Thursday, August 30, 2012

That time I went Ombré... + Side & Top Bun Tutorial

It's true! If you saw my Instagram post - I really FINALLY broke down and put some color on my hair! Sadly enough, I am so crazy over it, that I don't know that I will go back! {kidding, John!}

First off, you have to "meet" the magic maker, Kaitlyn {see below}. She's super talented and has the BEST taste! I, having never done anything this "crazy", felt totally comfortable putting my locks in to her hands! She's actually a friend of mine from college & has always been an exceptional person... with fabulous hair. 

Anyway, I've been crushing on the whole ombré look for sometime now. I keep seeing it on celebrities... specifically Emily from Pretty Little Liars. It looks so undone & effortless, which I find so attractive!

 Without further adieu...

With the talented Miss Kaitlyn after my first coloring experience! I love it!! Thanks, Kaitlyn!
If you live in the Nashville area - or even remotely close, give Kaitlyn a call at Escape Day Spa & Salon. The salon itself is remarkable. You can't help but love being in that environment, it's relaxing, yet fun! Everyone is exceptionally kind & the stylists themselves will no doubt make you leave looking like a million bucks!

And for those of you who asked for a tutorial on how I did my hair in these two photos...

Here you are....

**when twisting your front pieces... you must do it a LOT tighter than I did in the video... I was exhausted!**
and holy cow - why did I mention the whole court thing? those of you who are new - please know that I simply went to court because I came into our place the wrong way the first night we moved here and I was found NOT guilty! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ombre, lost wedding band, nascar} = lately

Okay... just a couple of things to share really quickly.

A. Emmy went OMBRE. {idk how to make the apostrophe over the e}. Yes, this is epic because I have never colored my hair, but I will share photos on here tomorrow! OR, thanks to Miss MKK, if you are my Instagram friendy - I will post a sneak peek tonight! {emilyanngemma}
Meet Kaitlyn - she's the best! You'll hear more about her tomorrow! We had to capture my first foiling experience!

B. I lost my wedding band in this rental car after only 6 weeks of marriage. Who does that? Our awesome neighbor came to the rescue and spend over an hour in the scorching heat searching for it - and INDEED he found it!

C. I want to share 2 blogs with you... 1. Emily at Nation's Nest - check out how she is using the Hair Care 101 tips for her gorgeous blonde locks! 2. Allie at Young Love who got the DIY Gel Nails goodies and did her own and BOY it looks way better than mine!

D. One of my FAVORITE wedding photos was captured by my sister - the Soul Sister of Honor :)
She, dad, & I were the last ones to walk down so she grabbed her phone and took it really quickly! A dad & his daughters! Lots of emotion going on in this photo... I adore my dad and sister - two of my favorite people on this universe!


Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Gel Nail

Today's special: DIY Gel Nail
I am a huge fan of gel nails, my favorite being OPI's Axxiom & Shellac. Unfortunately, that $30 habit isn't exactly one I am still hanging on to while we are on the med-school budget. Instead, I've done my research in order to find a more affordable way to get that gel nail look!

Anyway, here's what you need:
1. Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat {got mine here}
2. Your choice of nail polish - per People Style Watch for September - Burgandy is hot this fall so I am using my old, trusty bottle of William Tell Me About OPI. {Find here.}
3. Out The Door Top Coat - it's the BEST! Hands down - you nails will dry in an instant & will be super shiny! {Find here.}
4. Nail file of choice - I am using one from Sally's. {Find similiar here.}

Here's how:

· Remove all nail polish & use a file to smooth down ALL over your nail!

· Wash your hands to remove any remaining oil, dirt, etc.
· Apply a thin layer of the Gelous Advanced Nail Gel
· Allow a few minutes to let it get semi-dry
· Repeat that - another layer of Gelous & allow it to set...
· Then, use your choice of nail polish & give it 4 or so minutes to set...
· Add yet another layer of the Gelous Advanced Nail gel & allow it to semi-dry
· Add another layer of your nail polish
· Apply the On The Go Top Coat...
· Voila, DIY Gel Nail
Okay, so some people don't have the patience for all of this - and that's totally understandable. If so, just leave out applying the last coat of Gelous Polish! Your nail won’t be as thick - but it will still look really nice!

Nail Salons allow an hour and 15 minutes to get the real deal - this is only going to take 20, tops.

The key here is to get that BASE coat of the Gelous Polish semi-set before you apply your nail color!

Here's a more recent photo of my wanna-be gel nails taken from my Instagram! Wearing Play Date by Essie! (2.14.13)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I {Heart} The Carolinas

This past weekend John & I went to stay with his Papa Gemma & Lislie at their home in North Carolina. We had the BEST time with them! No joke - we make need to make this a quarterly deal since they live so close to us! They are so cool - it was like whatever we wanted to do - they wanted to do! We want cookies... they make cookies! We want to go to MYRTLE BEACH, they want to go to Myrtle Beach. 

They have a cottage on the lake & his aunt and uncle have a house across from the beach so we made the most out of our spontaneous vacation! It couldn't have been anymore fun!

These are in no particular order!

Papa Gemma
Love him!

Gemma Boys

Johnny boy Wakeboarding

Our Captain, John's Cousin, Cole! I love all of John's cousins so much!
I didn't last too long on the boat:)

MELVYN'S = deliciousness!

I was promised a "Baby Ride" and that didn't happen. I am proud to say that I stayed on the tube and my bun was still in tact when we finished this ride - John can not say the same :) 

John & Papa G when we arrived in South Carolina

Don't let the board fool you, I did not use it.

Check out his form!!!

Late Night Cosmic Bowling with the cousins!

Yummo lunch before hitting up the J Crew Outlet :) 

Steak is what's for dinner! 

Papa Gemma & Lislie stayed up til midnight with us each night watching movies and ordering pizza. Oh how fun!

Waffles & a little trip back in time with photos from John as a kiddo.

Saying Goodbye to them was not easy :(

WELL, We have wonderful news: when we got home John found out he passed his Boards... so we went to dinner with our neighbors the next evening and then to the rooftop! 

That's all for now, goodnight!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Trip to Ohio

The Gemma's have been on the go lately!

This past weekend we went to see John's family in Ohio. His parents wanted to have a reception for us since the wedding was in Arkansas and not all of their friends & family were able to make the drive down. I had the best time visiting with some of their family friends that I had never had the opportunity to meet!

Shopping at Easton
My roommate from college hates frogs so I couldn't resist.
Saturday night we got to go out with some of {our} friends! {John now has to share his friends with me.} Leland was John's best man in the wedding.
John & his Nana! 
Nana was a hit at our wedding! Everyone adores her!
I have an obsession with Piada. John doesn't eat salad but when at Piada he will!
As a kid, my Grandmother Georgia always made this particular casserole that I referred to as the spicy Dorito casserole. I couldn't remember how she made it so I called my Mother {as always} and she gave us the recipe.

It turned out deliciously and John is crazy about it... so we've named it Grandmother Georgia's Special! 
After church on Sunday!
Leland and Hillary at the reception.

Mike & Marie at the reception - they are getting married in December!

I love him!

We are celebrating New Years 2012 together, yay!

Hillary is Leland's girlfriend and I am positive God arranged those boys to find Hillary and me so that we could meet and be friends! We were joking that it was a good thing we didn't all live near one another or not much would get done - we all had too much fun together!

Old friends & best friends! 

John's older sister, Christina, flew in from Florida for the reception - it meant a lot to us! We thought it was sweet that she took time away from her husband & job to be there! It was almost a surprise!


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