Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Almost Fake Eyelashes

My Instagram friends already know about my latest discovery in the art of obtaining longer, thicker lashes... in an affordable manner. So for those of you who are not on Instagram here's the original photo I posted Friday evening after a little stroll through Ulta.
Here's what you'll need for this little project...
 I used Mabelline's new mascara, Cat Eyes. (I still prefer the Mabelline Falsies over all!)
Yes, this powder is only $3.49 at Ulta.
I actaully was reading September's People Style Watch and it was recommended so I went online to Ulta's webpage and they were already sold out. I called the Ulta in the next town over and they were sold out as well... but I drove by there anyway to get a braid headband (which was on sale...heeeyyy) & I happened to find ONE bottle left - it was hidden at the bottom of the display.
Sidenote: this is the same concept as Two Faceds product, Better Than False Lashes Nylon Extensions.

Steps 3 & 4 can be done as many times as you'd like until you like the look! I'm always in a hurry so I typically only do one swipe of the volumizing powder. The more... the merrier.
After I actually fixed my hair and put all my war paint (my dad's term for makeup) on... I took a better photo.
*apologies for the creepy-not smiling-iphone-front-camera photo*
In other news...
I already IG'd this as well- but J. Crew's sale rack was rockin' last time I was in there... it was all marked down and an additional 30% OFF.
So I snagged this $75 dollar turquoise/white gingham shirt for.... $18!
And, on whole other note. John is in his psychatric rotation this month and the night before he started he set out a tie/shirt combo for his first day on the job. He came home that day without his tie on and explained that he would not be wearing ties during this round. SO... that cute guy bought himself a bowtie. I walked into our bathroom Sunday evening to find him listening to a British man on YouTube teach him how to tie his bowtie.
Does it get any cuter?


  1. I NEED to try this powder ASAP. I am all about extra volume in my lashes

  2. I agree with Amber! Definitely looks like it does a great job! You look so gorgeous in the last picture!

  3. So yeah, you are so fabulous.

    That is all.

  4. Um sister friend! Your eyelashes are seriously incredible without this powder. I am totally jealous!! Will have to try this stuff. I bought the Too Faced, used it, and then decided it was too much money so I took it back. This is perfect haha

  5. That eyelash stuff is awesome! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing. Cool pic of hubby with the bow tie.

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  7. OMG!!!!!! awesome!! i am buying that!! i am so excited. thank you!

  8. will have to try the lash powder!! thanks

  9. I can't wait to go buy that eyelash powder first thing tomorrow morning! Your lashes look FANTASTIC. And omg, your husband is precious. Love it all!

  10. Wow I am trying this out with my eyelashes asap! They look great!

  11. Can't wait to find some of that lash powder! Thanks for the tip! Love the J. Crew shirt and the bowtie!! So cute

  12. Hi!
    Love reading your blog...Where did you get your gold monogram necklace? And is the chain 16 or 18 inches long?

    Have a great weekend,


  13. Haha... this is adorable. You first of all.. well, come on. That J Crew shirt. Must have excellent taste there ;) haha! And your hubby... since I know very well why he can't wear a tie on a psych rotation (and let me just say I'm so glad to be the first PA class who doesn't have that as a required rotation anymore), kuddos for doing the bow-tie! I've always liked bow-ties anyway!

  14. This volumising powder looks awesome!! I can't wait to get one!! Great post!! Please visit/follow my page :)

  15. Whoa - I totally need this! And it's affordable which makes it that much better. Thanks for posting!

  16. Wearing false eyelashes is okay but don't wear them too often, because according to the Daily Mail, they may damage your real eyelashes. :( That turquoise/white gingham shirt is so cute, by the way. :)

    Renae Hills

  17. Ok, now that the newness has worn off, is it easier to obtain/available in Sephora?


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