Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mornings with Buxom Cosmetics

 Today I am teaming up with Buxom Cosmetics to share how I use their new customizable eye shadow palettes! First of all, it is really, really cool - they have 40 shades available - all different colors, all of which are super pigmented & rich in color. When you buy an empty palette, you can select six shades to pop in! I usually use 3 shades on a daily basis, so I like that I can pop in other colors in case I want to switch things up from day to night. (i.e. I use the other 3 shades for nighttime!) Also, if you don't want to create your own palette, they have 3 pre-made palettes that you can use!

The shades are actually made with a built-in primer (also called primer infused), meaning I get to skip a step and not have to apply any eyeshade primer. I literally HAVE to use primer since I have oily skin & don't like creasing! With the Buxom shadows, you don't need any primer because they've covered that for us. ;)

Anyway, I will share a few photos of how I use my palette for day-to-day use! (Don't mind my messy hair - I always do my makeup before I do my hair soooooo.. and PS. Fitz was photobombing a lot of these photos.)
 1. Transition shade - is a light brown. I just sweep it loosely across the crease area.
2. Crease Shade - is a dark brown. I literally only put this in the crease with a small, tapered brush.
3. Lid Shade: I love gold or glitter or white for my lid! I used the bronze, glittery shade for my lid. 

And to make it all blend, I go back to the brush I used in Step #1, and sweep it back & forth across the crease area which blends it all out. (I don't pick up any product though before I do this - it is ok if there is leftover product on the brush.)

 (I used their True Nude Lip Foundation & this plumping gloss and I LOVE!!!!)

The next 2 photos are showing how I pop in a new shade if I want to change up my palette! It's super easy.

^^ Those are the True Nude Lip Foundations that I like!

My bracelets are here & here.
My makeup routine is here.
My necklace is here.
The big mirror in my bedroom is here.
My jewelry armoire is here.

Thanks to Buxom Cosmetics for sponsoring today's post.


  1. Great photos :-*

  2. Hi! Great makeup tutorial! Can you give details on the pink chair? Love it!

  3. Buxom sound like a brand worth investing in. 😊

  4. Buxom lipglosses are everything to me! I literally have so many of them, they're my all time favorites :)
    XO Janina

  5. I love these palettes on everyone... I might have to get one myself! Great post... I love when you talk all things beauty!

    Juliana Grace |

  6. Could you elaborate on the strip of tape you use?

  7. Thanks for the great tutorial Emily! :)

    Amanda ||

  8. Great photos. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  9. Okay, I definitely need to check out these lip foundations!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

  10. Always wanted to try that brand! Love the look!

  11. These shadows look great!

  12. Why do you have tape by your eyes??? I'm totally perplexed...


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