Saturday, April 19, 2014

Make-Up Lately..

Just wanted to do a quick make-up routine update... my skin has been undergoing many changes lately due to the chemical peels and topical treatments I am using so I've been changing my routine more frequently. And I have been asked to do a video tutorial which I will do once we settle down in Tulsa and I have the space for it.

Anyway, MAC just released their Pro Longwear Foundation on Thursday and we happened to be eating dinner next to the mall so I was able to pick some up. It was a lucky strike for me because the new lipstick colors were released that same day and my favorite, Happy Go Lucky, only has one tube of lipstick left. You'll notice it is on backorder online also so make sure to get on the pre-order list! Happy Go Lucky is very similar to the color of Candy Yum Yum but its got more shine & goes on much smooth since it isn't matte. 

So far, I love the new Pro Longwear foundation - its got a soufflĂ© like feeling to it, but it goes on smoothly & does a great job with coverage & doesn't feel too heavy. I would recommend going up a shade or two - I am a NC20 but had to do NC25... and probably should've done NC30. On top of that, I put the Studio Fix to set it. I use the MAC 129 brush for almost everything which is probably not great. But it's one of my favorite brushes & it's a little too expensive to buy multiples. Next, I have been trying out Tarte's new waterproof bronzer - and I don't know if I love it yet. I don't think it is long wear or waterproof, honestly. However, I do like the natural brown color it is.

As far as eyes go, I've been swearing by Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' mascara since October. It's hands down the best - but my friend Caitlin told me to try a primer underneath and it makes a world of difference. Finally, I use MAC's Kohl 'Feline' liner for top & bottom - it's always been my favorite pencil liner.

You can touch/click the items in the photo for more details...


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love reading people's makeup lists. I have avoided MAC foundation for years because I heard it's the worst for causing breakouts from two separate makeup artist. How has your experience with the pro long wear been so far?

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. I've been swearing by the Better Than Sex mascara for a while now's the best that I have found! Good to know about a primer before-hand though!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I have a MAC lady but haven't been to see her in a while. I have wanted to try MAC foundation.
    xo. Lee

  4. I may have to go pick up that foundation but i did get 3 lipsticks from the playland collection. I skipped Happy Go Lucky but im hoping i.can go back and pick one up!! Lol

  5. I definitely need to sort myself out with a new foundation!
    Katie x

  6. The Happy Go Lucky is beautiful!

  7. I've been recently using a Tarte bronzer lately too! I had been using a Mally bronzer since high school (lol!) and loved it, but I wanted to give something else a try, so I got the Tarte amazonian clay bronzer at Ulta a few weeks ago and love it so far!

    And I want to try a MAC lipstick SO badly! All of my lip products are drugstores brands... I tend to splurge on eye and face products instead. But maybe this summer I will finally get one!

    xoxo A

  8. Love the happy go lucky lipstick color!!! Pretty much amazing!!! Your makeup is always so pretty.

  9. I currently use the Mac Mineralize foundation and love love love it! I use it with the pro-long wear concealer and the studio fix powder to set. I think I read earlier that you used to use the mineralize foundation, how does the pro-long wear compare??

  10. I have Candy Yum Yum and like it but I wouldn't mind if it were a little shinier and more hydrating! I'll have to try this one out! And I am dying to try the Pro Longwear foundation!


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