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Top 4 DIY Gel Polishes...

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 If you have followed my blog long at all, you may be aware that I am ALWAYS trying the latest & "greatest" in At-Home gel nail polishes. In fact, before I ever did daily posts or outfits, I did a post on gel nails & it got pinned several times and I started getting e-mail after e-mail about it. That specific post (here) was almost 2 years ago and since then everyone and their dog has come out with an at-home Gel product.   

Before I begin, let me share the polishes that didn't make this post because I don't think they are worth the money (or I just was not impressed with)... a. Deborah Lippmann  b. Fuse Gelnamel c. Gel Effect Plumping.
Pros: Actually gives the plumpy, gel look. Wears 5-10 days. Inexpensive. Best for not chipping.
Cons: Works best in layers, which is time consuming due to longer dry time. Can be used with any polish.

CND Super Shiny Top Coat ($8.50) (my post here)
Pros: Easy to use - just apply one top coat. SUPER shine, that lasts. Wearing 5-10 days. Best for not chipping.
Cons: Doesn't give a plumpy look. Isn't super fast drying. Can be used with any polish.

L'Oreal Gel Lacquer Kit ($9.99) (my post here)
Pros: Extremely fast drying. Shiny top coat. Wears 3-7 days. 
Cons: Some chipping if you are hard on your hands. Can only be used with certain polishes (basic colors). Not super plumpy.

CND Vinylux ($9.95)
Pros: Quick drying. Nice shiny look overall. Best for not chipping. Quick & easy application.
Cons: Hard to find in store (buy online). It's not 'cheap'. Wears very well but for 7 days (5-7 for some).

A few photos:

This was a quick paint job - 2 coats and done and fully dry in less than 12 minutes. Wearing this color - I also love this color (it's one of the best white polishes I have tried.)

Overall opinion, I don't necessarily have a favorite but I am almost ALWAYS in a hurry so the Vinylux is probably the one I prefer the most - I love that it dries quickly and holds up so well. I change my polish 2-3/week so I don't stress out long wear.  I think if I were going to nix one of these, it would be the L'Oreal - the best perk of it is how quickly it dries. 

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. I had terrible results with Vinylux, and I followed the directions exactly. I think it depends on your nail type, as I know others who are big fans.
    I actually invested in the CND Shellac system - it was pricey, but pays for itself quickly if you factor in how much Shellac manicures cost. It's hard on your nails, so I don't use it all time, but it LASTS!!!
    I always enjoy your beauty product reviews; keep 'em coming!

    1. If you're not a qualified nail technician you should not be using CND Shellac. It's a professional only product and you can do more damage than good if you are not using the correct lamp, PEP products and correct products for removal.

    2. I've actually done some awesome Shellac manicures with no more damage than ones I've had done professionally. Sometimes, they even look better. I do use all the CND products as directed.

    3. Erika! I need to invest in that also! I love Shellac! Where did you buy it at?

  2. Love that pink polish on you!

  3. Thanks for these reviews! Nothing ever lasts more than 3 days on me- it's so annoying. Even gel kits like Sensationail...3 days, 4 if I'm on vacation and not doing a thing with my hands, which is pretty much never. :) But I keep trying to find THE THING that will give me 1-2 days more of wear on my polish so I might look into these...the CND one might have to be next on my list!
    On the Daily Express

  4. Great reviews, thanks! I love following your blog. I graduated from Harding as well! I just started my own blog

  5. Vinylux is NOT a gel polish. It's a long wearing polish that can last up to 7 days. The top coat reacts to natural UV light and hardens as you are out and about, giving you longer wear.

    If you want something that will last longer CND Shellac is a great choice.

    I am a CND nail technician. Here's my facebook page if anyone would like any information on Vinylux.

  6. You've got Pantone's Color of the Year on! I recently started getting professional gel manicures and I am hooked. I will have to get myself some of this stuff!

  7. I bought Gelous after your first post about it and I still love it! It defintiely works great and it lasts longer than just a regular top coat.

  8. I currently have shellac on my nails - I have had it on my nails about 3 weeks - it is time to get them redone. I noticed some lifting near the edges and pick a little bit off of one of my nails... the nail underneath is yellowing. Why is that? Please tell me the pros and cons of shellac nail polish

  9. This post described pros and cons of shellac nail polish very nicely. I want to add my opinion with you , Shellac is not porous. The only thing it's designed to be porous too is the shellac remover solution. If you have CND Shellac Polish on your nails and you wipe them with acetone, it will not be removed. Several companies offer home UV lamps. Be careful when using them, they may not dry the CND Shellac polish correctly. This product has it's own UV LAMP, and it's a professional product, not for at home use. Gel polishes are a home use product, and are in no way the same thing as Shellac. In fact, the word gel is not found anywhere on a bottle of Shellac. Remember, there is a major difference! Shellac will never cause nails to turn yellow. And will not damage nails either. Please use the Solar Oil that's given free when CND Shellac is applied by a Licensed and Certified Shellac Professional. Solar Oil by CND, nourishes the nail thru the skin, not the nail. It hydrates the skin cells by three levels. It contains four essential oils. Removal of Shellac is never soaked in a bowl of acetone, never scraped off w metal. Only wrapped in special solution the gently dissolves Shellac's layers are release from nails.


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