Friday, June 29, 2012

I have to Confess because it's Friday.

Confession #1. The feeling of having a package on your door step when you get home from work is a fabulous one. Especially when you have this many boxes!

My aunt sent us even more dishes. Which leads me to Confession #2 - we have enough dishes to feed a small country! Kidding, but I won't lie - I can't wait to get fully moved in and have people over!
 Confession #3: Theres an awesome boutique in Bristol with tons of clothes that scream "eeemily, buy me!" I am having to say no but I did find this ring. What a gem!
 Confession #4: This is true. My sister tagged me on Facebook and the more I think about it the more true it is.
 Confession #5: I sent this picture to some of my bridesmaids and they all had me cracking up with their responses. The one that didn't show up mentioned that she thought a headpiece may help give their hair some volume. Aching to see these girls next week!
 Confession #6: I eat muffins like they are going out of style. WHAT KIND OF BRIDE am I?? Blue berry muffins are a weakness.
 Confession #7: Found a package on my doorstep from GlamourMe Jewels: hello new arm candy! I am so psyched!

Okay, I'm getting married a WEEK from tomorrow. Sometime pinch me!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Confessional Friday, y'all.

Confessional Friday #2, ladies.

Yes, this makes like 3 blogs in one week. A record, I am sure. John is studying for the his Board exam and that leaves me quite lonely.

1. I confess that I am now trying out some E.L.F. makeup from Tarjay. I read PinkLouLou's blog & was persuaded. You'd think that because it is so inexpensive that it wouldn't work well, but girlfriends, I am here to tell ya, there are some products that really do show quality! Everything is like $1, $3, or $6... one-dolla, make ya holllla! The wipes are great. The lipgloss is good. But, I tried the Facial Mist & Set first. I put it on as soon as I purchased it on my lunch break. Went back to work... went to Zumba and got nasty... and came home and thought dannnnngg, my make up looks good! Then, I remembered that I had done the spray. This will be used on 7/7 @ 7, people!

2. I confess that I am counting down and ENJOYING the days up to my wedding. I am not feeling stressed... at all. I am just excited... purely elated, if you will. My motto for the next 15 days, "this is our big day and nothing will get in the way" aka... no stress, sisters, no stress!

3. I confess that I am nervous about a name change. I'm afraid I will fail terribly at remembering. Goodness gracious, my new last name is darling and so much fun... and my new nickname will probably be "Emma Gemma"... but I do LOVE my current last name. Being a "Dean" ROCKS. But I'm nervous because with my job I am constantly saying, "Hi, it's Emily Dean with Advanced Logic Industries..." and I have a feeling it's going to take some major practice.

4. I confess I had a good hair day & it made my day! I did that photoshoot... went home and slept... and the next morning my hair was literally exactly the same. I didn't brush it or anything... just threw a couple of bobby pins in and rolled out. I didn't even mean to hide the bobby pins! If this couple happen like...twice a week I would be a happy {indoor} camper!

5. I confess that I have a bagel addition. Across the street is a Jewish bagel place and their bagels are PHENOMENAL. They are $.87! Luckily, the gal this morning made the comment, "they are good but you should not eat them every single day because of the carb count"... thus I ate the skinny half and through the other half in the fridge for tomo! {It was chocolate chip and the cream cheese was cinnamon sugar!}

6. I confess that we picked up John's wedding band tomorrow and it made this whole wedding deal so much more REAL! Seeing John in a wedding band is HOT! I told him there were NO excuses for taking that baby off... to which he replied, "what if I am in surgery or something?" and I said, "if you go into surgery then I will tattoo your ring finger!" Okay, okay! It's a joke, guys. I wouldn't go that far! **He doesn't plan on being a surgeon so I think we are in the clear!**

7. I confess I got an award from the Editor of Be in Style - part of the's blogging network!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday?


Due to the fact that I have so many new blogger friends, I thought I should do something sweet and share a fabulous deal with you guys!

I ordered my sister some dresses from Tobi this past winter/spring and I get SO annoyed with Tobi because I get e-mails from them EVERY morning telling me to check out their New Arrivals and it!

Well, until this morning. I was up early so I scrolled down and I noticed this little jewel (I had to screen shot it for you because the Tobi site won't let me save!)...

You can't tell me you don't LOVE this piece?

My friend Logan, whose wedding I was in just a few weeks back, used to wear a double wrap leather bracelet with screws on it. I literally would DROOL over it... it was the CC Skye brand and they ran for $92-$110. I was a poor college kid so I had to say no. Luckily, a store in Little Rock called Indigo was carrying the Nicole Richie line, House of Harlow. In that line, Nicole had a very similar bracelet that was about $32. I wore the HECK out of that bracelet. Then, I gave it to Elizabeth in exchange for a pair of earrings! I stalk her on Facebook well enough to know that she wears the heck out of that bracelet, too.

Anyway, a got a text from a friend back in February asking me what kind of bracelet the girls on Ben's season of the Bachelor were wearing... I noticed they were wearing the CC Skye ones, which closely resembled the House of Harlow one I wore in college. ANYWAY, point being... this morning... I'm scrolling down this Tobi e-mail to see this bracelet and I literally JUMPED out of bed and logged into my e-mail so I could get a better look.

First off, this color is INCREDIBLE! Secondly, these are only $33... and HELLO, they are ON SALE right now!

Thirdly, if you go to this link you will see that this bracelet comes in two other colors white & stone blue... both colors are incredible. I couldn't decide which to order!

Nonetheless, I ordered the funky mint/teal color. End.of.story.

Oh, well, I also saw this dress in my e-mail...
You better believe I would have ordered this dress if I had the body of the model in the photo!

I mean, really, how hot would this be for the rehearsal dinner?

SO, to all of you skinny little brides... click here to get a closer look at this dress!

On a different note...

Yesterday was Father's Day!

I LOATHE living away from my family for this very reason: we can't celebrate little holidays like this together. BUG!

Anyway, want to see little Miss (almost Mrs.) Sweetest Thing as a little bitty baby???

Yep, that's MOI. And my handsome father!

For those of you who have QUESTIONED if I was the milk man's daughter... the answer for you guys should now be VERY clear.

My dad had a rockin' head of hair. And hello... look at his lashes.
I don't think they had Latisse back in '87 either???!

Mom made a little comment yesterday after I posted this picture on FB, "Yes, and that hair was all gray by 30... good thing gray looks good on you!"

Hello Day-Ruiner. I have NEVER colored my hair in my life and I have saved it for that one purpose... I will need it in a decade or so... thus I will save all of my money and my hair's health for the days of the grays... :/

Here's a photo from last July 4th... Is it crazy or WHAT... this July 4th dad will be prepping to walk his YOUNGEST child down the aisle! YIKES.

I asked him if he was sad... he said, "Nope, THANKS, JOHN!"

I adore my Father. I am crazy about him, really.

In college, I can recall a few guys telling me that it is intimidating how frequently I talk about him and how I have him on such a pedastal that no one will EVER meet my standards!

One guy actually told me I talk about him like he is some kind of superhero...

Well, DUH! He IS a superhero!

I only make those two points because I honestly believe my dad's example was what led me to John. John and my dad are SO much alike that it is crazy. It's even more funny that my Dad and my brother in law are very simliar, also.

If you are new to reading le blog, you may not know that I actually MET John because of his Father.

We were enrolled in a Bible course together and the teacher had done a survey on adolescents and their relationships with their father's at the age of 15. I was a BRAT at 15 but I knew I would score the highest on the survey because I have always adored my dad.

Wellllllllllllll, someone beat me - someone got a higher score than me... and what'd'ya know! It was a cute boy 3 rows in front of me... it was indeed, the boy I am about to marry! {in approximatly 19 days, 8 hours & 29 minutes!}

Needless to say, John & I both feel blessed to have Father's - especially such terrific men who have taught us both so much.

Wanna know what went down this weekend?

Friday night John & I went exploring... {excuse the my awkward, slumpy pose.}

Sneak attack! Hot date to Mellow Mushroom.

 Is it just me or is Essie's new line not awesome?

My two favorites: Off The Shoulder (pink!) & Mojito Madness (green!).

New colors at GlamourMe Jewels!

Last week I got several e-mails from readers/FB friends asking where I got this headband! Click here to buy this headband! OR to check out some other fun styles.

I hate washing my hair. I don't like fixing it either. Thus, headbands, hats & dry shampoo are my 3 best friends.

Happy Monday.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A big day in my book...

Yep, that's right. John finished his last day of {class}.

The first two years of medical school are a lot like college - but worse. He's been going to class 5 days a week and now he is FREE from that classroom setting. The down side is that he has exactly 27 days to prepare for his Boards. PRAYERS PLEASE! He will be studying like it's a full time job - and maybe even more. I'm proud of his hardwork & dedication!

He starts rotations in August... Luckily, right after he takes his Boards we will be heading to AR to TIE THE KNOT! I believe it's a good present for all of his hardwork, don't you?

Anytime I see him before a practical I sneak take a picture. I don't know that he knows I have these but I'm a creeper & he should know what I'm capable of.

He actually isn't a napper. Or a coffee drinker. Or a coke drinker. He somehow just has the self discipline to make himself study. However, I should note that he always ends up napping while waiting on me to get ready for dinner or whatever plans we may have for that evening.

My theory featured below:

Why yes, in my opinion, it does.

Okay, so in other news....

I'm moving tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures of the new digs!

AND I will be working on a post for a FABULOUS giveaway you don't want to miss out on! Remember those bracelets I mentioned a couple of posts back? Well, I will be doing a giveaway on my FAVORITE one!

Here's a sneak peak at my arm candy:

Do ya love it OR do ya love it???? eh?

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