Tuesday, March 5, 2013


In the mornings, John and I don’t see each other because he leaves so early. He always leaves me a note – typically something really funny or sweet. The funny ones typically are him referring to me as “Em-Dawg” or “Yo, gurl”, but today I am "sweetest thang"!  
This morning’s note made me “lol”! 
Find love these notes here.

Sweater || Jeans (not available but I want these!)|| Scarf (F21 last winter)|| Booties 

If you follow me on Insta you saw my comment about my military vest outfit being on repeat! I love this thing! I'm a vest kind of gal, in the first place. I like vest because I feel like I can hide my hips, lol!
Shirt (I wear these all the time! Online only) || Vest (so hard to find, M & L left online)|| Jeans (love these though!) || Belt 

....and again on Tuesday!
Tunic (found at Sample Sale for $10)|| Vest (so hard to find, M & L left online) || Leggings || Belt 

I am SO excited to announce Cbiji Collection will be doing a giveaway here at The Sweetest Thing! Her work is STUNNING, quality work. The type of pieces that you wear daily and that last forever! Here's the piece she sent me... swoon!
Details on the giveaway should be up soon!


  1. You and john are just great!! I love the vest you can definitely rock it!! So cute!!

  2. That is the CUTEST note! It made me lol too! How sweet?!



  3. Awe, that's sooo cute! :)
    I do that for my boyfriend but for when he returns back from work and I'm not there.
    Leaving notes is one of the best things, especially when you can look back on them all! :)



  4. you are the cutest thing ever. please come to texas and make me into a cute momma and much less of a yoga pants momma! I just love your blog!

  5. Love that vest! It's such a great staple:)




  6. Haha! I love getting love notes! His names for you are so cute :) Always good when he can make you giggle in the AM.

  7. You've got some fantastic outfits, girl - love the military vest!

  8. Love your tights in the outfit!

    and that necklace giveaway is precious! :)

  9. super cute! Love your outfit :)

  10. i think I need those leggings. right now. you are the cutest! and can't wait for the giveaway!

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  12. I never know what size to order for jeans at F21, so I always shy away, but those you recommended are perfect! mmm..decisions decision. Love the note!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

    Mary Nichol Handbag Giveaway!

  13. ooh can't wait to enter into the giveaway and checking out that fab vest right now! :)

    XO Meghan

  14. Love the vest and leggings look. Like really obsessed with it. I was thinking of belting my green vest over our orange gingham shirt this weekend with some skinny boyfriends! I think Im unconsciously channeling your closet!

  15. As a s straight male and lover of women who don't wear make up, I'm still alittle bothered by this article. I don't understand how she couldn't even find photos of real women (not models) to associate with this post. You all can sit her and say "she taught me how to be beautiful inside and out" but I never see any typical average new york women on this site. Girls that are chubby. Girls that are considered average. Girls that don't have perfect symmetrical faces. Look at all the ads surrounding this site.....you ever see an ad with a girl with no make up or who isn't photo shopped? Probably not. This all tell us one thing- that no matter how beautiful or ugly you are....MONEY reigns supreme!


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