Tee (my favorite tee) | Jacket (similar from #nsale) | Denim | Necklace | Hat (just got this one over the weekend!) | Shoes (dupes HERE for $35) | Phone Case | Sunglasses

Oh my goodness gracious – these photos were taken from back in June?! I think I got busy w/our Bahamas trip and then the Nordstrom sale and totally forgot about them! Kind of good timing though because there’s a jacket like this in the #NSALE. In fact, my mom brought it to my fitting room when we were previewing the sale & was like “oh you have to get this!”.  Anyway — for about 3-4 weeks I have been searching high & low for my black Quay sunglasses (the ones in these pix). Like, I’ve emptied every handbag I own a couple of times thinking they will eventually show up! As I am uploading these images I realize the day we shot this was the last time I saw my favorite black sunglasses!! Errrrr – I’m thinking now I left them at Starbucks?! I have even tried to buy a second pair but they are on backorder so my fingers are cross they are somewhere in this house instead. Totally random, I know – but if you have these sunglasses take good care of them 🙂 haha they are literally one of my favorite pair I own!!!

I get a ton of questions about my LV desk agenda cover so I am going to quickly answer a few questions and make some suggestions. First of all, I am left handed so I didn’t like the planner w/rings – if you are a fellow lefty then you’ll feel me on this! [#leftyprobs]. But all in all, if I were right handed I’d still get the one I have because I like that I can do several things w/it it. For example, I purchased the 2017 re-fill and planned on using it but I got one at Target that fit perfect and I actually prefer that layout better (it has tabs for months which I like a lot)! It does have rings on it but they aren’t the metal ones – they are more flimsy so it’s not as painful.

I purchased my agenda cover last fall in Denver at the LV store & I went in to get the ring one because I love how it has the snap closure. The girl working was really helpful – she recommended I check out the agenda cover as well. I like the size a lot and I really like how it has lots of card slots.

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