Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Tips for the Fresh Face Makeup Look..

 Over the past few weeks I've been an increased number of makeup questions - mainly regarding my makeup on my recent travels to NC and LA. With the heat and lots of traveling/being on the go, it is just easier to go lighter on makeup so I am sharing a few tips on how I get a 'fresh face', less makeup look!  (My normal daily makeup routine is HERE.)
I'm not sure while I named it Step #1, but I guess this part is pretty essential. I feel like making sure my skin is exfoliated and super hydrated is what helps make the fresh face look more natural.
Tip #1
1. Tata Harper Skincare Daily Essentials Set | This is fairly new to my daily routine - I've been using it for a couple of months and didn't want to share until I knew I loved it. But, I completely love it - especially the Serum & Moisturizer. (I do use all of the products in the set however.)
2. Lancome Genefique | After exfoliating and cleansing, this is the first thing I apply to my skin, it helps to make my skin more radiant & smooth.
3. Clarisonic | I use my Clarisonic nightly & I don't travel without it.
4. Mario Badescu Acne Wash | I still have a lot of acne issues and I've mentioned before that this is the one wash that I really like for acne fighting - I use this in the PM w/my Clarisonic.

Tip #2
I am ALL about making my eyes look bigger so I think this tip is a really important part! The key is the SKIP top eyeliner (or just do a thin line on the top - nothing thick or bold!).  I only use my Mac Kohl Pencil in Feline on my bottom water line. Also, when I wear no or less eyeliner on my lid, it makes my eyelashes looks 1000x longer! (Read my daily makeup tutorial for eyelash tricks, though.) I switch between 2 mascaras: this one & this one.
Tip #3
Another key to a fresh face is having a little bit of color on your cheeks + having some highlight! I've been using THIS blush in 'Petal Power' a lot lately but while I was in LA I got it in 'Warm Soul' (seen in yesterday's Snapchat) & I'm obsessed w/ 'Warm Soul'. You can kind of see the shade in the image above - it is beautiful. Anyway, I love this blush because it has a highlighter built in essentially so it is not too crazy, but still gives a glowing look to your skin. (I use THIS brush.)
Tip #4
I swear by bronzer no matter what day it is or where I am or how busy I am - lol. I don't let my face get into the sun much at all so I bronzer is my BFF. And truthfully, I think using bronzer kind of brings everything to life. When I use bronzer for a fresh face, I just sweep it around the hairline mainly! (The bronzer above is HERE & the brush is HERE.)
Tip #5
Conceal. Conceal. Conceal. I've got a lot of acne scarring and other not so cute stuff so I am all about covering - even if I am wanting to wear less makeup. I love this concealer because it is long wear and full covering. I use it under my eyes to cover my dark circles & anywhere I have a scar or spot to cover. If you use a good concealer, you can skip heavy foundation - which is great. However, my skin is challenged so I still apply THIS all over to make sure everything blends nicely. 
+ I always use a little color on my lid - the one I was wearing in recent snaps is THIS one in 'In Orbit' and I am obsessed. It will be used daily!

Okay, I hope this helps & answers most of your questions! 

Lip Products used in first image: 1. Stripdown, Blankety, Dior Maximizer (right side) | 2. Whirl, Cherish, & Ample Pink (left side) (The top left one is from yesterday - I had tons of questions about this look from some Snaps I posted.)


  1. The too faced mascara is my favorite for length and volume (and I used the same eyelash primer as you) but it almost always gets on my brow bone. I guess because I have oily skin? Any tips on how to not look like a racoon while wearing it? Haha, loving all of your tips!

    Amanda Sumner

  2. I love how you start with skincare products. It's so much easier to keep my makeup light when my skin is looking good! I post a ton about skincare and beauty products if you want to check out my blog! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing! You always look gorgeous! I'll try the Tata Harper skincare - sounds very promising. I love that you've been using it for month and review it now that it really works. I really get annoyed with some bloggers that will try a product once and tell you it works... Great post as always x
    Sabrina from

  4. Love all of your tips! Your makeup always looks flawless so you would never know you have any type of scarring! Have you ever tried Rodan + Fields before? They have an ammazing line specifically for adult acne/acne scars! I'd love to help if you're ever interested :)

    1. As someone who also suffers from acne and has tried the Rodan + Fields Unblemish line, I just wanted to chime in and say it's definitely worth a try - I've tried so much stuff in the past and R&F was life changing!!

  5. Thank you for sharing! I have scars that I need to cover up as well so I will have to try this concealer and acne wash :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  6. Tata Harper and a great, basic make up are a must have for a perfect, fresh face result!

  7. Yes your first step is definitely essential! The Clarisonic is also my favorite!

  8. Love this! I'm traveling soon and need to tone down my makeup routine before I go!

  9. Love this post! Your makeup always looks so beautiful! Love to hear the products you use!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  10. Great tips! I just discovered the Mario Badescu acne products and am obsessed! I've been toying with getting a Clarisonic for a while now but haven't done it yet. Maybe this fall!

    xo Bree

  11. Bronzer is also a necessity for me! I feel like I haven't woken up yet if I don't have it on. I haven't been able to find many that I like that aren't too shiny thanks to the bright lights in my classroom, so its definitely helpful to have some new ideas!

  12. I love these tips! I appreciate that your routine is super easy to follow - no complicated steps! Thank you for starting with skin care!! I'm a firm believer that skin care is the key.


  13. Thanks for the tips! I love my Clairsonic and don't feel clean unless I use it.

    xoxoBella |

  14. Thanks!!! It seems very useful!!

  15. Thank you for doing this post! I was definitely one of the people wondering what lip combo you were wearing!

  16. Thanks for sharing your make up tip. You surely do look naturally beautiful, your make up is light and natural

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