Thursday, March 31, 2016

9 Go-To Lip Colors For Spring

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is regarding lipstick.. whether it be from an Instagram photo, Snapchat, etc. I am getting asked daily what my 'lip combo' is.. :) We say lip combo around here because I'm always mixing and matching different lip liners & lipsticks!

Anyway, every time I do a Snapchat Q&A, I always get asked my favorite combos so I thought I'd do a full out lip color post for spring. I have SOO many colors in my makeup storage, but these 9 colors are the ones that I always pack when I travel.  I am breaking the post into 3 sections - nude shades, red shades, & pink shades. 

First things first: Nude Shades.

I wear nude lip colors 75% of the time. They are great for daily wear but also look good with dark eye makeup. 

My favorite nude shade of ALL is Beige Tribute (middle of above photo). The formula is wonderful, the color is beautiful, the only down side is you have to apply it several times throughout the day.

NARS also makes a wonderful lipstick formula. I've found that it is creamy and nice - and wears much longer. The one on the left is 'Rosecliff'. 

Finally, if you like a very sheer formula, try 'Pure Zen'. It is a cream sheen so its much more subtle and natural with a glossy texture.

**Also, not pictured, two other nude shades I love are 'Blankety' & 'Cherish'. Both of these are creamy and very pigmented.
Okay, liners are SUPER important to nude lipsticks! For me, there's no point in wearing a nude lip color if I haven't lined my lips. As you can see, I collect a lot of brown shades... 

First is OAK... This is a gorgeous color and looks wonderful on so many people but I'm not sure it's my favorite. I tend to grab Stripdown or Spice over this one. BUT! I use Oak if I want a really faint lip liner.

Second is WHIRL.. ugh! I love whirl, but it's quite a bit darker and will make your nude lip more of a mauve. I love having this on hand for creating a new color by mixing it with a different lipstick. (This is one Kylie Jenner wore hardcore last fall and EVERYONE wanted it!)

Third is SPICE... so I purchased this one after I was told that it's one of their best selling colors because it looks good on ALL skin colors. If I were going to recommend one out of these four, it would be spice. I think it looks so gorgeous with nude lip colors! OR alone..

Fourth is STRIPDOWN...  This one has been a go-to of mine for quite some time. I purchased a second one because it can be hard to get ahold of... This is a really light brown shade (not as light as OAK tho!) and is very subtle, but still shows up and mixes well with the nude lipsticks. This isn't one I'd wear alone but I do think it helps make your lips look fuller if you line with it! 

Next are the 'reds'. 

I love red lipstick - it can make your teeth look whiter and your lips look bigger! It also acts as an accessory to your outfit. I typically don't wear a full out red red during the spring/summer since I think it looks best during the holiday season.

My favorite red for spring & summer is 'So Chaud'. It's got an orange tint! (I was wearing it on Snap last night and got a ton of questions about it.) It's a matte formula so make sure you exfoliate before - but it wears for a very long time! 

I also love this Matte red color (#208) - its a reddish pinkish mix. Its a unique color but is GORGEOUS on! Because it is matte it wears for a while too. The only thing I don't like about this formula is that it does move so if you eat something it may spread. That being said, I only wear it for certain occasions.

Also! Not pictured is the new Zac Posen lip color in 'Dangerously Red'. Every time I wear it I get so many questions. It's another thats a mix of red and pink. I like the formula of this one so much since it isn't matte and it also doesn't spread.

The only red liner I wear is 'Redd'. It's the same formula as the others I've mentioned and it does look good on its own.

Finally! Pinks! I'm SO picky about pink lipsticks.. I have SO many that I don't wear so finding 3 that I love is a big deal!

First up is 'Snob' (far right).. It's a light pink color and it DEF needs a liner! I can't find the liner I wear with it (going to get another one this week.) But its HERE in the shade 'Pink'. This liner is super good and long wearing + creamy.

Next is 'Ginn Fiz' (middle). The formula is so nice, it smells amazing and is super pigmented. This pink has some purple tones in it which is why I love it.. it's a little different form your typical pink! I wore it a lot last week and got so many compliments.

Third is an oldie but a goodie.. Candy Yum Yum. I've tried SO many pinks that resemble this and NONE compare. It looks intimidating at a glance because it seems neon but it is so pretty on everyone. My mom wears it all the time and she is blonde with fair skin and green eyes. It has blue tones in it so it makes your teeth look whiter. Also, its matte so it much longer wearing. I use the Candy Yum Yum liner with it.

Last but not least... Glosses.

I LOVE the Anastasia Beverly Hills glosses. They are so pigmented and feel good/smell amaze. (I use them on the nude colors.) ^^ 'Undressed' & 'Kristen'. Undressed is very nude and Kristen is more of a color that would go with 'Whirl'. It's more of a mauve color.

I also love Dior Maximizer for plumping my lips.

And I love Oyster Girl - its so glossy and shiny since it has a bit of an iridescent color to it.

Follow along on Snapchat.. (@emilyanngemm) And I will try to Snapchat these colors ON the next day or so!


  1. LOVED the lipstick from your Snap! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Great colours for spring :-*

    Melanie /

  3. Love your picks - I wear Snob almost every day! It's a staple in my makeup bag.

    Stylin' Iowan Blog

  4. Love this post! Thanks! Hope you and your family are ok after last night's bad weather in Tulsa.

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    How Gorgeous

  7. Love this post! I have a teenage daughter who is just getting into makeup. Her features are similar to yours (dark hair and dark eyes) and I was trying to help her find colors that would look good on her. I can't wait to share this post with her! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. It is so hard to find the perfect nude lip color. Thank you so much for sharing these!

    Sara Kate Styling

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  12. Hi Emily! Such an informative post....great work! I'm having trouble with some of the links working :( Wanted to purchase the liner in "pink" you wear with Snob Lipstick but I'm not getting a liner when I click that link.

  13. love these picks! The reds are to die for!


  14. Emily, could you tell me what nail color you are wearing in these photos?

  15. Love these lipstick colors, and let's face it, your lipsticks in your blog photos always look amazing. I love that you do beauty with your fashion blog. You always have great colorful items and I enjoy this blog so much along with your snap. Can't wait to see more posts.

  16. Where is the teal rug from your snaps from? Is it One Kings Lane too?

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    Simply Rachel Nicole

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  22. From one lipstick lover to another... Great picks! I love me some candy yum yum among many others you suggested.


  23. You were wearing a peach colored lipstick the other day on snapchat.. Do you recall what color that was? I think you had on a stripped (maybe black and white) shirt with it? I've been looking for the perfect peach color!

    Thanks! :)

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    xo Vanessa |

  25. What color liner do you wear with "Snob" the link is taking me to lipsticks and not liner.

  26. Love every shade!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  27. Nudes and pinks are my favorite lip colors! Loving this input.

    xx Kathryn

  28. Your Pure Zen link goes to One Kings Lane fake flowers. Can you provide who makes it?

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