Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The City

I am slowly but surely catching up on sleep & getting my life back in order after a crazy, but exciting week in NYC. Not only was it my first time to go to NYFW, but it was my first time in New York! Thankfully, I was traveling with Jade & she was kind enough to break up the week so that I was getting to do some touristy things as well!

I am kind of/sort of a control freak… and let’s just say, I was living totally outsize of my comfort zone during Fashion Week. Sure, living out of a suitcase has become the norm for me with John’s medical school schedule, but this was a little different! We would get home late, then get up early rushing around to get ready. Eating was not something that was ever scheduled – it just happened when we a. had plans with friends or b. were so tired we made ourselves stop and eat! Oh and let’s not forget the amount of times we had to fix our hair or makeup on the subway or in the cab! To top that off, I left my iPhone in the front seat of a taxi in Soho…. Yep, that did it for me! I had no idea just how dependent I was on my phone until this happened. My e-mail is my way of life, texting John was my only way of communicating with him, and the worst part – all of the photos and videos from the shows are all gone! I am heartbroken to have lost all of the images I captured, luckily I had snapped a couple on and off throughout the week on my DSLR. Anyway, as out of my comfort zone as I was, I had the most amazing time.

Being in NYC for FW was probably one of the best ways to truly experience the city. As a girl who has always worked in retail and enjoyed playing dress up, I still can’t believe I was able to see first-hand the trends & looks for Spring 2014. Growing up, that was something I did by reading magazines & looking online at Harper’s Bazaar! Above all of the excitement, one of my favorite parts was simply meeting other bloggers & making friends! 
My Dean family will understand this...
Out of all the food I ate while there, McD's was my favorite! [the only place that had sweet tea...] 
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OG in Times Square with Sacha Kaye... [my only request was that we eat somewhere that had Diet Coke on tap.] 
Had to take this for John... as he is the sweetest thing and loves sweets! 
Jade & Sacha!
nyfw, times square, emily gemma, mercedes benz fashion week, fall fashion 2013
awkward photo in front of Times Square... :/ 

It was so sad to leave Jade on the last day! I had to take a photo of all of our [coordinating] luggage! Our purses were so full that we could barely close them! And in case you are wondering, we didn’t actually coordinate our luggage (or our handbags for that matter)! We really didn’t even know each other that well prior to the trip so we bonded very quickly when we realized how much we had in common!


  1. Haha, that's too funny that you guys had coordinating luggage and bags! How fun :) And I'm sorry you lost your phone :( That would make me sad and I am very attached to my phone, especially if I am away from friends and family and it is the easiest way for me to contact them! Glad you got some photos with your camera!

  2. Did you have Find my Phone enabled? Have you tried that?

  3. So glad that you enjoyed your trip. NYC is amazing!

  4. So cute!!! I'm glad you managed to salvage some pictures!!

    Love from South Africa

    Arum Lilea

  5. What a fabulous experience! I'd love to see a real live NYC fashion show someday. How cool that you got to get to know another blogger through this experience. Bummer about your phone.

  6. Emily! I'm so sad you lost your phone! Also, so jealous you got to go to NY for Fashion Week! I want to visit there SO BAD someday!

  7. Gorgeous dress and amazing pictures ! Looks like so much fin

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  8. I hate that you lost your phone!! Last time I was in NY, my phone got stolen, and it made me realize how little I can do without it. Glad that you had your DSLR for a bit at least!

  9. It looks like you had a really great time! I've been enjoying your pictures from NYFW.

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