Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011 Recap

Education Completed (phew!). Found Love. Time with Family. Made New Friends. Moved to a New City. Got engagedTraveled the World.

2011 was a FABULOUS year nonetheless! 

I'll rewind back to December 2010: 
Enjoying every minute of my final "Christmas Break"with my niece Olivia

Last Christmas was our last holiday with our special Grandmother.

Meet Caroline: Olivia's little sister (yes, cute kids galore in my house!)

Sugar Bowl 2011: Ohio State (John) vs. Arkansas (moi) The outcome of this game drew John & I back together!

March 2011: Meet my very wonderful & bright friend Paige, her hospitality and wisdom led to John and I re-uniting. He went to VA for Medical School - I stayed in AR for graduate school and Paige was right in the middle- Nashville. 

One of our first DECENT photos together! We had several from undergrad...none of which are flattering.

We had done lots of driving across the country together!

April 2011: John meets the precious kiddos... love at first sight!

Easter with my Mother!

Meet my multi-talented sister Amanda and her sweet baby Georgia Kelley.

May 2011: Lots of quality time spent with friends (marketing engagement rings for our friends store... funny how things work out!)

The 3 Amigos: Mom, Amanda & Me (Happy Mother's Day!)

My MBA Graduation - BEST DAY EVER! (so far!!)

June 2011: My home in Virginia. 

I acquired two new sisters this year! (in-law)

Cue Music, "And I... Had The Time of My Li-if-e" John's family vacay at the resort where Dirty Dancing was filmed

July 2011: Georgie and John recognized how much they love one another!

Happy Fourth of July!

"I have luv 4 you!" -New York

Our first Fourth together! Magic!

Meet Maggie: Smart, Sweet, Thoughful, etc... she traveled to VA to stay with me while John was counseling for a diabetes camp in OH... Maggie and I ended up in Virginia Beach by the end of the week! 

Summer nights!

August 2011: I got to venture back to AR the week before my first big girl job started. Additionally, I got to return back to Harding to be with my pretend little sister (Elle) as she began her freshman year of college.

September 30, 2011: John asked. I said yes. Bliss.

October 1, 2011: First day as an engaged couple!

The first few weeks of being engaged - I was a little...distracted. 

October 2011: We traveled back to Arkansas to celebrate my birthday and the engagement.

I also got to visit a college roommate who went with me to try on wedding dresses.


Engagement Photos...

December 2011: Harry turned 5 and we celebrated with an Elf party! (and a super cute photo booth!)

Precious people. I love every minute of being with these people.

Meet the Dean Clan. Like I said, cute kiddos all around!

Merry Christmas!

Elle and her mom invited me to travel to Paris with them for New Years... and here we are the Notre Dame!

Ooo la la!

Musee de Louvre - in.cred.ible.

January 2011: Emily finds out she does not like French food (with exception of crepes).

Palace of Versailles

I deem this photo important because of our ride to the Eiffel Tower picture below...

So there it is - 2011 in nutshell. I'm thrilled for 2012!


  1. Love all the pictures... ESP the lady in red!

  2. hey lovely! i just found your blog during my blog hopping during work- HAHA! i have really enjoyed reading through some of your past posts :) you are seriously so adorable and you and your fiance make such a beautiful couple. best wishes on your upcoming wedding!! i was married last august and it seriously the happiest day of your life- enjoy every second of it!

    um and can you also please tell us where you get your clothes when you show your outfits- bc they are all REALLY adorable!!! :) XOXO

  3. love this! doing some major stalking today... ;)

  4. Always looking fabulous dear and i except you will be always like now you are actually.
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