Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gifts for That Guy..

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In case you are still on the hunt for a perfect gift for that guy - being your boyfriend, husband, dad, FIL, brother, etc. this gift guide should cover the bases. My family is really easy, I think, because my dad, John, my brother (Paul), &  my BIL (Chad), are all oddly similar. All four of them are very athletic, love sports, & fitness. Being completely honest- my dad is in the best shape out of the 4 I think (sorry y'all!). Anyway, they would all love a pair of tennis shoes or a Jawbone wristband... and at the same time, they would all like a good pair of house shoes. Why? Oh, because they all four sit around watching ESPN at night/weekends (drives. me. bonkers.). We actually got my dad the UGG Austrailia house shoes (#6) when I was in college and he still wears them to this day. As for the preppy side.. John lets me pick out his nicer clothes and my brother has pretty good taste - so they'd both like a nice, quality pair of denim (on sale of course..) & casual/cute jacket.

Oh and all of this is available at Nordstrom! I really like Nordstrom for that very reasons - they have everything available online - for all members of my family. AND, free shipping which is a deal breaker for me! Plus, if you order someone the wrong size they have free returns making it even easier.

Brought to your by Nordstrom.


  1. Love these sneakers and gloves! Great picks:)

    Shall We Sasa

  2. So great that you have such similar guys in your life -- makes shopping so easy! Wish my shopping experience was so simple! ;) Xo, Alison

  3. Great selections! Especially love the chic plaid scarf and the beanie which will make a good match for the former!



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