Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Colors WE Love..

 Top, Catch Bliss Boutique c/o | Denim, Ditto's Brand c/o (giving a pair away here) (2 add'l styles here) | Shoes, Naughty Monkey c/o | Bag, Prada (Tory Burch version/Michael Kors version) | Watch, Michael Kors | Sunglasses, Ray-Ban | Lips, Saint Germain | Bracelet, Humble Chic c/o

Collaborating with Shannon from GBO Fashion today! I am so honored to be a part of her 'Style Crush' Segment. Shannon is just about the sweetest thing I know! She makes being 9 months pregnant look like so much fun and so easy... which is not common. She's 10 days away from her due date and she looks fabulous.

I've recently been asking a few questions about my new Prada bag. So.. this past summer I knew I loved it and that it was a classic - something to carry forever ( literally ). I actually even used a replica/hand-me-down for about a week to see if I liked it this summer - I did like it but the one I was using was not only a replica, it was really small. I'm not against 'fake' bags but I knew I wanted the real deal because of the quality! Long story short, I began saving & finally got the one one I love! I purchased mine from Bergdorg Goodman because they don't charge tax - which saves a good chunk of money & I went with the LARGE size because I felt like I would regret getting the medium later on. The large is HUGE - the photos don't do it justice. While at NWAFW I used it to carry my makeup bag, cup of brushes, wallet, planner, vitamins, bag of lipsticks, DSLR, etc. and there was still room! It's perfect for a laptop too! Anyway, just wanted to address some of the questions I'd been asked... I sold many of my other bags to save up for it so I will probably be wearing a lot of black this summer :/ !

Also, the earrings I was wearing on Instagram last night are here. Love them because they aren't heavy like most statement earrings! Definitely recommend grabbing a pair of these!


  1. The bag looks absolutely perfect and definitely it will last you forever.
    I'm thinking of buying the same one sometime this year, I've been "eyeing" it for too long :)

  2. beautiful look! love the stripes and the bag is such a classic!


  3. Love this! So cute.. I saw a instagram comment about your peel that you use for your perfect complexion! What is it? A perfect 10 peel? Thanks!!

  4. Love both looks! Pink looks amazing on you and those Naughty Monkey wedges are SO cute!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. both of these looks are too perfect. how is shannon so cute while so pregnant, gosh i hope i have that kind of luck! and i love your pink look, those shoes are way too fun!

    xo mk

  6. You both look stunning! And you know I'm loving these glitter wedges!

  7. Glittery Wedges and hot pink T-shirts. Ma'am you are FABULOUS lol. In love with this look.

    Guilty of Glitz

  8. How fun are your shoes?! I love this look and hope it warms up soon so I can wear my wedges here in Boston!! Also- I feel like a congrats is in store for the new Prada tote :) (!!!) It isn't easy to save up for a gorgeous item like that.. I love the black and I'm sure you'll still be able to style it perfectly for summer. Can't wait to see more of it on here :)
    XO Rach

  9. I am in love with this top! The colors are so cute! Glad to hear you love the new Prada bag! I want to save up for a more expensive bag... I just can't decide which one I want the most! I purchased a MK Hamilton tote last year and hardly ever use it. It's too small to fit my laptop and stuff for work, so I normally use a different bag M-F. Usually I'm too lazy to switch everything over to the MK for just two days! Debating on selling it and using the money to pick up something else!

  10. You can't go wrong with Prada's Saffiano Lux Tote! I love mine and use it practically everyday! Oh, and cute shoes!

    Jules, Truly

  11. Those shoes are to-die-for! Love them!


  12. Oh how I absolutely love these bright colors girl! You are beautiful!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  13. Dying over that blouse & those shoes!!! You look gorgeous as always :)


  14. I love that top and am absolutely head over heels for those wedges!

  15. Your bag is on my wish list. I am obsessed with it!


  16. Love your outfit! I have to say I got a bit irritated when I saw people asking you questions about your Prada - "are you rich?". OMG - 1 It's not their business 2 If they read your blog they would see your a normal woman who is down to earth! If I had the mental fortitude I would totally save for a designer bag like you did; Sadly It's beyond my realm of capability.....Maybe one day I can buckle down for something like you did! Congrats on the bag and I hope everything went well with John's placement!
    xo, Lee

  17. I love everything from Naughty Monkey, including your wedges! So adorable, they always create such fun styles
    Your outfit is great, as always!

    xoxo Charlotte

  18. EMILY!!! I need those wedges and that top! You look so cute here. xoxo.


  19. This whole outfit is amazing! And those wedges?! Fabulous!



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