Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hana Air Hair Dryer Review + Insta-Update

Remember this post, where I talked about hair dryers and how I was in desperate need of a  new hair dryer? [Ya, the one where I explained that my hair dryer smelt like jalepenos.] Well, I went on a wild hair dryer hunt! Because I needed one STAT, I went to Wal Mart & purchased the one many of you recommended. At the $30 price point, I was thrilled with the quality. [thank you!]

Long story short[ened], my friend Laura put me in touch with a representative from Misikko who graciously offered to send me a Hana Air Hair Dryer that was “far better” than most hair dryers!  

Not knowing what to expect this morning as I dried my hair, I began watching the clock [and laughing at John as he snapped a few photos.] I desperately need a hair dryer that will dry this head’o’hair as quickly as possible. You see, I have long, thick hair. Typically, I dry my hair for 3 minutes; rest and cool off, then repeat until it’s fully dry. I usually spend 15 minutes drying my hair fully. As I was watching the clock, I was thinking back on the other dryers I had tried, I noticed it was drying a little more quickly than usual so I turned it off, ran to the mirror, and felt very pleased. Not only did I cut the drying time in half, my hair was voluminous and felt exceptionally softer and shinier than usual. SCORE!

Final Thoughts: The Hana Air hairdryer is phenomenal. If you are looking for a hair dryer than quickly dries your locks, allowing you to push the snooze button just one more time, and also leaves your hair feeling full and silky, the Hana Air is for you!

Oh, and a few more things I loved about the Hana Air:
1. the cord is super long.
2. when you push the "cool" button, it stays cool... no holding it down!
3. it's not as harsh on your hair, like most hair dryers! 

Here are few photos from this morning as I dried my hair with it:

This is the final result, John took photos as it dried. I didn’t use any products or materials to achieve this look. [Btw, the lipstick is here.]

And leave it to John to catch this photo:

Obsessing over the ‘The Beautiful Mess’ app!

Sunnies || White Pants || Pink Top c/o Lauren || Ring || Watch

Top || Pants [similiar here]|| Bracelet || Shoes [Ebay] || Watch

On another note, how sweet is this cutie bringing me a blueberry donut and coffee this morning!


  1. Your pictures are always so pretty and this sounds like a great product!

  2. Amazing photos and your hair! So gorgeous! Glad you found a hair dryer that works well! :)

  3. You always have the cutest insta pictures! Your hair is also sooo pretty!

    Xo, Kelsey

  4. girlfriend, your hair is GORGEOUS! I was gifted the blow dryer too and its amazing. i get super imaptient blowing my hair too!

    i love how bright and colorful all of your outfits are- a girl after my own heart!!

  5. You hair looks great!! i am glad that you found a great dryer!! i am so happy that i got this app!! so excited to use it!!

  6. I really like how you mixed the different polka dots! Cute look!

  7. I love the hana hair dryer!! it really is awesome. and that app is the best!!! its so fun! and your hair is soooo pretty, seriously!

  8. You look amazing! LOVE that picture he captured. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS :) Okay, now I'm missing dark hair LOL. Anyway, I NEED a new hair dryer and I also have long thick hair (not as long as yours but trying to get there)! And yes, he is so sweet!

  9. Your hair is seriously so pretty!! I almost never dry my hair because I hate how harsh it is on my hair and I shower at night. However, whenever I shower during the day or in the morning I find myself needing one. Will have to check this one out! Thanks :)

  10. What a great review! You're lucky they sent you one =D Now I want one haha! Your hair looks fabulous. They should definitely hire you to represent the brand =D

    PS. I'm hosting a giveaway with Brighthouse Baubles on my blog! You could win jewelry of your choice! =D I'd really love it if you'd enter!

  11. I have the same Hana hair dryer as well and LOVE it. It does wonders on my thick, unruly hair. Your hair is seriously SO insanely gorgeous!!

  12. Good to know about the dryer - I've been on the hunt for a new one. I don't do anything besides blow dry my hair, so I'm quite picky about the tools I use! PS - I am obsessed with the Beautiful Mess app too!

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  13. Awesome review! I personally prefer Karmin though, their G3 hair dryer is awesome and makes my hair sooo shiny and soft.

  14. thank u for the recommendation, looks good, but I personally love my hair dryer from karmin. like viviask said is pretty good. :D

  15. I would love to try if they graciously send one to me too! This hair dryer costs $200. Too pricey for a girl on a budget.

  16. I need that hair dryer! Sounds fab! You look gorgeous!


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