Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ombre, lost wedding band, nascar} = lately

Okay... just a couple of things to share really quickly.

A. Emmy went OMBRE. {idk how to make the apostrophe over the e}. Yes, this is epic because I have never colored my hair, but I will share photos on here tomorrow! OR, thanks to Miss MKK, if you are my Instagram friendy - I will post a sneak peek tonight! {emilyanngemma}
Meet Kaitlyn - she's the best! You'll hear more about her tomorrow! We had to capture my first foiling experience!

B. I lost my wedding band in this rental car after only 6 weeks of marriage. Who does that? Our awesome neighbor came to the rescue and spend over an hour in the scorching heat searching for it - and INDEED he found it!

C. I want to share 2 blogs with you... 1. Emily at Nation's Nest - check out how she is using the Hair Care 101 tips for her gorgeous blonde locks! 2. Allie at Young Love who got the DIY Gel Nails goodies and did her own and BOY it looks way better than mine!

D. One of my FAVORITE wedding photos was captured by my sister - the Soul Sister of Honor :)
She, dad, & I were the last ones to walk down so she grabbed her phone and took it really quickly! A dad & his daughters! Lots of emotion going on in this photo... I adore my dad and sister - two of my favorite people on this universe!



  1. Love the hair! Erica

  2. I wanna try ombre, but my hair hits my shoulders so I'm not sure if it would look good! and I love the picture of you, your dad and your sister! SO sweet :)

    I found you from Allie @ Young Love's blog. I'm going to have to try the Gel Nail DIY too!


  3. Aren't you just the sweetest!? :) Can't wait to see the sneak peak on Instagram! I'm sure you look fabulous! And glad you found your wedding ring!!!! :)

  4. So glad you found that band! I would have been just sick. I still worry about "what if?" I lost it. You aren't a hair "virgin" anymore!

  5. That picture of your sister and dad is beyond gorg! So glad you found the ring, I was freaking out for you haha. Saw the hair on Insta and you look fab of course! xoxo

  6. Saw the instagram sneak peak and your hair looks AMAZING ombre.. and so glad you were able to find your ring!!!

  7. Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Love your blog!!



  8. I've been MIA recently do to all things wedding! ;) So I'm now catching up on all of life's recent happenings! 1. You were a gorgeous bride! But then again I didn't expect anything less. 2. I would freak if I lost my wedding band, so glad your sweet neighbor found it!. 3. Can't wait to see the hair pics :)

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