Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bows on my Toes

Ihave been on the prowl for the perfect flats lately.
-Musthave large bow.
-Mustbe pointy-toed.
Thoserequirements were not easy to meet!
I saw shoes that had potential but I knewthey wouldn’t be comfortable enough.
Here are my recommendations:
2. Oasap ($44) (personal favorite!)
(Pictured above in Bright Persimmon. I managed to get them much cheaper in store!)

On a different note, I have become obsessed with Poshmark lately! In four days alone I sold $300 worth of used clothing! John's been on my back about my abundance of clothes that "don't fit." Needless to say, It's become an addiction. The app is so easy to use and Poshmark makes it easy to sale your merchandise. 

PS. Did you see who won the Chevron Painting give-a-way! Congrats to Gabrielle B. on the win! Please e-mail me at emilysweetestthing{at}gmail{dot}com so we can get your painting customized & to you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Columbus Came to US For New Years!

This last year has been incredible! Last New Years Eve, I spent with 3 of my best friends in Paris! 

This New Years Eve, I spent with my husband (!!) and two new best friends! Leland & Hillary drove in from Columbus on Saturday and spent a few days with us.

Leland is John's best friend since childhood. Apparently, Leland & John have great taste in women because the first time I met Leland, he was with his girlfriend, Hillary. It was love at first sight! I thank God that all of John's friends are so wonderful and all of their girlfriends are just as wonderful! Makes growing up even more fun!
Leland & Hillary on New Years Eve!
Johnny boy (& me)
I couldn't be more thankful for this girl! We were destined to find one another!
Morgan & Taylor came to spend NYE at the Loft with us!
Our Crew!!!
We seriously had so much fun!
This photo reminds me of Pretty Little Liars... (minus the mustaches, Mom sent home with me last week!) 
The clock struck midnight and we immediately hopped onto the island counter and finished off our ice cream. Welcome to adulthood!
Hope everyone had a happy NYE! 


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