Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tips for Amping up Your Holiday Look for Parties or Photos

Since it's time (or past time!) for Christmas cards to start going out, I wanted to do a throwback of last years Christmas card because I've gotten SO many questions about what to wear for holiday parties, events, photos, etc. I purchased this dress from Nordstrom last year & it was THE perfect holiday dress! It also comes in a sheath style/shorter length (which I want SO badly!) I wanted to wear this again for our Christmas card this year, lol! 

Right now, Nordstrom has a few stunning sequin dresses! For example, I just got THIS (on sale!) one in - its a looser fit, but it is so cute w/tights & heels. The key to finding the perfect dress for your events is finding the right texture, like sequins, lace, etc. or a bold print. I love THIS lace dress so much - I contemplated wearing it for a party coming up! Also, try a new color you don't typically wear, I love THIS bright red dress, I think it is so gorgeous. Red is not a color I wear a lot, but during the holidays that completely changes - it will match your scenery, that's for sure!  I'm linking a few of my other fave from Nordstrom in the tool below. Keep in mind that Nordstrom does free shipping & free returns so if you are nervous about a size you can order two and return the other for free.

A few other tips for amping up your look for the holidays...
-Find a red lipstick that suits you.
-Try a new hairstyle. (I wear THIS super easy undo a ton during the holidays!)
-Wear a color or style of clothing you wouldn't typically wear, Christmas & NYE is the perfect excuse to wear sequins, btw!
-Try a new makeup look... Link a bold, winged liner or a glitter eyeshadow (THIS is my go-to!) (PS. This is the best liner for a winged look!)

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post.


  1. Oh my, these photos are incredible!!! I'm so amazed and you two/three look absolutely stunning from head to toe!

  2. Very nice set! Love the location. Both of you are beautiful! OOPS! The poch as well...Lol

  3. That dress is stunning!! Love the tips :)

    Kim .. Peppermint martinis & instagram

  4. I remember this from last year <3 so darn cute!

    Kisses and good karma,
    Tatum | AbstractAphrodite

  5. You are so stunning! These pictures are too cute, and I just die over Fitzy! <3

  6. This shoot will never get old :). You all are so sweet!

    xx Kathryn

  7. This dress is amazing! Great dress for the holidays!

  8. Oh, how lovely holiday party tips!! I have also been looking for some interesting venues San Francisco for my destination engagement. We have shortlisted some venues from and would love to book one of those venues.

  9. I love your style so much! Always so polished! Sophie xx

  10. I love outdoor photo shootings! You are one pretty bunch, all three of you! :)

  11. Nice post!!!!
    So lovely,

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