Sunday, April 7, 2013

This Week...

Between all the working & studying that goes on around here, we hardly ever have time to do much else! Luckily, for documentation sake, I've not slacked on the picture taking. 

I know one day, we will look back and laugh... until then, here's a good photo of John the night before his big Family Practice exam that went down Friday morning. Yes, he's in the zone, so much so that I went to Cheddar's (alone) to sit and have a house salad and simply be out of his way! (And maybe I really love their House Salads?) Anyway, that exam is done and pediatrics begins Monday. 

On a different note, I recently was introduced to a very cool eyewear company, Rivet & Sway. Their eyewear is beautiful and unique, & the company is just "with it". They have a variety of styles, colors, etc. but the neat part is that if you see a few styles you'd love, but don't want to risk ordering them and not loving the way you look, you have the option of ordering a "At Home Kit". You can select up to 3 styles to be sent right to your front door! 

Below you can see the 3 styles I selected. The black one is called the "Hungry Heart" (my fave!), in fact I think I will be ordering them soon. It never hearts to have an extra pair of glasses around. The middle pair is the "Umami" and the pink pair is "Punchline".

I have to admit, because I am sucker for marketing, when I saw the packaging I immediately knew I would love the products!

And on a totally different note...
I have a sad, yet delicious obsessed with Starbuck's Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers!
Last time I was there, I asked for a cold tea that had lots of caffeine and was a little fruity... instead the guy insisted I try a Refresher and mentioned that it was loaded with caffeine (count me in!).

I've been spoiled the last few months because John's mom & dad sent a Starbucks gift card for our Florida trip and as a congratulations on the Lauren Conrad feature. Soon thereafter, Groupon ran a special where for $5, I got a $10 gift card! Nonetheless, I added all of the credit into my Starbucks App. and I quickly reached Green Member!  (It's the little things in life, ya know?) Anyway, if you aren't using the Starbucks App, you need to! It makes checking out super easy and you earn rewards! 

Remember when I bought the green bow pumps a few months ago? Well, since then I've become crazy over the color green! I recently received these two bracelets courtesy of My Happy Place Shop. It's no secret that I love neons, so the neon green cross matches a majority of everything I wear! The store I manage has sold out of these bracelets 3 times - we can't keep our hands on them! I love the ones in Nicole's shop because they come in such vibrant colors. I think it would be cute to layer several of her plain bright bead bracelets with a cross one!

Last but not least, a Zara package. When I was in college, I would spend spring breaks in Miami with my roommate, Jordan. That's where I was first introduced to Zara. My love for Zara has only grown more and more... you'll be seeing what was inside of this box later this week!

Happy Sunday! 
I'm off to Crossville, Tennessee with a girlfriend for a Fashion Show!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Becoming a Dr is hard!!! No wonder it takes a time and you are being a good wife for understanding. I have the Starbucks app. It was actually Mj who got it first and became a Gold member!!! He kept telling me to do it and so I finally did. Can't wait to see what's inside the Zara box. I had never heard of it until I started seeing other bloggers post about it. Then I saw a few in Europe. We don't have them out here.

  2. wow, John is really in the zone :)

    i love the bracelets! and i can't wait to know what's inside the box. i love, love Zaras!

  3. Such a great week! Your starbucks drink just made me super thirsty! I literally had to go grab something out of the fridge!
    Absolutely love Zara! I just picked up a top and scarf from there a couple days ago! Can't wait to see what you got! :)

  4. I love your blog! So glad I found it through Laura over at Walking in Memphis because I will definitely be following you! Those bracelets are too cute. I tend to get really into green during the summer, and those would be such a great addition. I'll definitely need to check out My Happy Place Shop. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Emily - thanks so much for the shout out on the bracelets! I'm glad you like them and can't wait to see how you style them someday! :) Have a great week!

  6. I am so in love with green right now!!! Cute post! Erica

  7. ooh i need to try the refreshers! i like fruity teas but hate how they don't usually have caffeine so it sounds like a match made in heaven for me!


  8. I bought the same Starbucks Groupon and I'm 7 stars away from GOLD status! Can't wait!

  9. The 'small things' often lead to big things! Have fun in Tennessee!

  10. haha he is in the zone!! and i do love that packaging! I have to sometimes avoid driving by starbucks (which is nearly impossible) since I know I will stop! but i have never tried the refreshers!

  11. I love Zara and your arm candies! Love the green and they are perfect for the spring and summer!

  12. I use that ap all the time. A little piece of me feels like a rockstar every time I get a new star in my cup. I'm working towards that gold card!

  13. Girl you are GOOD at photography!! I love those bracelets and I can't wait to see what's in the Zara box ;)

  14. Girl you are such a good wifey!! i hate eating alone i just feel weird!! I so wish we had a starbucks near by!!!

  15. open the box open the box lol :)

    XO Meghan

  16. Thanks for the Rivet & Sway love! You look fab in the Hungry Heart!

  17. What is the colors of your ipad case? I want to order one!! Thank you!!!

    1. I have no idea :( I ordered this SO long ago and I did it super fast so I can't even remember! I am so sorry!


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