Sunday, July 7, 2013

One Year...

Today marks one year of marriage for John& me. It has been the best year of my life, no doubt. I never imagined the‘best year of my life’ taking place so far from my friends & family, butwith John, life is simply better

John’s got a work ethic unlike any other, along with a heart of pure gold. His dream is to serve others & care for those who are ill and in order to do so, he has nearly given up his twenties. His workload may be extreme, and for some near impossible, yet he’s managed to be an incredible husband & best friend to me on top of it all. Most importantly, he loves me despite my inability to put the cap on the toothpaste & to be on time for anything. Not to mention, he even loves this blog! 

Thank you, John Gemma for the best yearyet! I love you to pieces!
Here are some snapshots from the events that happened last July 7th.

*Bridal Brunch*
The bridal brunch was Lilly Pultizerthemed. My sister, Amanda, & Robin Harper (Elle’s Mom) were the hostesses.They went above and beyond anything I could deserve or imagine. 

I gave my bridesmaids Lilly coozies withtags saying “Some may think it’s silly, but even my Diet Coke likes to wearLilly!” Props to my mom for that one! 

My sister had these Lilly inspired cookiesmade for everyone. SO cute! 

My bridesmaids & mom! 

My mom, sister, & neice! 

Robin (Elle’s mom, the hostess) &Elle!  

*The Wedding*

One of John’s best men, Leland, keepinghim entertained while he waited on me.  

“Yes, that is a football.” 

*Our Honeymoon*

That’s a recap of last July 7th& our honeymoon. If you noticed, John studied for his Step One Board examwhile we were in Jamaica. Sadly enough, we were not able to celebrate our firstanniversary today since he has his Step 2 Boards on Tuesday but we are hoping tomake it a double celebration when we do find the time. Him finishing that examwill be a gift in and of itself, actually! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. You were such a stunning bride and I loved your bridesmaid dresses. Coming from another wife of a PhD student, I know what it's like to give up plans for your life in a way but I always have to remind myself it's for the BEST reasons and our ways are not God's ways. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congrats hun! You are so beautiful, and I'm happy for you! This was such a lovely post, and the pictures are beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

  3. Gorgeous wedding ! You two look so smitten and unbelievably happy ! Also, I could not tell which was your mom, she looks so young ! Loved this post and am glad you have found happiness with someone so amazing xoxo

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  4. Aw happy anniversary!!!!


  5. Such a lovely and happy story. You made a stunning bride! Happy Anniversary!

  6. i am loving the dresses you had for your bridesmaids! so beautiful. and you are fashionable as always! super cute pink suit. happy anniversary! have a great time celebrating and good luck to your hubby!

  7. The Lilly themed bridal brunch is too cute! Love that idea!
    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy happy happy one year. So exciting to reach that milestone and all of your pictures are beautiful. Hope y'all enjoy this special day together.

  9. Happy 1 year! That party looks fabulous and is that your sister and niece in matching dresses? How cute. I cannot even imagine all the work he has to put in to be a doctor. I about died when I took one class at the Community College. He is amazing!!

  10. Happy Anniversary! You were such a gorgeous bride! :) :) :)

  11. Congrats on the one year mark! The ride just keeps getting better from here. Your wedding was beautiful!

  12. This post makes my heart so happy for you Emily! I loved all of the sweet details from your wedding (could you have been any more gorgeous? nope!) and your honeymoon looks like a blast.

    Chelsea & The City

  13. Happy anniversary love! Cheers to many more happy and best years!

  14. Happy Anniversary! You looked beautiful on your wedding day!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  15. Happy Anniversary Sweet thing!! What a Beautiful Wedding, you were one STUNNING bride :) Xoxo

  16. awww so adorable! Happy Anniversary to you and your sweet love :) <3


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