Friday, August 1, 2014

Make-Up Routine..

I don't really have a set make-up routine, honestly, I am always trying out new products, methods, etc. I love to watch YouTube videos and see what other people with my skin type love. However, I've found a few products that will stay a part of my everyday make-up routine and I wanted to share the details! Funny fact: my dad always says "you gonna put your war paint on, Emmy?" lol! I've always loved playing with make-up! 
I usually use Mac's Studio Fix (I do like it still!) as my foundation but I recently was introduced to Chanel's new foundation & I am ob-sessed. This particular Chanel foundation is called Perfection Lumiere Velvet, it's a smooth-effect makeup and it's their newest foundation. Truth be told, I always assumed that Chanel foundations were going to be $80+ so I never tried them. This one is $45 which was less than I expected but I do believe you get what you pay for with certain products. This foundation is not cakey or thick - its very light, but still provides good coverage & stays put. I am very oily so this one is great since it is oil-free & dries to a powdery matte finish. It's made to smooth pores & even out dark spots which is one of the reasons I have grown fond of it! 
(I am wearing Beige 30 - I apply with my fingertips because I was advised to do so.)

For under my eyes I use Mac's Select Cover-Up (NW15) to brighten up my dark circles. I apply it with a Mac 242 & then blend it with a Japonesque brush. I just recently started using the IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation (in light). I am liking it so far... it's a full coverage powder which is nice for wearing alone or applying on spots that I am more oily. Typically I wear Mac's Studio Fix powder (NC25) & it's never done me wrong. I have been applying my powder with this Tarte brush - I've only had it for a couple of days so I am not sure just yet my feelings on it. I think this is one of the best powder brushes.
I don't like to get much sun exposure so bronzer is something I don't want to live without! My face is super pale because I tend to always keep it out of the sun & I use skincare products on my face that more or less 'bleach' it (dark spot fading). That being said, I have tried every bronzer on the planet it feels like & so far I love this Too Faced one the best. Currently I am just trying out the IT Cosmetics Ombre Bronzer. It's a really subtle bronze which is great though, but not so great if you are looking for a contouring product. I prefer using a MAC 120 for bronzer.
Okay, so another thing I have tried a zillion types of is eyelid primer. Not kidding - none of them work like they promise they will! Sadly, I have such oily skin I think my oil just dissolves the product!! ha! Anyway, this Mac Pro Longwear Paintpot is hands down one of the best. I am using it in Painterly because I like that it is a skin color so it  helps brighten the eyelid if you just want to wear it alone. I apply the shadow 'Bronze' into my crease with an E35 by Sigma & then dust some 'Tan' pigment on top and blend with the Sigma E25. The pigment colors will last you a lifetime, btw!
Once my eyelids are done, I use the Kat Von De Ink Liner on the top & the Mac 'Feline' on the waterline. I prime my eyelashes with this primer - it's a secret trick I learned from Caitlin. Then I apply the Too Faced 'Better Than Sex' mascara. I've been using it for almost a year and I don't know if I will find a mascara any better! Many of you have inquired about my eyelashes being falsies - unfortunately those things are too complicated for me so I rely solely on a serum to keep my eyelashes growing nice & long. Using a serum nightly for a month or 2 will jumpstart the growth and then applying it 2-3x a week will keep them there.
Last, but definitely not least is eyebrows. I've always had thick, unruly eyebrows. When we were moving monthly I would let people wax them that I didn't know much about and over time the natural shape of my eyebrow was gone. I think many people don't realize that your eyebrow has a natural arch & shape so I find it important to make sure you are not over-plucking or over-drawing. I had never used a stencil until I bought the Anastasia Brow Kit when I was in Florida & now I don't go a day without using it! It really just acts as a guide - I lightly dust this Anastasia Brow Powder (in dark brown) on while I am holding the stencil. After that, I use the Brow Wiz (medium brown) to fill a sparse area. Out of all of the products in the photo, the Brow Powder Duo, Brow Wiz, & stencil are the essentials. It takes like 2 seconds but when I first did it it took like 2 minutes, lol! You can use the Brow Fix as a primer to make the powder stick if you don't have a lot of hair. And you can use the Brow Gel as a 'glue' to hold hairs in place. You can also use the Brow Duality to highlight your brow bone or clean up the edges around your brows! 

The products I used in the above photos are what I was wearing on my Instagram photo last night by the way...
I mentioned before that for our 2nd year anniversary John got me a Clarisonic - and I've had it for about 3 weeks and I LOVE it. My skin is temperamental & crazy (lol) so I feel like it's helped keep it normal. I use it with this Clarins cleanser that I love!

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great weekend.


  1. Your make up is always so perfect! xx

    Monica || Wifey Off Duty

  2. Your makeup always looks flawless! Thanks so much for sharing!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  3. I'm going to have to try that foundation!! Loved this post... Love all your posts!

  4. Love this! I've been looking for some concealer and under eye eyeliner, I'm going to have to try these! Also, just started using an eyebrow pencil (having big semi-thick eyebrows and so it's never crossed my mind until now) and boy do I LOVE it!!


  5. I just have a soft spot for beauty products…glad you shared your favorites. Some I've tried and others I need to! I was obsessed with painterly paint pot until mine dried out, I need to re-purchase it soon! Happy weekend, girl.

    XO Strawberry Chic

  6. I have been trying to find a new routine for my eyebrows since I went really BLONDE this summer. It is hard to keep them naturally looking, but I swear by Anastasia products as well! Always have the gel on hand, and just go the brow wiz! Also, I have the same Tarte brush! I used it for my liquid foundation though and it actually works REALLY well for that, but because it is so big, I have to clean it about once a week. Thanks for sharing your beauty tips!

  7. I think I need that brow kit! I've been obsessed with eyebrows lately.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  8. I need that brow kit…I am working really hard to create the perfect brows so maybe this kit will help!! I love all your tips…I love my Clarisonic as well, It is a night and day difference for my face!

    Have a great weekend!
    xo, Taylor

  9. Obsessed with my Clarisonic. I've had it almost a year and I truly can tell a difference in my skin. Love it!

  10. Fun post! Definitely want to test out that primer and mascara!


  11. I really should try that foundation! Thanks for sharing your makeup routine - it always looks so pretty!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  12. I'm definitely getting new make up this weekend. I use Estee Lauder double wear and love the full coverage it gives and it last all day but you got me thinking I want to try the Mac. Do you use anti-aging products? I would love to hear about those!

  13. I might have missed it, but what lipstick are you wearing here?

  14. You are so pretty :-). Love your make up, looks so flawless :-)


  15. I've heard so many great things about the Anastasia eye brow products and I'd really love to try it!

    Hello Song

  16. Gorgeous! I'm someone who is obsessed with makeup as well and I love watching youtube videos to see all of the new products out there. I have oily skin too so I'm definitely going to check out the Chanel foundation! I think it's actually a reasonable price compared to what it could have been!

  17. Can you please do a tutorial for the stencil?


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