Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Trip to Ohio

The Gemma's have been on the go lately!

This past weekend we went to see John's family in Ohio. His parents wanted to have a reception for us since the wedding was in Arkansas and not all of their friends & family were able to make the drive down. I had the best time visiting with some of their family friends that I had never had the opportunity to meet!

Shopping at Easton
My roommate from college hates frogs so I couldn't resist.
Saturday night we got to go out with some of {our} friends! {John now has to share his friends with me.} Leland was John's best man in the wedding.
John & his Nana! 
Nana was a hit at our wedding! Everyone adores her!
I have an obsession with Piada. John doesn't eat salad but when at Piada he will!
As a kid, my Grandmother Georgia always made this particular casserole that I referred to as the spicy Dorito casserole. I couldn't remember how she made it so I called my Mother {as always} and she gave us the recipe.

It turned out deliciously and John is crazy about it... so we've named it Grandmother Georgia's Special! 
After church on Sunday!
Leland and Hillary at the reception.

Mike & Marie at the reception - they are getting married in December!

I love him!

We are celebrating New Years 2012 together, yay!

Hillary is Leland's girlfriend and I am positive God arranged those boys to find Hillary and me so that we could meet and be friends! We were joking that it was a good thing we didn't all live near one another or not much would get done - we all had too much fun together!

Old friends & best friends! 

John's older sister, Christina, flew in from Florida for the reception - it meant a lot to us! We thought it was sweet that she took time away from her husband & job to be there! It was almost a surprise!


  1. Love the new blog look and that you had such a great time! How special!

  2. You two are a very beautiful couple!!!!

  3. loving the new blog look!

    can you get any more stunning and have any more fashion sense?! well each time you post you show that you can!

    looks like a fabulous time!

  4. I'm glad you got to see some people that couldn't make it to your reception; that is so nice! Also, SAD I did not get to run into you when you were in Ohio!

  5. Can I please have you style me ASAP? Kthanks.

  6. Love all your nude heels in the last pic. What a great time!! That's cool that you got to have another reception!

  7. I'm obsessed with your wardrobe. Want to switch closets for a week? K cool. And looks like you had a ton of fun in Ohio! I adore going on roadtrips. And your new blog look is beautiful!

  8. A few things...

    1. You look GORG in that first photo. So pretty!

    2. John's Nana is the cutest thing ever.

    3. I want Grandmother Georgia's Special emailed to me at once!

    4. Once again, GORGEOUS girlfriend!


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