Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beauty Junkees

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Wednesday's have become "Beauty" days around here... Sorry for the terrible lighting!  John took these while I was getting ready at our hotel. 

Today I am introducing you all to a couple of products from Beauty Junkees! The company makes an incredible Flat Top Kabuki Brush & a set of makeup sponges! The makeup sponges come in a set of 4 & can be used with powder or liquid foundation! Each of them have a purpose - like one is best for airbrushing, one is best for heavier coverage, and one makes it easier to apply makeup under your eyes and beside your nose! These are the same concept as the Beauty Blender you have seen at Sephora - except more affordable with more options! Now, my favorite was the Flat Top Kabuki Brush - it is incredibly soft and has several functions. I used it to apply foundation - but it can also be used to apply bronzer to your jawline - or to blend out makeup on those days when you accidentally apply too much blush! Lets not forget how affordable these are - they are both in a $12-$13 price range!

What I Wore:

Hope you all are having a wonderful week.


  1. But seriously, how do you look so perf all the time? Dying to try that Kat Von D foundation!


  2. ill have to check them out, I'm looking for a flat top kabuki brush


  3. what lipstick are you wearing? I love it!

  4. Those sponges look so cool!

    Katie x

  5. I will check them out as I was looking for an affordable beauty blender

  6. Those a great! Thanks for the tip!
    xo. Lee

  7. Thanks for the great roundup! I'd love to see a hair tutorial from you!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  8. Your are looking stunning. I would like to know which foundation you are wearing. Because your face is just looking perfect. I am using Dermology skin brightening solution. But I am also looking for the foundation.


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