thighs have a zebra stripe look - aka the self tanner that I forgot to rinse off was dripping off and making it look like I had extreme stretch marks on my legs and a little on my stomach. SO, as I am uploading these photos I had to delete 80% of them bc it looked so bad. Anyway, lesson learned - if your self tanner says to rinse it off before getting dress... definitely follow the rules if you are planning on being near water! :)


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