Thursday, May 30, 2013


Last week I was going through my closet and quickly came to the realization that my closet has an overwhelming amount of LONG sleeve shirts. I don’t mind that since I can always roll up the sleeves, but this Tennessee heat is out of control already. I know it will only be worse in Arkansas. That being said, I went to the mall on a mission to find tank tops that were semi-nice. I was thrilled when I was checking out at Forever 21 and saw a box of new merchandise sitting next the counter with a blue/white striped tank sitting on top. If you didn’t know, I love stripes. Not to mention, these tanks are only $15. I purchased one other tank very similar that I will share in the next couple of days.
Shirt Forever 21 ||Skirt J. Crew Factory || Shoes Ebay, Coach || Watch Michael Kors || Pink Bracelet Ebay, J.Crew || Earrings JoJo Loves You c/o *cutest things, ever!* || Necklace The Gift Box via Lindsey <3 || Sunnies Anthropologie || Lipstick MAC || Leopard Foldover clutch, Clare Vivier


On another note, my sweet co-workers and I met up for dinner together last night. I was beyond grateful that they made time to have one last get together with me. It meant a lot considering that over the past 9 months they’ve become not only very good friends, but family.  Love you girls! 
My dress is a youth dress from Old Navy. Find here. I got XL but it's a little big.
A selfie approved by me.  

PS. I love my JoJo Loves You Earrings SO much! Check out their site so you can snag a pair, too. They have a large variety of colors and are currently running a great promo!  


  1. Hahah.. I wore almost the same outfit to church last week! Except my top was navy blue and white stripped. Seriously in love with the skirt. I need to pick up another one of those skirts from JCrew they are too cute!

  2. Isn't it funny how that happens? One day I'll look at my closet and realize I don't have any -fill in the blank here- and I don't even realize how it happened but off to the mall I go. What a fun meet up with your co workers!

    1. BTW-Did you un-sew the pockets on your J crew skirt? Why are they sewed shut anyways? I'm scared to do it but if there are pockets under there I want them!!

  3. Love this look! As I am bringing my summer clothes out, I have realized I don't have enough tanks either. Guess that's a good enough excuse for a shopping trip ;)

    Kelly Vaughan
    She's In High Cotton

  4. Love that top! Looks like I need a Forever 21 trip :)


  5. That is such a great pink skirt! You rock pink well!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the striped tank! F21 wins again!

  7. I need to find some tanks for this summer. The stuff I have found seems to be transparent! Not really work appropriate. I might need to search for those from F21 and add a blazer over it for work

  8. Super cute! I'm dying in the FL heat and could definitely use some cute tanks.

    Chelsea & The City

  9. Love your stripey tank! And your PINK J.Crew skirt - just ordered myself the same one :)

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  10. Soo we are skirt AND shoe twins! I have that pink skirt and love love love it. PS. your arms look super toned in the second pic. Have you been working out? Also, I repeat my comment about you being perfect.

  11. I have the same problem! Almost all long sleeves blouses from mainly J Crew lol!!

  12. Every time I stare at my closet too long or do a closet edit I always find myself lacking something. I'm not sure my hubs is a fan of me doing this because I immediately run out to try and fill my closet. hahaha! This F21 top looks great on you, I saw it in store but the fit was too boxy for me. And your pairing is perfection! I wore a very similar top with that exact skirt last week too. Fashionable minds think alike!


  13. Finally swooped up that pink J.Crew skirt! Looks fab on you! (duh!)


  14. So pretty! I'm going to have to get a pair of those sunnies at Anthro. y'all have convinced me :) haha!


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