Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Workout...

Top, Gap Body || Pants, Albion Fit c/o (use code: “SWEETEST20” for a 20% off discount!) || Shoes, Nike || Sunglasses, Ray-Ban

Okay, if we’re being totally honest, no, I don’t work out. I do love some Zumba, though, unfortunately I do not have anywhere to attend with all of our moving. One thing I do enjoy, however, is walking the track with my mom in the evenings. For me, walking the track, chatting, & forcing myself to do lunges is therapeutic and relaxing, not to mention burns some calories. :)

I really love these Albion Fit Lounge Crop pants because unlike so many compression-like pants, these have so much substance and are function. I've never been one to wear tight workout gear, but these hit the spot for me. The wide waistband, in combination with the material/shape made for a more flattering look! 

Albion Fit specializes in women's fitness & swimwear! Their workout clothing is ca-ute! If I liked my body enough, I'd scoop up these super cute leggings with the ruffle... or this skort! Lucky for you all, Albion Fit is doing a giveaway for us today... use the Rafflecopter to enter!

This morning I am NYC bound for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! I am as thrilled as can be to have been given the opportunity to go! If you want, follow along via Instagram: @emilyanngemma


  1. Love this workout look!! Have a great time in New York!! :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. you don't work out and you are this cute?! not fair!

  3. Cute workout outfit!


  4. Great work out look! Love the top! And girl, I have to work out!

  5. Love that you are at the BA track! and I love your crop pants! Super cute outfit! Also, Tulsa has tons of Zumba options if you are gonna stick around here for long :)

  6. LOL, I love you so much. Your workout looks like mine -- cell phone and coffee. Except... I really SHOULD work out. I got that post-baby bod to get rid of! :\

  7. I think walking is the perfect workout... so relaxing and low-key! I totally agree with Corianne... my workout usually includes my cell and some coffee (which it shouldn't because I'm also dealing with the post baby situation lol).

    Chelsea & The City

  8. Yep. I don't work out either - walking totally should count though {living in the city, there's lots of walking to do!} Love the look, and of course - Starbucks :) xx

  9. Cutest pics Emily! So sweet that you walk with you mom!!

    Love from South Africa

    Arum Lilea

  10. It's a start!!! It's going to have to happen sooner or later. At least you look cute doing it.

  11. You are too cute! I wish I looked that nice while working out, hahaha. I don't actually work out either.. so I guess it's not a possibility anyways ;) I'd so pick the crops that you are wearing if I won. :)

  12. just bought one in each color! been looking for good workout capri/pants for awhile and I think I've finally found them! Thanks for the coupon code!


  13. I SO wish i enjoyed running. I really prefer taking classes too :) loving your fashion week adventures via IG!

  14. My last post was about running and fitness and I am more the workout person rather than taking classes which I have done a lot when I was younger.
    But any kind of exercise is good and we should enjoy and have fun!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  15. I just got that top from Gap and I am so obsessed with it! Its SO soft!

    Ps love all your #nyfw updates!


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