Monday, April 2, 2012

The Sweetest Gifts

Happy April, Y'all!

Here are a few reasons as to why I believe April is one of the best months:
  • The weather is perfect for driving with the sunroof open!
  • Finally time to bust out the summer attire: bright colors, dresses, wedges, bronzed skin, large hats, LWDs {Little White Dresses}, etc.
  • Teachers, students, etc. have something to look forward to - summer vacay!
Wedding season is just fun in general, especially fun this year because I am only 3 months away from our big day!

If you are like me, you've got a long list of events on your calendar, graduations, birthdays, bachelorette parties, weddings, showers, etc. All of this is so much fun - yet sometimes it can be challenging to find the right gift, ya know?

Well, in an effort to spread my love for the Sweet Tea Paperie I have some CUTENESS to share with you... I call this the THE SWEETEST GIFTS because I don't know that you could go wrong with ANY of these!

{you can click or touch the photo to enlarge it!}

1. Uber cute iPhone cases: Yes, the Chevron is super adorable but there are SO many other patterns & colors! I'm a huge fan of monogramming and iPhones so a combination of both is a WIN!
2. Bright Tumbler Cups: How cute is this? Who doesn't go to the pool or beach without a drink at hand? These are so adorable - they too come in a variety of colors! Also, I use my Tumblers at work to make sure I drink enough water! {Maybe a good gift idea for a college graduate who is about to enter the real world?!}
3. Eye Catching Luggage Tags: Once again - it's summer time and lots of vacations are happenin' - who doens't need a set of 4 cute luggage tags?! - these luggage tags also come in a variety of patterns and colors.
4. Floral and Fun Recipe Box: This would be a FABO gift for a college graduate or a newlywed who may be transitioning from cafeteria food or fast food  to cooking in their own kitchen. Anywho - the monogram is super cute - especially for a newlywed who has NEW, fresh initials!
5. Funky Serving Tray: Another super thoughtful gift idea - seriously, everyone loves receiving personalized gifts that are also functional!
6. Stylish Stickers: SO many options for colors and prints, also. These would be a terrific gift for a Kindergartner who is moving to First Grade - these stickers can be used for their books, school supplies, etc. OR for a high school senior who would like to label their belongings before moving into a dorm!
7. Personalized Notebook Case: I personally just received one of these in hot pink - I love it. I use it to organize all of my wedding details, take notes at meetings, and stash important papers or business cards. It comes with a clip board, notepad, pen, adorable stationary, & an address list. The handles are great for me - with work I am constantly traveling and moving from place to place so it helps keep everything together.
8. Adorable Announcements: Whether you are hosting a baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party, graduation party, etc. these are TOO cool! With a variety of prints, colors, patterns - these could be a great way to make invites or announcements more fun.
9. Gorgeous Gold Monogrammed Necklace: I personally am COVETING hardcore - I've wanted one of these jewels for ages - but I told myself that after my initals change I will have more reason to make the purchase. This is a piece of jewelry that can be worn with everything and is so classic.
10. Super Fun Stationary: there are 10.2 billion styles of stationary - I went with the Lacoste look on the one featured above {as well as the popular chevron style}... Stationary is never a bad gift to receive. I can never have enough. Growing up I saw my mom write people notes all the time, whether they were sick or she was just thanking them for something small - she always sent a note. ALSO, those future college graduates could really use these- after job interviews it is VITAL to send a hand written note thanking the interviewer for his/her time.

{click HERE to look at more!)

Okay, my final gift idea... a PERSONALIZED, planner. Total cuteness. It's true - we all need to be more organized... I am the first to admit that I am constantly working on it!

These planners are A. ADORABLE and B. functional.. and YOU design your own!

Here are few of my personal favorites:
(click HERE to see more options!)

Customize your planner to fit with your NEEDS or ways of organizing!

Finally, let me get ONE more thing in - the items that I have posted only touch the surface of what else the Sweet Tea Paperie has to offer!
Buy your friends and family gifts they will love and most importantly - gifts they will use!  I love seeing a friend USING something I have given them!
Click HERE to view more products from the Sweet Tea Paperie!

PS: so according to the hair tutorial feedback it is unanimous that I do a VLOG... this should be really funny... I will have that coming to you soon!


  1. All of these are so cute! I have been wanting a chevron monogrammed iphone case...this post inspired me to jump on it!
    Because Shanna Said So

  2. Those are allll so cute! Thanks for sharing!


  3. i love love all of these!!! bright tumblers make drinking water so much more enjoyable for me.
    xx jes

  4. Can't wait until you post all about your wedding! :) love love this post!!

  5. Really cute gift ideas. I love April too...mostly because it's my B Day but also because the promise of Spring and Summer is in the air!

  6. My wedding is a little under 3 months away! We're getting SO CLOSE!!! Yay!!!

  7. SO loving monogrammed gifts right now & the fact that wedding planning is on full force around here too :) Ours is 4 months away! What major "to-dos" do you still have to check off of the list?


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