Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just Can't Live Without...


On Wednesday's I take a break from the style posts & do posts centered around hair, beauty, etc. but in the spirit of Christmas  I am going to switch it up for today. As some of you may know, I technically live out of a suitcase. John's medical school is actually in Virginia but he was allowed a few months to travel for his audition rotations. He works long hours so most of the time, I stay with my Mom & Dad and then travel to see him on the weekends. I wanted to share the top 5 items that make all of my traveling chaos better in hopes of sparking a stocking stuffer idea for you... or just something for you!

1. Michael Kors Runway Watch: This kind of speaks for itself, but it's not just the functionality or beauty of it... it's the quality. MK watches will get their money's worth. Additionally, a watch like this that makes a statement can make even the most simple outfit more chic. 
2. Passport Holder/Wallet: I'm not doing any traveling out of the country, I just liked the picture! I am all about a bright colored wallet that can't get lost in your purse!
3. My Little Steamer: This one is a huge deal. I have the travel size & I use it so much that I probably need to buy a new one. Just ask John: we don't go on any trips without my Little Steamer! And, I hardly ever iron anymore.
4. CND Shellac Shiny Top Coat: Nails say so much about a woman, having clean, well kept nails is an accessory in and of itself! My SIL who is a Physicians Assistant {aka she washes her hands non-stop} shared this product with me. It lasts longer than the average top coat & the best part is the crazy shine that it makes and that lasts.
5. Container Store Storage: This is my hidden secret. This little plastic $4 box keeps me sane. If you are a normal blog reader, you are well aware of amount of jewelry I wear & yes I travel with all of it. I use this box to store it all. It opens on both sides so I get rings, earrings, small necklaces, bracelets, etc. to fit in there nicely & best of all, they don't get tangled.  

PS. I will be back to clothing tomorrow...
AND, the winner for the $200 giveaway was Sasha McRae. 


  1. Great picks! I love that little travel size steamer!! So cute!!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  2. You give such good reviews! Thanks for the top coat info! I have been looking for a good top coat and have been coming up short.
    xo, Lee

  3. These are great suggestions, I think I am going to pick up one of those jewelry organizers myself!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  4. I love this post! Especially #4 as I'm in PA school and will start rotations soon. I can definitely vouch for the fact that we are constantly washing our hands, and boy does it take a toll! I can't wait to try this out!

    Caitlin Cleland

  5. These are great suggestions, Emily! I'm totally going to get that steamer! I have one similar to it given to me as a gift, but it's too big to take on travels. I love all the colors it comes in! What color did you end up getting?!

  6. I love that so many of your picks are in the Pantone 2014 color of the year! Great selection!

  7. Love this post! I was looking for a new travel jewelry case and BOOM! Also, love the steamer, just recently got one and it's perfection. I may need to get the mini for travel as well.


  8. Love this post! Question, for the top coat you are referring to, can it be used like a regular top coat or do I need to have shellac polish and the light as well to use it properly? Thanks!!

  9. Using a storage box is seriously such a genius idea! I always put mine in a bag and they get so tangled. Definitely stealing this!

  10. that storage container for jewelry is a great idea! i travel a lot these days and have been looking for an affordable way to protect and organize my jewels when im on the road!

  11. These are all great picks!! I need that storage container for my jewelry. Travelling with jewelry is so hard!


  12. I totally agree about the Michael Kors watch! It's the perfect watch to dress up or down! Perfect for traveling!

  13. Omg what a brilliant idea i truly need a steamer! i hate ironing and this might solve that problem!!

  14. LOVE the steamer! Funny enough, my boyfriend is the one who introduced me to the magic of steamers. I've been planning to invest in one, and it might have to be this one!



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