Wednesday, November 13, 2013

GHD + The Sweetest Thing

Above is a quick video review of my GHD Pink Diamond Flat Iron! The tool is from the 'Jewel Collection' and even comes with an adorable pink brush! As a life long user of a CHI iron, I can say that the GHD is a much more powerful tool! Now, I don't have super crazy hair - but it's very heavy so having a hot, powerful tool helps save time in the mornings as I get ready. The GHD makes my hair super straight and gives it a nice shiny look overall - but the best part is the curl and/or wave it creates in my hair! Here are a few outtakes from my video...
 I've been asked what my haircut is - or how my layers look - here is a photo of my hair before curling/straightening so you can see my layers & length!

Thank you so much for stopping by today... have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for the info! Great review! Love you hair!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  2. Your hair is always amazing! I previously had a hair stylist who used a GHD & it completely changed my life. Unfortunately, due to the price, most young stylist can't afford them.


  3. That video is amazing em! What program do you use?

  4. I am always so jealous of your hair, its gorgeous !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  5. You have gorgeous hair. It looks beautiful curled but you can so rock the straight look with all that hair! I just got a new flat iron and I've been trying to master doing the curls with it because I like the more natural wavy look it gives then the curling iron spiral. It's kind of tricky but I'm getting it! GHD should be paying you by the way!!

  6. Obsessed with your blog and all of your style!

  7. I am the same way! my hair is by no means crazy to deal with, but it sure is nice to have a tool to be able to manage it quickly in the mornings. i value my beauty sleep when I have to leave the house at 7 am every day!

  8. I love all of the layers in your hair! I'm sure it makes it easier to curl/style! I love the tip on the new straightener - I will need to check it out!

  9. You are like the cutest person ever! You can pull off any lip color and have ridiculously awesome, beautiful, perfect hair. Not to mention a gorgeous face and wicked style. All together you have it all!
    Claire, Xo

  10. Wow I love this! Hair looks stunning!

    Katie x

  11. Wow, your hair looks incredible! I still cannot master curling my hair with a flat iron but I might have to try again with this one!

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