Sunday, July 20, 2014

Best Sale, Ever...

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Another Anniversary Sale Round-Up today because there are so many incredible deals going on right now. So many things are sold out now, but here are a few items that I am really loving that are still in stock or have limited quantities. 

The beauty exclusives are probably some of the best deals on the site. For example, the T3 hair dryer & straightener - only $200. And I also love the Filmstar Killer Cheekbones kit! Personally, I recommend buying the Revitalash if you are in the market for longer lashes - you can get the RevitaLash 2 for $100. I always keep a bottle of lash serum in my bathroom drawer in order to keep my eyelashes longer & thicker. 

The Voluspa candles is something I forgot to mention initially because I didn't look at the 'Home' tab of the sale. I just placed my order for the set of 3. The nude pumps, black bag, & leather leggings are fall (8-10) - winter staples for me.. the nude pumps are a actually a year round staple in my closet. :)

See this post to check out how I re-created a popular outfit w/the NSale items & this post for other faves!


  1. Great post! Love the watches and the black handbag:-)


  2. I got a set of pampering La Mer! I'm so excited to use them! It's so expensive I am saving it for when my skin is stressed or during pms time haha!


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