Saturday, September 22, 2012

Make Up Saves Lives

My latest "Make-Up Must Have" - Enjoy!

First meet my new best friend...
Just kidding! Okay, not really. Anyone who makes a concealer and/or foundation as incredible as she does is qualifies to be my best friend!

Here's her new foundation...
It's called "Lock-It Tattoo Foundation"... don't let the packaging or name fool you - this is not heavy duty stuff by any means. It's truly phenomenal. I had customers asking me what foundation I wear this week! The girl at Sephora told me it is brand new & they can't keep it on the shelves.

It's got full coverage potential & is long wearing. A little goes a long way. I apply it with my Sigma F80! 

Here's a list of long-wear foundations I have tried that I didn't love: Mac, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Clinique, Make-Up Forver, Laura Mercier, Benefit, and Tarte. Now, the only foundation that has been good to me besides Kat's has been Revlon

Buy it here.

Secondly, I actually went to Sephora for a return & inquired about the Kat Von D concealer that all of the beauty bloggers RAVE about... the girl informed me that it is ON CLEARANCE. Score! Evidently she's coming out with new colors so the old ones are on sale... perfectly fine with me. 

I watch a lot of YouTube videos about make-up application {I didn't wear make-up until I was 18 so I've been teaching myself...scary, right?} & Kat's concealer has been a common recommendation in a majority of the videos. Buy it here... Unfortunately, it's not on clearance on the website though. 

Definitely go to your Sephora and grab a couple of samples.

As far as a real live update from the Gemma household... John just finished his Geriatrics rotations! One down... & a lot more to go! 
This next photo will give you a sneak peak into our lives...
True Life: We are growing up. I come home with serious bursitis flare ups simply from standing!
As for me, I'm just a busy working woman and it's wonderful! In fact, look at my early birthday present... working in retail has it's perks!

I miss Arkansas so much! I wore red & white to work today... go Hogs!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Confessional Friday.... Sunday..oops.

Linking up with Leslie at Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday!... {ps this is belated AND this didn't actually happen on Friday!}

1. As I previously mentioned, I started a new job last week. The job entails of lots of standing, walking, moving, etc. meaning that my feet have taken a TOLL. Let's just say I came home and crashed some nights because my feet were causing my whole body to ache. So, my answer.. the Toms Desert Wedge! I do not own any Toms... and I worked in retail selling them for 3+ years! I thought these wedges were somewhat "goofy" looking initially until I tried them on! I wore them for 8+ hours today, walking on concrete floor the entire time and BOY, they were worth every dime!

How CUTE is this? Tights + Boot Socks + TOMS
Fashion + Comfort + Giving Back = Perfect!

2. I am officially a No Bake Cookie ADDICT. I go through 3-4 boxes a week... sad, right? I may have to give them up for lent or something...

3. I recently purchased my first set of Sigma brushes! I only wear liquid foundation and I really needed something to make it go on more smoothly... so I did my research and so far... so good! They are the new HD ones so I'm hoping to really love them! Have you tried them?

4. I still love my ombre! I wondered if I would like it as much when I had to fix it myself but it grows on me more and more each day!

5. These are the photos on our phones... I'm so happy to be married to such a fun loving, sweet guy! 

6. My whole life I've been a picky eater... chicken fingers only. Recently, I've become a "shushi monster"... {the credit of that name goes to my 7 year old niece, Olivia}
7. I've already busted out my favorite fall OPI Color, You Don't Know Jacques... we are going on year three with this color and I don't think I'll ever find anything I love as much!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fave Fall Accessory

Really quickly, since I promised. Here is my favorite fall "accessory"...
boot socks, ruffle boot socks, cute boot socks, free people boot socks, pinterest boot socks, cream ruffly boot socks
Boot Socks / Boots {Fall 2010} / Dress {not featured online}
Here's another pair by Free People that are on my Birthday Wish List... ha!
Find them here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On A Whim

John & I are thoroughly enjoying this stage of our life... we have the fantastic ability to pick up and go whenever we can & there is no doubt we take full advantage!

Last Friday, John got home from work & informed me that he had a 4 day weekend so around 8 p.m. on Friday night we threw our things in a bag and drove through the night to Arkansas. We got to my parents around 6 a.m. and slept for oh... 3 solid hours. Totally worth it!

Yaayy! We were SAVED from the heat by the Harper's! Elle's family let us enjoy the game from their box.

Elle and I tend to share our friends... thank goodness! Anna {middle} is Elizabeth's best friend from High School and I'm claiming her as my friend, too! She's so much fun to be around!

This makes me sooo happy! Love that Elle & John love each other!

The Parisian-Americans! Elle & Mrs. Robin {her Mom} I love being with you two!

My husband found the candy stash in the Dentist's box :/ 

I love y'all!!

Uh, this is what happens when you put lipstick on without a mirror... oops. Oh well, John's eyes are to-die-for in this picture! 


Olivia (my neicey} rode home from church with us... she informed us that her dad, too, had "those sunglasses"... aka aviator shaped. We handed her a pair to wear while riding with us! 

My nieces & nephews LOVE John and it may be one of the BEST feelings, ever.

Meet Baby-Bo... he, umm, had a hair cut from his older sister a few weeks ago...

Okay... my niece Caroline is absolutely HYSTERICAL! I'm making a video of all the funny things that went down this weekend. 

Until then, here's an example of how sweet, yet funny Caroline is..

She was playing by herself while I was telling my Mom something about "what happens if you don't think your own baby is cute" {yes, I am curious}... My question seemed valid because I have 5 wonderful nieces and nephews- hilarious, smart, adorable, sweet, etc. so I sometimes wonder if there is room in our family for John & me to add great kids to that mix! {judge me, okay?}

Caroline interrupts me by saying, "Emmy... you will have a baby and your baby will look just like Baby Bo {the dark headed boy on John's shoulders}."

I replied by thanking Caroline and saying, "I hope you are right, Caroline!"

And Caroline said, "You will. God will do that for you!"

HA! She's 5 & understand that God gives us blessings... how much sweeter does it get!

Piling in "Uncle John's" lap!
These are out of order... but another game shot! We aren't being serious btw.

On our way back we stopped in Little Rock and saw Maggie! 

John WAS a Buckeye fan... lol... 

My SIL, Tessa, & I get told we look alike! I think our ombre hair & bubble necklaces took it to the next level of twinliness!


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