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The upcoming topic has been on my heart for quitesome time and I've felt convicted to share my feelings with you. 

It all began a few months ago when I noticed atrend in my e-mails from readers: Christianity.

My identity is in Christ alone.
 Fashion is only a part of who I am - but it is not WHO I AM.

Readers have e-mailed expressing their appreciationof my blog because it expresses a mix of life, fashion, beauty tips, etc. witha strong foundation (ha!) of Christian beliefs. Moms who spend their mornings caring for their sweet babies have encouraged me to share more "what I wore" posts because it gives them new ways of mixing their  "old" wardrobe to create a new look/saves time.

I do not love the outdoors. Don't care to participate in sports. Working out isn't fun for me. Walking/hiking do not make my endorphins flow. My endorphins get mad at me when I take them hiking! I do not enjoy painting, drawing, or decorating. I do not have any pets to play with or children for that matter. And the only thing I like about math is pi...e.

But I do like: clothing, style trends, dressing up, jewelry, the mall, experimenting with cosmetics, shoe shopping, etc.

Is there anything wrong with this?

Some may say yes.
Some may say that the fashion industry is "vanity". 
That it is vain to care about how we look. It is vain to spend money on clothing. It is vain to get up an hour early to"primp" aka apply makeup, and style hair.

Obviously I disagree based on the meaning of the word...

VanityExcessive pride in one's appearance or accomplishments.

Sooo, according to Webster, one is not vain unlessthey have excessive pride.
 Many fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers, are just great at what they do. Skin care & make-up knowledge/application is their knack. Styling is just a gift. They are blessed with a talent that they are simply sharing with readers. Just as an athlete may share tips on how to excel in a particular sport! These women are not boasting or bragging but simply sharing information regarding producteffectiveness, the longest lasting lipstick, the latest trend in hair color,etc.

So, if vanity is excessive pride, what about thehunter who boasts about their game? Or the marathon runners and other athletes. 

If fashion/beauty were my top priorities - I'd hope people would be concerned. Just like if fishing were a man (or woman's) toppriority - I would be concerned. But we all know, our hobbies/interest don'trank in our top priorities... they are as they are - INTERESTS.

Vanity is not about just make-up or clothing. Simply stated, vanity is caring about our outward appearance.

Yes, I am vain. 
I do want to look my best each day. I would not be effective if I rolled into work with no make-up, wild hair & sweats. 
Do you go to work like this?
Not only do I like to look my best, but looking nice is part of my JOB. It's not just a hobby, it's how I make a living!

Shopping for apparel is not necessarily wrong.
 If it were, lots of people are in trouble.  For instance, those who work out usually purchase a gym membership, tennis shoes, & running shorts. They usually spend a good chunk of time each week taking part in working out. And most importantly, most people work out so they LOOK GOOD.

Sometimesthose who are not interested in fashion/beauty/style will label those who areas  "vain". 

Understand that when I really care about something, or have something on my heart, I spend time praying about it.

We must be careful about judging others. 
God gaveeach of us talents and gifts. 
We aren't designed to all have the samestrengths. 
1st Corinthians has a lot to say about the different parts of Hisbody. 
It's time we learn to appreciate one another's strengths and learn from one another. 
(Matthew 7:1)

During my college years, I would spend a week outof the summer at an OUTDOOR church camp. Totally out of my comfort zone, butworth it. I was able to reach out to those girlie girls and be an example tothem. God has a purpose for each of us. If we are using the gifts He’s given usto spread His word, then as far as I am concerned – our gifts are not beingused in vain.


  1. 100% agree with you! And this is why you're one of my favorites! Great post!

  2. This is so great! Sometimes blogging is hard for those same reasons but just Jeep being true to yourself. : )

  3. great post girl. I adore you and your blog and I think it is hard to get around some of the misconceptions. keep doing you friend!

  4. I am really glad that this is the day I stumbled across your blog. I love this post. Everyone is passionate about different things, and who are we to judge others for that? Can't wait to keep reading along!

  5. I love this post and like i already tell you! i love your blog and everything about you and i know there are also many girls that do! so keep it up!!!

  6. Perfect post. I can relate to this so much! So glad you decided to share your feelings on this!

  7. Emily, I'm proud of you for writing this post. I think there's a balance to be had in all of this... I know I have looked through other blogs, and being the lover of fashion and design and pretty things that I am, I think that I should be "all about that". But then I bring myself back to realizing that I'm also a Christian woman, a med student, a crafter, and a kitty mama. And I hope to try to show all of these things through blogging... including my fashion sense and love of clothes, etc. :) Glad we met through this whole world of blogging! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Such a beautifully written post! We discussed something similar at church today -- love your blog.

  9. Everyone is different! You are a girlie girl; others couldn't be bothered and those that hate on you or make you feel bad about being who you are have issues of their own or are just jealous. I wish I had your knack for fashion and the desire to wear make up every day!! Be you. You will be loved for it and for the rest maybe they should read another blog!!

  10. Love this post! Now get your bum to AR and put your God given talent to good use & help me with my wardrobe! :)

  11. Amazing post!!! I've wanted to start a fashion blog for some time but due to where I'm from I feared people would be hugely judgmental, I have finally decided to go for it and this post has really really helped!!!

  12. I'm totally obsessed with your blog but more specifically this post. Faith and Fashion ;-)

  13. Thank you so much for posting this! As someone that embraces faith and fashion, it is so nice to see someone else that does as well and is not afraid to say it.

  14. Thank you so much for posting this! As someone that embraces faith and fashion, it is so nice to see someone else that does as well and is not afraid to say it.

  15. love and totally agree! I write a blog too and i feel the same way. I have a blog about looking stylish on a "mom" budget and I can honestly say that I try to be a very good steward of HIS money with my shopping. My hubby and I do not have 1 dollar in credit card debit...I find deals and DYI things to help other mamas look stylish and not take money away from their family that they cant afford. Keep it up girl! Hugs! Haley

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