Friday, April 26, 2013

Blow Dryer Blues

First off, TGIF!
I treated myself to a blonde roast this morning. Don't worry, it's full of creamer + Splenda. I feel most caffeinated when I drink blonde roasts.

Blow Dryer Blues:
So long you hot, purple hair dryer…  

The past month or so I have noticed that when I blow dry my hair, I smell jalepenos. Don't get me wrong, I love jalapenos but the smell of jalepenos in the morning is not ideal. Nor is it ideal when I'm fresh out of the shower! Okay, so this morning I thought "I should tweet about how my hairdryer smells like jalepenos." A few seconds later my blow dryer just shut off and my hand suddenly got really hot. I dropped the blow dryer because I realized it was literally smoking. Smoke was coming through the crevices and the smell of jalepenos was gone - it smelt horrific - like rubber and plastic burning.

I tried to film it to send to John (in an effort to convince him I need a good, quality dryer next!) I tried to screen shot the video as smoke came out but you really can't see it in the photo. Anyway, I posted the following photo on IG asking for recommendations on hair dryers that:
 A.) are affordable 
B.) are powerful enough to dry my thick hair, quickly.

So evidently, I have the best Instagram followers ever. 
I received tons of recommendations, which has proven to be both good and bad.
Eight different brands were recommended. The top 3: ConAir Infiniti Pro, CHI, & Hot Tools. Now I'm at a loss... the Conair one had the most recommendations & it's the cheapest

1.      Conair Infiniti Pro
2.      CHI
3.      Hot Tools
4. Babyliss
5.      Bedhead
6.      Rusk Speed Freak
7.      Paul Mitchell
8.      Solano

Here’s where I need your help, if you are familiar with any of these, give me the scoop! I want one that gets super hot and will dry my hair very quickly!

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  1. I have the Conair and I've never had any issues with it. It's kind of heavy and bulky but it gets the job done.

  2. For me, this one works... and I have SUPER thick hair.

    Plus this brush..

    Fast drying!

  3. My mom has a Chi & while I love it & of course use it every time I'm home. I love my cheap-o from Con Air. I have one that has a retractable cord & saves space & time rolling it up. It also has the cold to hot setting, and put out a lot of power. It's not heavy or bulky.

  4. i bet your blog followers will pull through! when you find out let me know because i have incredibly thick hair too!

    xo lauren

  5. I have to admit, I never blow dry my hair...I literally let it air dry and fortunately, it dries stick straight!
    I do OWN a hair dryer though, it actually sounds a lot like Morgan Neal's cheap-o con-air! My bf loves it, haha.

    Good luck shopping around!

  6. I have the Babyliss and love it. I have very thick naturally curly hair (that i get permanently straightened but the curls grow out and its a major pain) and i can get my hair dry very quick with it. It came free with a straight iron and i have absolutely loved both!

  7. i like con air as well... have bought many many of them... not that they break easily i just think hairdressers don't have an infinite shelf life

  8. I have the bed head (#5) and I wouldn't recommend it. It was inexpensive but isn't very powerful. What I HAVE found to work suuper well is the Kenra blow dry spray. Cuts blowdry time waaay down. Between that and an average blowdryer it does the trick for my thick hair. Hope that helps! :)

    Kenra spray here:

  9. I recommended the Rusk Speed Freak. If you follow Kate from The Small Things Blog this is also her go to blowdryer. I previously used an Andis brand that I loved. But I am in love with my speed freak. I too have long thick hair and I want heat and to get the job done. My friend has that conair blow dryer and I felt that all it did was make a bunch of noise. Once you use a professional blow dryer it is so hard to go back. I know Ulta sells the speed freak. Good luck. Let us know what you decide. Signed off, a fellow Emily with long thick hair that needs her hair products

  10. I love your hair! It´s possible a video tutorial or the picture process? Thanks =)

  11. Hot tools for sure. Their products are great. I think as long as you get anything that's at least 1875 watts you'll be golden. I've used Conair before and I liked it, but I didn't think it was anything special. I know the CHI one works great, too. I have a friend who's a stylist and although she will never tell you to buy a CHI flat iron she WILL tell you to get their dryer. I would suggest going to your local tj maxx and seeing what hair dryers they have. You can find really expensive ones there for around $30. Trust me, you won't regret it.


  12. I highly reccommned trying One 'N Only Brazilian Tech. All of their hot tools are infused with keratin & are nothing short of amazing. You can purchase any of the tools at Sally Beauty & they are affordable, think $69.99!


  13. I have the CHI and love it! It's expensive upfront, but totally worth it! Mine has lasted for years. I also have long thick hair and it dries mine pretty quick.

  14. #1 is my pick. I love because it drys super fast!!!

  15. I have the Baybliss and think it works really well. It definitely gets hot (sometimes I need to pause from drying my hair because I am sweating). I have a lot of naturally wavy hair and thinks it works really well. I bought mine at Harmon (which I am not sure if you have) but Bed Bath and Beyond also sells them and you can you Bed Bath 20% off coupons at either store (they also have a great return policy if it turns out it isn't for you just make sure you save the receipt).

  16. Oh man, lately my hair dryer has been smelling funny and I keep thinking it is about to start shooting flames out. I'm scared to dry my hair! Love your outfit by the way. So cute!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  17. Super cute photos and I don't have a good recommendation for a hair dryer! I probably need whatever one you get because I NEED one for my thick hair too!

  18. thanx for the info, my favorite right now is the karmin g3 hair dryer, it works pretty good and keeps my hair soft and smooth. :D

  19. your striped shoes are to die for!


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