Friday, June 22, 2012

Confessional Friday, y'all.

Confessional Friday #2, ladies.

Yes, this makes like 3 blogs in one week. A record, I am sure. John is studying for the his Board exam and that leaves me quite lonely.

1. I confess that I am now trying out some E.L.F. makeup from Tarjay. I read PinkLouLou's blog & was persuaded. You'd think that because it is so inexpensive that it wouldn't work well, but girlfriends, I am here to tell ya, there are some products that really do show quality! Everything is like $1, $3, or $6... one-dolla, make ya holllla! The wipes are great. The lipgloss is good. But, I tried the Facial Mist & Set first. I put it on as soon as I purchased it on my lunch break. Went back to work... went to Zumba and got nasty... and came home and thought dannnnngg, my make up looks good! Then, I remembered that I had done the spray. This will be used on 7/7 @ 7, people!

2. I confess that I am counting down and ENJOYING the days up to my wedding. I am not feeling stressed... at all. I am just excited... purely elated, if you will. My motto for the next 15 days, "this is our big day and nothing will get in the way" aka... no stress, sisters, no stress!

3. I confess that I am nervous about a name change. I'm afraid I will fail terribly at remembering. Goodness gracious, my new last name is darling and so much fun... and my new nickname will probably be "Emma Gemma"... but I do LOVE my current last name. Being a "Dean" ROCKS. But I'm nervous because with my job I am constantly saying, "Hi, it's Emily Dean with Advanced Logic Industries..." and I have a feeling it's going to take some major practice.

4. I confess I had a good hair day & it made my day! I did that photoshoot... went home and slept... and the next morning my hair was literally exactly the same. I didn't brush it or anything... just threw a couple of bobby pins in and rolled out. I didn't even mean to hide the bobby pins! If this couple happen like...twice a week I would be a happy {indoor} camper!

5. I confess that I have a bagel addition. Across the street is a Jewish bagel place and their bagels are PHENOMENAL. They are $.87! Luckily, the gal this morning made the comment, "they are good but you should not eat them every single day because of the carb count"... thus I ate the skinny half and through the other half in the fridge for tomo! {It was chocolate chip and the cream cheese was cinnamon sugar!}

6. I confess that we picked up John's wedding band tomorrow and it made this whole wedding deal so much more REAL! Seeing John in a wedding band is HOT! I told him there were NO excuses for taking that baby off... to which he replied, "what if I am in surgery or something?" and I said, "if you go into surgery then I will tattoo your ring finger!" Okay, okay! It's a joke, guys. I wouldn't go that far! **He doesn't plan on being a surgeon so I think we are in the clear!**

7. I confess I got an award from the Editor of Be in Style - part of the's blogging network!


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