Saturday, March 24, 2012

Arkansas update via my cell!

We made it to Arkansas! We flew out of Charlotte Wednesday evening and made it to Arkansas around 11!

Mom picked us up and we all went to stay with my sister! Needless to say, we stayed up until 2 laughing and catching up.

I've never blogged via my phone before so this may look off.

Anyway, I've had to work while here... So during the day we haven't done a lot of fun stuff but John played with Harry and Georgia Kelley. When they woke up and saw he was here they were ALL smiles. So sweet. He took them swimming while my sister went to work out. He was up at the crack of dawn playing with Harry so the rest of us could sleep. Yes, I'm bragging but I'm just grateful for his wonderful character! :)p

Here are a few photos:


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