Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fave Fall Accessory

Really quickly, since I promised. Here is my favorite fall "accessory"...
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Boot Socks / Boots {Fall 2010} / Dress {not featured online}
Here's another pair by Free People that are on my Birthday Wish List... ha!
Find them here.


  1. I want to get your fall fashion opinion on something--I'll be wearing a taupe suede bootie for much of this season and into winter (like the Toms dessert wedge or Seychelles prime suspect wedge). I'm also really digging the leather jacket look. I found a faux leather jacket that I love...but it's black. Would you style these two items together? I'd love to hear/see your thoughts!

  2. Also, if you come across a chambray button up that is long enough to at least cover half of one's booty (doesn't stop at the waist) and (here's the hard part) is $20 or less, would you let a sister know? Living on law school loans forces me to be cheap but I really love this look! I tried one from Target online but it was too short :(

  3. I saw an idea on pinterest that works great- take old sweaters and cut off the sleeves to wear as a sort of leg warmer. They peek up over your boots and don't make your feet as hot- nobody can tell the difference and there are so many more cute sweaters getting little wear in my closet than there are cute boot socks!
    Xo, Ann
    Glitter and Glaze

  4. SO cute! I wanna raid your closet :)

  5. P.S. nothing would fit but I still wanna raid it ;)

  6. Lovee these boot socks! Ever since they came out last week I've been dying for a pair. Yours are seriously cute!

  7. Cute blog! Follow each other?


  8. I nominated you for The Liebster Award! :)


  9. totally my FAV fall accessory too! i am in love with the first pic! TGIF! XO

  10. those socks are just 2 cute!!!!!! i want some soooo bad!!!! but first...gotta find the perfect boot to wear with them!



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