Monday, January 23, 2012

Introduction to Blogging...

After many years of "Blog Stalking" I have finally given in to the hobby. I'm extremely excited about being able to have an online diary about my life - especially with the upcoming, exciting events in my life. Right now, I am engaged and am planning my wedding- with the help of my wonderful sister and mother. I believe this blog will come in handy years down the road when I get nostalgic!

So, who am I?

Voila! Here I am - with my pretend little sister Elizabeth (she's the cutie on the right!). This photo was taken on our trip to Paris for New Years 2011.

And my fiance... John:
Meet John: he's a super hard-working guy, who is as sweet as can be! He is currently studying medicine... and well, that's about all he does.

Right, so, this above photo: I spent months wanting to start a blog, however, I lack the creativity and know-how - so bear with me as I learn! I initially intedened to name the blog "Make-Up, Medicine & More" until I decided that may not make sense to some people! So, I chose "The Sweetest Thing" - the U2 song was a favorite of mine during high school. I recently heard the song and got very giddy when I heard the line "a blue eyed boy met a brown eyed girl"! It's John & me to a T! After running the idea by a few my of more creative friends, I thought I'd give it a go!

You may be wondering about our eye color now... Well, this should answer your questions:
We could not be any more opposite in looks - or personality! But, like the old adage says, "opposites attract"! I could not agree more!

Ok, well, my first blog is done-zo! Can't wait to do something excited to blog about now!


  1. You guys are SO cute! I'm excited to follow you on your wedding planning journey!!

  2. I started blogging in Sept. 2011. In retrospect my first post probably should have been more of a "Hi, I'm Michael and this is my life." kind of post. Let's just say it was far from it. =]

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