Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arkansas Trip Part 1 {according to my iPhone}

I'm back!

For any new readers I may have out there - I currently live 13 hours from my mom & dad. This is unheard of in our family! BUT, love calls... right? This past weekend I was able to fly home for about 5 days. I had two bridal showers & one of my girlfriends from college was getting married so I had her bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner & then the WEDDING. It was crazy busy... but a blast. Since I got home Monday night I have slept 8 hours at night and even took a nap on my lunch break and after work in order to catch up! Totally worth it I must add!

I have tons of photos from my camera but I thought I would save them for a different post and just post the pics that my phone captured... those are always good, right?

At work Wednesday before I left for Charlotte to catch my flight. My office cracks jokes about how I dress so I was thrilled when our accountant came in wearing bright colors too!

I bawled at the airport because they changed my flight and I had to wait an extra hour! Fortunatly, I had packed some fabo reading material!
My best friend/MOH & Mom picked me up at the airport in LR and Maggie came home with me! She's the best! Of course we hit up the Sonic :)

I had to work from home so I was jealous to see her lounging around! I can't say much though - she just completed her second year of pharmacy school and she's only 21! My baby genius!
My Mom's is a kindergarten teacher and 2 of her teacher friends threw a bridal shower for me at the school. It was BEYOND incredible. I just couldn't believe it. I have lots of photos to come! But this was my favorite picture - it just captures the love and excitement I felt that day! Mom's best friend, Margo (one of the hostesses) brought this settee from 1845 for me to sit on! Historically these were used while a man courted a woman. Just too cool!

The theme of the shower was Tiffany's. And here we have the cake!

Only 44 days until John & me are "The Gemmas"! Yippee!

Sasha & Margo, the hostesses, brough this gift and asked me to open it first. Of course I had butterflies because I have never had anything from Tiffany's before (except a fake keychain!). There was a note inside of the box and it had the kindest words & included "the Sweetest Thing" and it brought tears. The gift was a glass Tiffany's box - I can't wait to use it as a place to store my ring while I sleep & shower!

Yep, a chandelier hanging in a 1st grade classroom. Like I said, they went above & beyond!

Our punch was even a Tiffany's blue color! So glad Maggie was there to help write gifts down!
After the shower I headed to Searcy to start the Wedding Festivities of Logan & Adam! Of course I brought a little veil for her to wear... I think she wanted to kill me for this!

Somehow all of the photos from Friday's events were deleted. This is all I have no:( Some of the bridal party with our beautiful friend & bride!

Oh, just trying to have hot collar bones!

Lulu & I made Logan run to Wal-Mart with us late Friday night. She saw a ton of people she knew and couldn't believe we were making her wear that veil!

"I do"
Ladies and gentlemen: the BRIDE! She looked GORGEOUS! Her dress was out of this world! She was our little princess!

Kelsey came to do Logan's hair - at the time I didn't know her... then we started chatting and I quickly found out she and John were friends in college! He always told me he would go to Nashville to get his hurr did and now I know why! Kelsey was too cool!

Two of us bridesmaids!
Logan's family owns a jewelry store - she gave us REAL pearls as our wedding gift! Seriously, that can't be out done - ever! I haven't taken them off since!
Mom & Dad took off work to drive me to the airport on Monday! It was not easy saying goodbye... just a few more weeks and we will all be together again! and YES, I wore the same outfit to and from Arkansas... and I'm not one bit ashamed! Those neon coral skinny jeans are the BOMB.ORG - everyone should own a pair!

Sweet Mom!

Have you heard about Glamour Me Jewels on Etsy? These bracelets are FABULOUS! I am COVETING badly!

Finally got an Emi Jay that is less obnoxious! All of mine are bright colors so I got a gold one that blends in with my jewelry! Logan's (the bride) little sister is a fashionista and she is the one who gave me the idea!

Alright - theres my Arkansas trip via my phone. I will have more pictures to come! I had a whole other shower on Sunday that was WOWZERS haha. I can't wait to share those pictures!



  1. Wow! you were a busy bee!! hehe u must be getting so excited for your wedding :D

    Thanks for following me :) Jen xxx

  2. Such great pictures! Your shower was gorgeous! They did an amazing job!

    Love the pictures from the wedding too! The bride was gorgeous and so were the bridesmaids.

    Can't wait to see your other pictures. You are gorgeous.

    And I always do that. Travel to and from in the same outfit. Hehe.

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time! I cannot wait to go back home in a couple of weeks! Love me some AR!

  4. Love the history of the settee and how it ties in with courting! :) Cute Tiffany's theme!

  5. What a fantastic trip! You spoiled lucky girl. But you definitely deserve it. From what I can see of just the top of the brides dress it's GORGEOUS. Oh my goodness it looks like one I would pick.

  6. LOVE all of your outfits for the weekend!! You are just too stylish for your own good ;)

    I'm totally looking up that etsy shop...those bracelets are gorgeous!!

    Hope you're doing well girl!

  7. That looked absolutely perfect!! There is NOTHING like being home and with your best friends!!

  8. LOOOVE your coral jeans!!! i need them.
    i also want those strawberries - omg. defreakinlish.

  9. How cute & Fun ! I love all your outfits here! And, you are going to have the cutest/coolest new last name! That's one of my favorite baby names, haha! So, I'm kinda loving it! Thanks for the sweet comment today, I really am glad to have all the support of other med school fiance's and spouses. It makes everything easier!
    Have a wonderful weekend girl !

  10. Hi, Emily! I've nominated you for a blog award: I love your blog... you are seriously the cutest thing ever! :)

  11. Super cute photos! Love love love how your mom's friend brought that 1845 Settee for you to sit on! So amazing!!!


  12. Adorable outfits, as always!!

    Love those bracelets, I am off to check those out!

  13. sounds like you had a great trip home!! loving all the pictures

  14. I'm stopping by to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Go to this link to find out what you need to do:

    XoXo :)

    -Jade Sierra-

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