Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Quick & Easy Outfit to Try This Fall

3. Simple Black Turtleneck ($28 - you'll wear this a LOT!)
6. Cognac Boots (dupes for my Gucci boots- these are $159)
9 + 10. A beautiful nude lip combo (Cherish + Stripdown)

There's something about all black & faux fur that I always find chic -- especially when paired with a nude lip & floppy hat! I was browsing online and found a few pieces that I thought were affordable & ones you can get lots of wear out of this fall! 

I was working on my low pony tail video tutorial that was requested Monday -- for today's post and boy, it just did not turn out. I am not cut out for video, lol! I promise I am going to give it another shot & hopefully have something up soon!! xx


  1. love those boots!

    xoxo, Preeti

  2. I love your Gucci boots and these ones really are great dupes! Such a perfect fall outfit combo!

  3. There are few things I wear more often than a basic black turtleneck - love your picks!

    xo alison

  4. I adore that vest! (and I've been loving those starbucks cups. So obsessed.)

  5. Completely agree with the all-black and fur. I love the prada sunglasses, but EEK!

  6. this is like the perfect easy fall outfit

  7. I love those shades! And of course Starbucks is always a staple to any outfit. They should really pay you for all the endorsement lol!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the starbucks cups everywhere!!

  8. Love those boots! So cute and for a great price!

    xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  9. All these picks are so perfect for fall but mt favorite must be the vest!

  10. I love black on black with anything over it! Such a cute look!! And that fur (heart eyes)
    xo, tara

  11. I'm going to try styling my fur vest with all black! I'm excited to see your tutorial! I enjoy all of your videos! <3


  12. I need those boots!!! They are ready nice and wintery.
    Kirsty x

  13. What a perfect fall look! It makes me want to cozy up by the fire :)

    xx Kathryn


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