Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arkansas Trip Part 1 {according to my iPhone}

I'm back!

For any new readers I may have out there - I currently live 13 hours from my mom & dad. This is unheard of in our family! BUT, love calls... right? This past weekend I was able to fly home for about 5 days. I had two bridal showers & one of my girlfriends from college was getting married so I had her bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner & then the WEDDING. It was crazy busy... but a blast. Since I got home Monday night I have slept 8 hours at night and even took a nap on my lunch break and after work in order to catch up! Totally worth it I must add!

I have tons of photos from my camera but I thought I would save them for a different post and just post the pics that my phone captured... those are always good, right?

At work Wednesday before I left for Charlotte to catch my flight. My office cracks jokes about how I dress so I was thrilled when our accountant came in wearing bright colors too!

I bawled at the airport because they changed my flight and I had to wait an extra hour! Fortunatly, I had packed some fabo reading material!
My best friend/MOH & Mom picked me up at the airport in LR and Maggie came home with me! She's the best! Of course we hit up the Sonic :)

I had to work from home so I was jealous to see her lounging around! I can't say much though - she just completed her second year of pharmacy school and she's only 21! My baby genius!
My Mom's is a kindergarten teacher and 2 of her teacher friends threw a bridal shower for me at the school. It was BEYOND incredible. I just couldn't believe it. I have lots of photos to come! But this was my favorite picture - it just captures the love and excitement I felt that day! Mom's best friend, Margo (one of the hostesses) brought this settee from 1845 for me to sit on! Historically these were used while a man courted a woman. Just too cool!

The theme of the shower was Tiffany's. And here we have the cake!

Only 44 days until John & me are "The Gemmas"! Yippee!

Sasha & Margo, the hostesses, brough this gift and asked me to open it first. Of course I had butterflies because I have never had anything from Tiffany's before (except a fake keychain!). There was a note inside of the box and it had the kindest words & included "the Sweetest Thing" and it brought tears. The gift was a glass Tiffany's box - I can't wait to use it as a place to store my ring while I sleep & shower!

Yep, a chandelier hanging in a 1st grade classroom. Like I said, they went above & beyond!

Our punch was even a Tiffany's blue color! So glad Maggie was there to help write gifts down!
After the shower I headed to Searcy to start the Wedding Festivities of Logan & Adam! Of course I brought a little veil for her to wear... I think she wanted to kill me for this!

Somehow all of the photos from Friday's events were deleted. This is all I have no:( Some of the bridal party with our beautiful friend & bride!

Oh, just trying to have hot collar bones!

Lulu & I made Logan run to Wal-Mart with us late Friday night. She saw a ton of people she knew and couldn't believe we were making her wear that veil!

"I do"
Ladies and gentlemen: the BRIDE! She looked GORGEOUS! Her dress was out of this world! She was our little princess!

Kelsey came to do Logan's hair - at the time I didn't know her... then we started chatting and I quickly found out she and John were friends in college! He always told me he would go to Nashville to get his hurr did and now I know why! Kelsey was too cool!

Two of us bridesmaids!
Logan's family owns a jewelry store - she gave us REAL pearls as our wedding gift! Seriously, that can't be out done - ever! I haven't taken them off since!
Mom & Dad took off work to drive me to the airport on Monday! It was not easy saying goodbye... just a few more weeks and we will all be together again! and YES, I wore the same outfit to and from Arkansas... and I'm not one bit ashamed! Those neon coral skinny jeans are the BOMB.ORG - everyone should own a pair!

Sweet Mom!

Have you heard about Glamour Me Jewels on Etsy? These bracelets are FABULOUS! I am COVETING badly!

Finally got an Emi Jay that is less obnoxious! All of mine are bright colors so I got a gold one that blends in with my jewelry! Logan's (the bride) little sister is a fashionista and she is the one who gave me the idea!

Alright - theres my Arkansas trip via my phone. I will have more pictures to come! I had a whole other shower on Sunday that was WOWZERS haha. I can't wait to share those pictures!


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