Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hello Beauty




I had planned to do a video today but I only had requests for hair curling tutorials and I have a couple of videos already that can be found here.

Each morning I use the same make-up routine, but there are a few crucial steps & products that have proven their worth. First is the Benefit ‘High Brow’ pencil which serves as a highlighter for below and/or above your eyebrows. Each morning, I line under my brow before I fill them in, which gives my brows a more arched, higher appearance. I also use it for under my eyes! Secondly, eye liner is an essential for opening my eyes, giving them a fuller shape, and making them appear brighter. The Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Liner is my go-to for my upper lash line, but I also swear by the MAC Eye Pencil 'Kohl' for my lower lash line. And finally, I’m all about giving the illusion that I have sculpted cheek & jaw bones. For years and years, I’ve used the MAC's 'Golden Refined' as my main bronzer (I have tried others and always go back.) I sweep bronzer around my hairline, my chin, & underneath my cheek bones using this brush.

Of course, lipstick & mascara are essentials as well, but I figured that was a given. Right now I am really loving the NYX lipliners - they are $3.50 a piece and are an all-day wear! :)

Thank you for stopping by...xo!


  1. HEY! I am an AR girl! I just found your blog last night! LOVE your style! I am going to attempt to roll my hair like yours! Have a great day!

  2. I've really been into perfecting my eyebrows lately! I need to try this out!

  3. just started filling in my eyebrows, and i'm now obsessed with it! I feel like I can get away with wearing less eye makeup if my brows are filled in.


  4. I recently discovered filling in my eyebrows, i'm Indian so my eyebrows are already pretty dark, but it really gives another look to your face. It's definitely my secret weapon :)

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  5. Thanks for the link towards your hair videos! Your hair is PERFECTION. :) Thanks for sharing your secret weapons... I can't wait to follow one of your tutorials. I just gotta wait for my hair to grow long a bit...

    - J

  6. I love the look of filling n my eyebrows! i can say that i really miss makeup being pregnant and not being able to wear it is killing me!

  7. I haven't tried any of the products you listed. I have definitely added them to my "to try" list!

  8. Great tips! I will have to give them a try as my eye brows are practically nonexistent!

    Katie x

  9. For once I can actually agree from experience! I bought a NYX liner to go with my red lipstick and I love it. They go on super smooth and they defintiely stay!

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