So, today I wanted to share a few of my favorites from Love Always Couture

If you have been following me for long at all, you know that I wear Love Always jewelry in almost every post. At one point I even tried to tone it down, but her pieces are staple, everyday pieces… which in turn are investments. I only say that because (according to John) I have low pH levels and my skin turns EVERYTHING red… if its from Forever 21… I expect to get about 4 weeks max out of it! But I love Love Always Jewelry because it’s affordable but doesn’t turn colors. It holds up & keeps it shine & color. Not to mention, her fonts and styles are totally on point & current.

You can shop Love Always Couture online by clicking here

AND! Shopbop’s Friends & Family ends TOMORROW! This means 25% off your purchase… its a good time to grab those Karen Walker Sunglasses, or a new Tory Burch bag… 🙂 Use code INTHEFAMILY14.
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9 thoughts on “Love Always Couture

  1. I saw somewhere that if you paint clear fingernail polish on cheap jewelry, it acts like a barrier to prevent the skin irritation you're talking about. No clue if it really works!

  2. I also saw that you can spray Krylon clear gloss on Forever 21 jewelry to make it last longer! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping it works!


  3. Love the monogram trend happening! Great photos! And thanks for sharing the code!! Awesome pieces! I'm the same way with jewelry! I break out in eczema to everything that's fake! I haven't tried the clear nail polish but heard it works!

    Thanks again for sharing!

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