Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bows on my Toes

Ihave been on the prowl for the perfect flats lately.
-Musthave large bow.
-Mustbe pointy-toed.
Thoserequirements were not easy to meet!
I saw shoes that had potential but I knewthey wouldn’t be comfortable enough.
Here are my recommendations:
2. Oasap ($44) (personal favorite!)
(Pictured above in Bright Persimmon. I managed to get them much cheaper in store!)

On a different note, I have become obsessed with Poshmark lately! In four days alone I sold $300 worth of used clothing! John's been on my back about my abundance of clothes that "don't fit." Needless to say, It's become an addiction. The app is so easy to use and Poshmark makes it easy to sale your merchandise. 

PS. Did you see who won the Chevron Painting give-a-way! Congrats to Gabrielle B. on the win! Please e-mail me at emilysweetestthing{at}gmail{dot}com so we can get your painting customized & to you.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Who else is on Instagram?
I love keeping up with people via Insta! 
Follow me: @emilyanngemma

Some of my college friends are so big into SnapChat so JG & I joined in. He gets to work at 6 a.m. & I love waking up to a SnapChat like this:)
I had "virgin" hair until I went ombre in August... after getting it trimmed at Christmas time I have not liked the look anymore. I did not want to color my hair & damage it so I chose to have a stain put in!
Here's the "After" photo! I am enjoying being back to my old self:) Anyone ever had a tinted stain? The girl told me it should last 8 weeks - I am crossing my fingers!
(in line at Starbucks and didn't want to get caught taking a selfie - not my forte!)
In other news, I have a new obsession: light wash denim (with tears, of course.) I feel like a 15 year old! I haven't worn jeans like this since a Justin Timberlake concert in college! Click here to find these jeans. I've worn them twice this week.
We got some bad weather this morning - which meant getting of work early! No arguments from me! 
John got off early also so we walked down for bagels & soup! Ymmm!!
This weather is really making me miss Jamaica! What an amazing first week as Mrs. John Gemma! 
Read about our Honeymoon here.
Have you entered to win this incredible painting by my Mom?! Less than a week to get your entries in! 
Remember, Instagram this photo & tag me and you earn 10 entries!

Details for the contest are here.
Happy Thursday!

Friday, January 18, 2013

In A Snow Daze...

Navy Gingham || Boyfriend Jeans (clearance rack) || Cardy was a hand-me down || Shoes || Bracelet

Enjoying the Eastern Tennessee snowfall aftermath! 
Still working on the dental/commercial post - will have it this weekend!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweet Sundays...

Ahh! Sundays…
Total bliss.
A day off work. Church. & All day spent with John.

Okay, maybe not all day… but a majority of it. He ditches me the minute a game comes on which is fine because JB was calling my name: I am officially Jack Bauer’s (no, not Bieber!) biggest cheerleader!

I’ve been thinking lately about how quickly his rotations are flying by… it blows my mind. It also kind of scares me… this May I will have lived outside of Arkansas for 2 years. Talk about out of my comfort zone!

We’ve developed so many wonderful friendships in the cities we’ve lived in. We’ve grown close to our neighbors. We’ve become regulars at restaurants. We now know Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Roanoke, VA and Bristol, Kingsport, & Johnson City, TN like the back of our hands. It’s just crazy to think we could be moving away from this city in the next 6 months.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to get back to my old stomping grounds (hey, hey Natural State!)… but I just wanted to take some time to address that it hasn’t been all that bad. Of course, there are some lonely times… like when my entire family was together the week before last to celebrate my Dad’s birthday or last winter when my brother’s team played in a championship game. Overall, it’s been a huge growing experience. In fact, I started blogging as an outlet and as a hobby while John studied, and obviously it’s turned into so much more!

Anyway, John finished Internal Medicine last week and started Surgery today. Despite the bad hours, I am thrilled for him to experience this rotation because his Papa was a surgeon. It will be interesting to see if John has any serious interest in the field… more specifically plastic surgery... ahem, Emmy wants dimples! (I kid, okay?)

So, back to Sundays… we have a little Sunday tradition. Every Sunday we get up early and attend the early service. Afterwards, we come home and walk down the street to the local Bagel shop… where I inhale a cheddar-jalapeƱo bagel & a cup of tomato basil soup. Then, I usually take a cat nap while John does his usual ESPN thang. 
Waiting on our bagels!

We don't eat out much but last night we decided to walk down to a restaurant we've never been to have pizza!

Growing problems... yes, growing out bangs is hard & painful to look at... exhibit A is above. Anyone have recommendations?
In other news... I had a best kept secret that is now public information... While in college I had a tooth fixed (after braces it decide to grow upward, no one but me noticed it.) The dentist ended up using a photo in some of his ads. It wasn't something I shared with anyone... I kind of kept the whole thing on the DL. 

Until Saturday night anyway - the dentist office used the ad during commercials played in the Miss America Pageant & 20/20. I had no idea the photo would be used so when I started getting texts/FB messages/etc. I got curious. My mom's good friend, Sasha, recorded the commercial and sent it to me. It was very minor and not a big deal - but I guess people were curious why I was in it. Once John started getting texts from people saying "isn't this your wife?" I decided I'd bring everyone up to speed.

I'll be posting a before/after photo and explaining how it changed my entire life later this week.
Happy Monday.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Favorite Mascara + Application Tutorial

If you don't know already, I love mascara. It's my vice... we all have them, right?

I probably have tried 75% of the mascaras on the market and have only found a few that I truly love.

About two months ago, I received a coupon from Sephora for $20 off, so I decided to splurge and purchase the Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara. Within seconds of the first application, I knew it was meant to be...Givenchy had earned it's very own spot on The Sweetest Thing Blog.

Additionally, people often ask if I have any special tips or tricks for mascara application... to which I always answer with an honest "no". Up until my Mom saw me apply my mascara while home at Christmas and she told me that she'd never seen it done the way I do it. 

That brings me to this little Mascara Application VLOG. 
Click here to watch.
Click here to find the mascara I used.

I hope this is of some value to you.

Friday, January 4, 2013

If I were a Hokie...

When I first moved to Blackburg to be with John, I remember asking "what in the WORLD is a Hokie?"... then I criticized the Virginia Tech colors... maroon and orange... really?
Until this morning, I didn't like that color combination. But now I do.

I guess I can't talk badly about the school now that John is kind of a Hokie considering his medical school is affiliated with VT.
Hat (Olive, found in store on Clearance) // Sweater  // Gingham Shirt // Pants (Berry) // Shoes // Belt // Watch //  Bracelet   // Lipstick // Polish // Necklace (no longer available but the Etsy site I linked is fabulous)

OH! LIZ P! Where are you?
You won the Glamour Me Jewels Cassandra Necklace!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Columbus Came to US For New Years!

This last year has been incredible! Last New Years Eve, I spent with 3 of my best friends in Paris! 

This New Years Eve, I spent with my husband (!!) and two new best friends! Leland & Hillary drove in from Columbus on Saturday and spent a few days with us.

Leland is John's best friend since childhood. Apparently, Leland & John have great taste in women because the first time I met Leland, he was with his girlfriend, Hillary. It was love at first sight! I thank God that all of John's friends are so wonderful and all of their girlfriends are just as wonderful! Makes growing up even more fun!
Leland & Hillary on New Years Eve!
Johnny boy (& me)
I couldn't be more thankful for this girl! We were destined to find one another!
Morgan & Taylor came to spend NYE at the Loft with us!
Our Crew!!!
We seriously had so much fun!
This photo reminds me of Pretty Little Liars... (minus the mustaches, Mom sent home with me last week!) 
The clock struck midnight and we immediately hopped onto the island counter and finished off our ice cream. Welcome to adulthood!
Hope everyone had a happy NYE! 


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