On Wednesday’s I take a break from the style posts & do posts centered around hair, beauty, etc. but in the spirit of Christmas  I am going to switch it up for today. As some of you may know, I technically live out of a suitcase. John’s medical school is actually in Virginia but he was allowed a few months to travel for his audition rotations. He works long hours so most of the time, I stay with my Mom & Dad and then travel to see him on the weekends. I wanted to share the top 5 items that make all of my traveling chaos better in hopes of sparking a stocking stuffer idea for you… or just something for you!

1. Michael Kors Runway Watch: This kind of speaks for itself, but it’s not just the functionality or beauty of it… it’s the quality. MK watches will get their money’s worth. Additionally, a watch like this that makes a statement can make even the most simple outfit more chic. 
2. Passport Holder/Wallet: I’m not doing any traveling out of the country, I just liked the picture! I am all about a bright colored wallet that can’t get lost in your purse!
3. My Little Steamer: This one is a huge deal. I have the travel size & I use it so much that I probably need to buy a new one. Just ask John: we don’t go on any trips without my Little Steamer! And, I hardly ever iron anymore.
4. CND Shellac Shiny Top Coat: Nails say so much about a woman, having clean, well kept nails is an accessory in and of itself! My SIL who is a Physicians Assistant {aka she washes her hands non-stop} shared this product with me. It lasts longer than the average top coat & the best part is the crazy shine that it makes and that lasts.
5. Container Store Storage: This is my hidden secret. This little plastic $4 box keeps me sane. If you are a normal blog reader, you are well aware of amount of jewelry I wear & yes I travel with all of it. I use this box to store it all. It opens on both sides so I get rings, earrings, small necklaces, bracelets, etc. to fit in there nicely & best of all, they don’t get tangled.  

PS. I will be back to clothing tomorrow…
AND, the winner for the $200 giveaway was Sasha McRae. 

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16 thoughts on “Just Can’t Live Without…

  1. These are great suggestions, Emily! I'm totally going to get that steamer! I have one similar to it given to me as a gift, but it's too big to take on travels. I love all the colors it comes in! What color did you end up getting?!

  2. Love this post! I was looking for a new travel jewelry case and BOOM! Also, love the steamer, just recently got one and it's perfection. I may need to get the mini for travel as well.


  3. that storage container for jewelry is a great idea! i travel a lot these days and have been looking for an affordable way to protect and organize my jewels when im on the road!