Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Fun Vol. 1

Hey Y'all!

One of my favorite parts of the wedding weekend was simply seeing my best friends.

Maggie & Regan threw a Bachelorette/Lingerie Party all-in-one since everyone was from out of town! We did that Thursday night. 

I think my favorite part of the weekend was Thursday night - Regan had invited everyone to stay the night at her house but only 5 of us stayed! It was Elizabeth, Regan, Maggie, Paige & me... (you'll put a face with a name after this post- this ladies are VIP to know). It was so much fun - lots of catching up & girl talk! I think having that time with them really calmed me down a lot! I am so thankful for them creating that special girl time for me! 

Instead of rambling, I'll do what I know you readers want.... & that is post photographs! 

The Thursday before the wedding we ventured over to the courthouse to get our Wedding Certificate! 

This was taken Thursday night after everyone else had left. We used our Mustache straws :)

1. Julie: friend from High School and now that we are 15 hours apart we've only gotten closer!
2. Maggie: Maid of Honor - planner of the night's festivities!
3. Yours Truly.
4. Elizabeth: my pretend younger sister
5. Amanda: my REAL sister

Paige! One of my best friends from college. She's a brilliant beauty!

My Big Sis Maris - Marissa! When I was younger she would take care of me when my parents were out of town which is where she got her name! I'm so happy to still have our friendship!

Maggie threw a beach themed Lingerie shower since we were going to Jamaica! It was SUPER cute!

All the girls chatting!

My real sister and my other sister! Sasha teaches across the hall from my Mom. Sasha is another pretend sister - we love her!

Exhaused, maybe?

My sister is seriously the hostess! She opened her home to all of John's groomsmen so that they could crash there after their Bachelor party. Most of his friend are Yankees from the North so she had Arkansas cookies made and had "Cheers Y'all" napkins & cups and every kind of southern food she could think of! Southern hostesses really do it right!
Bridesmaids - except Amanda!

The girls of the wedding party.

Sweetest guy on the planet! & my Bow-Quet!


John had an incredible group of groomsmen!

My Grandmother! 

One of the sweetest people on the face of the planet, my aunt Ria! She's my role model!

This girl gets an award for SISTER of the YEAR!

She is married, has a job, & two children, but that did not stop her from making my weekend incredible. She was at EVERY single activity, including coming into my hotel room at night just to help me relax and have girl time. She would drop ANYthing to do anything to be helpful! It meant a lot because she could've had several legit excuses to not be there-- but no! She planned for months ahead of time to make sure and dedicate that weekend to John & me - now THAT is what a super-star sister/bridesmaid does! I'm so fortunate for her example!

My dad "Bo Bo" & Baby Bo! My twins!

The most fantastic group of kids - ever! They made my weekend!

Maid of Honor & Best Man! Maggie & Theo were over the top helpful and such a blessing to have as a part of our wedding. I really, truthfully don't know what it would've been like without these two!

See Amy, to the right with the black maxi? She is my sister's sister in law and I am forever indebted to her! Her hardwork & dedication MADE that wedding happen. 

See that woman to the left, that's Margo. She and Amy worked together to coordinate our wedding. She's my mom's best friend and like Amy, we couldn't have done it without her. I can never repay these two for the things they've done for me/us.

At Mermaid's in Fayetteville, AR for Rehearsal Dinner

My neices/nephews/nieces-in-law LOVE John! It makes me happy - their opinion of John is HIGHLY regarded in my family!

Maggie, the ultimate Best Friend. I swear it. This entire past year would have been terribly depressing without her!

Cutie Bridesmaids! I <3 Y'all FOREVER!

I'm telling ya, my friends are ca-ute!

Reason #3,209 I married this guy: he makes me laugh ALL the time. And I THINK I'M THE FUNNY ONE! 

My sweet Dezi-girl!

Harry (my nephew) & Samia (my cousin)! Harry was an adorable boyish mess all weekend and ALL it did was bring laughter and personality to our wedding! I can't wait until he's in HS and can watch the video... we may use it for blackmail! And Samia, she's the most well-mannered, sweet gal I've ever met! She's SUCH a little lady! 

His face makes me melt.

Mom, Dad, Tessa, Caroline, Amanda:) Love this crew!

Harry hanging with the boys... and GK doing the same. 

My cousin Mickey! He's about the sweetest guy! 

My sister-in-law, Tessa! People think we more like sisters than sister in laws!

Paige, my own little Legally Blonde... but BETTER! 

My Aunt & Uncle from California! I'm so happy they made my wedding a priority even thought they live the farthest away!

My time spent with my Aunt Joycie before the wedding was so special! We shopped until we drop the weekend before the wedding! And ate lots of good food... anything i wanted to do - she wanted to do! 

Back at the hotel after the Rehearsal Dinner.... with a room full of gals things get a little crazy!

Bridal Brunch photos will be posted soon!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guess Who's Back?! {Honeymoon Photos!}

Yours truly! I am back and I am no longer a Miss or a Fiance! You can call me MRS. GEMMA!

Eeeek! Everything was so wonderful and I am thankful for all of you who sent well wishes!

I have not received the professional photos just yet so when I do I will post about them! I don't know how terrific they will be because it RAINED on our Wedding Day. And to make the matter a bit worse - Arkansas was in a draught - the whole state was under a burn ban! The state had been praying for rain and what do you know - it arrives on the evening of my outdoor wedding!

Anyway, although that was a disappointment - I have to admit that Jamaica was incredible. So without further adieu I will share Honeymoon photographs! {Our new camera broke midweek.... I'm hope a lucky strike will come my way soon!}

Flying into Montego Bay! How incredible is that view!

As soon as we arrived we went wondering around looking for food! 

How beautiful is this? We really enjoyed being at the water at all times of day!

Hello Handsome HUSBAND! 

Twilight Much!

Dedication! John was studying every single day! Just light reading, right?

"It doesn't match!"

After Snorkeling!!

Dunns River Falls!

Dance party!

Airport Ring Finger Picture!

How stinking cute!!

Shopping in the city!

Lots of breeze and wind there! It made for some really relaxing weather though!

Enjoy! xx.


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