Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I {Heart} The Carolinas

This past weekend John & I went to stay with his Papa Gemma & Lislie at their home in North Carolina. We had the BEST time with them! No joke - we make need to make this a quarterly deal since they live so close to us! They are so cool - it was like whatever we wanted to do - they wanted to do! We want cookies... they make cookies! We want to go to MYRTLE BEACH, they want to go to Myrtle Beach. 

They have a cottage on the lake & his aunt and uncle have a house across from the beach so we made the most out of our spontaneous vacation! It couldn't have been anymore fun!

These are in no particular order!

Papa Gemma
Love him!

Gemma Boys

Johnny boy Wakeboarding

Our Captain, John's Cousin, Cole! I love all of John's cousins so much!
I didn't last too long on the boat:)

MELVYN'S = deliciousness!

I was promised a "Baby Ride" and that didn't happen. I am proud to say that I stayed on the tube and my bun was still in tact when we finished this ride - John can not say the same :) 

John & Papa G when we arrived in South Carolina

Don't let the board fool you, I did not use it.

Check out his form!!!

Late Night Cosmic Bowling with the cousins!

Yummo lunch before hitting up the J Crew Outlet :) 

Steak is what's for dinner! 

Papa Gemma & Lislie stayed up til midnight with us each night watching movies and ordering pizza. Oh how fun!

Waffles & a little trip back in time with photos from John as a kiddo.

Saying Goodbye to them was not easy :(

WELL, We have wonderful news: when we got home John found out he passed his Boards... so we went to dinner with our neighbors the next evening and then to the rooftop! 

That's all for now, goodnight!

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  1. Come back to AR & take me shopping! :) Why are you so stinkin' adorable! :) Love your face, Ems!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That just made me so happy! I love family and love having spontaneous fun AND i love that they were so game to do whatever y'all wanted to do! I so want my husband and me to be grandparents like that! How special! I'm so happy for y'all's sweet spontaneous weekend!

  3. looks like it was a great weekend! congrats to john for passing step 1...that's fantastic!!!

  4. You are so so so beautiful. These pics are so cute!! Spontaneity is always great!

  5. What a PERFECT getaway! I would definitely take advantage of that as much as possible :) And congrats to John!!
    You are gorrrrgeous.

  6. So fun!! Loving your pictures! Looks like such an incredible time!

    Congrats to your hubs for passing! That is awesome!

  7. Love your clothes. You need to help me shop! Love that last outfit!

  8. Emmm!!! Great weekend pic's and you are a beauty as usual!!!! And yay for the hubby passing his boards, what a smartie!! :))) xo

  9. I would love, love, love to move to Charlotte someday soon!

  10. looks like you guys had a great time! xo

  11. the bubble necklace! in grey! i love it!!! and that is the best denim shirt i have ever seen! i am loving all the pics, girl! xx

  12. So many things I love about this post! One: so glad you liked the Carolinas. I've lived in NC all my life and love it here ;) Sounds like ya'll had the perfect trip. Two: You are John are the cutest things ever. Three: Love your snakeskin jeans in the last picture AND your pretty red maxi skirt... you have the best style, girl!

  13. I just think I am obsessed with your hair! It is so gorg! Is it crazy that I have always wanted to be a brunette?! Anywhoo.. loving your polka dot chambray. Very cute :)


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