Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Love My... Jewelry Favorites

Green Bow Bracelet c/o Brina Box (EMILYFAB for 15% off $25 or more)
Leopard Print Bracelet
I filmed this a little late the other night so bear with me. 
If any of you know how to change the covers of these videos, let me know! I tried to upload a new one and it doesn't let me!


  1. You have an amazing collection, and it is displayed beautifully! I love the statement necklace you wore with the gray sweater.
    xo, Blaire

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  3. Accessories are my favorite, loving all of your pieces here!

  4. Love your jewelry collection! Where did you get the pink top?

  5. I have been wanting the "CRYSTAL PINWHEEL STRAND" from BaubleBar but it is sold out and has been for some time now. Can you please share where you bought it from on ebay? Thank you!!

    1. Maybe look on Etsy - just checked my emails and that's where I found it!!

  6. I love all the twinkling in this photo! Great pieces. I have a sweet spot for jewelry.. especially bracelets!

    xo Amanda

  7. beautiful one for every occation!love

  8. All of your jewelery is absolutely perfect. Love it all!


  9. Hi! I just found your blog last week sometime and I absolutely ADORE your style and more importantly, focus on faith (thank you)! You've inspired me to embrace brighter lipstick colors-so chic and feminine!! Regarding your jewelry collection, I realllly like the larger gold opaque stone ring but couldn't seem to find a link for it on any of your previous posts... would you mind telling us/me again? :) Hope your move goes smoothly!!

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