Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Bright & Warm Trip to Arkansas

Sadly enough, we are back in Virginia. 

Our trip was wonderful. We only had 5 days but we were able to see several of our favorite people! 

We flew into NWA and spent the first day with my sister and her family. John is a big, BIG hit in that family. Harry & Georgia Kelley adore him. 

They tried to wait up for us to get in on Wednesday night but we didn't make it home until midnight. 

I got my Lenny's fix the first day we were there. 

All Girl Photo! Georgia Kelley isn't exactly into taking pictures right now.

Harry looks more like John's relative than mine!

Isn't he gorgeous? He doesn't give me a lot of attention when John is around but he's still very sweet.

Uh! I believe this picture was bribed by, "we will come back on Monday!"

We went with Mom & Dad to Rivertown Barbeque for lunch!

My momma.

My other nephew, Baby Bo. He's soooo sweet.  He's also selective... he allowed me to hold him which was an honor!

My mom,  "Coco" and Caroline & Bo.

John and I went to Searcy to visit friends from college and I got to see my FAVORITE shopping buddy! Kristi and I hit up all the hot spots in Searcy! (ha!) And this wonderful friend GAVE me a bottle of my favorite hairspray by Bedhead. My hair will be super shiny and smell delicious because of her!

John's little sister, Kelly & her boyfriend Jake. We were SO excited to meet Jake! Kelly is very particular when dating so we knew he had to be a great catch... and that he was! We loved spending Saturday evening with them... so much that we didn't get back to Clarksville until LATE! I didn't want to leave!

I love him!

The college John & I met at, Harding, is also known as "The Marriage Factory" - these white swings are ALL over campus and the rumor has it that when you swing with a boy 3 times you get a ring.. "3 Swings & A Ring".  John & I had our first swing Saturday night!

My Mom painted a picture for Dezi of her dog, Izzy.

Dezi, Mom & her painting of Izzy.

I LOVE being with my Dezi!

Elle stopped by on her way back to school. We giggled because we were dressed so similarly!  We did our White Girls in Paris dance!

I love my Elle Belle! <3

While in NWA John & I were able to meet Regan on her lunch break at Qdoba! I am obsessed with her necklace. I am going to steal it if I can.


John & I hadn't seen our wedding venue until Monday! We were so excited. I cried - haha. 

We got to watch Georgie dance! SO sweet.

Every few minutes she would run to where John was sitting - she couldn't stay away from him!

That's pretty much sums up our trip to Arkansas. Only 7 more weeks until I go back!



  1. Those are some awsome pictures and wish Karen and I could have been there to see you and John. We look forward to seeing you and John at the wedding. We love you Emi.

    Love Karen and Dale

  2. What a great trip. Looks like you packed a lot in. Your MOM! She looks so young I thought the caption was gonna say you and your BFF. Love all your cute colored skinnies.

  3. Looks like you had a great trip! Love that painted picture!! Your mom did good! I have 2 maltese dogs. I think they need a picture too!

  4. I'm back in my hometown too in Ar ad had to get my Lenny's fix too! Lol.

  5. You are so presh! Saw you were following me and now I'm following back :) xo

  6. Your outfits are SOOOO STINKIN CUTE!!!!


  7. Can I just say that your style is ADORABLE! Can I please come raid your closet?? Love the pink and light blue pants...too cute. Love <3

  8. What a great trip and you look so cute the whole time!

  9. sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! love all of your outfits and glad i found your blog today :-)

  10. Seriously...can you get any prettier? You're making all of us look bad ;)

    And if you can come and do my hair like yours everyday, I would really appreciate it.

    Okay but seriously, these pictures are so great. Your family is so cute and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  11. I've got to meet you! Cuz your about the sweetest!


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