Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Beauty Must-Haves For Girls Night Out

My outfit details: DRESS ($58) | HEELS | EARRINGS | Lips are 'Happy Go Lucky'
Caitlin's Outfit: TOP | SKIRT | WEDGES 
Savanah's Outfit: DRESS (similar HERE) | WEDGES (want them so bad!) 

A few weeks ago when Caitlin was planning on coming to Tulsa to visit & see the new house, we decided we had to have a Girls Night Out w/our friend Savanah (^blondie in pix). A couple of years ago Caitlin came to stay with us right when we moved to Tulsa and the three of us had SO much fun just going out to dinner & shopping and having tons of girl time! Anyway, this time we thought we'd set up some light and snap photos while we got ready! We were listening to 2000s Hip Hop pandora station and having seriously SO. MUCH. FUN. Savanah is one of my BFFs in Tulsa (so lucky bc she's also my eye doctor!) & she is a new mom- so a lot has changed the past couple of years. And I'm sure she seriously needed a GNO, too! By the time we got ready the only place open was a random place called the Rooftop & it was actually SUPER good. We had the Margherita pizza. (insert heart eye emoji bc I'm craving it as I write this!)

Here are the Top 5 GNO beauty products I like to have on hand:

1. SELF TANNER: I personally love THIS one. It is tinted so you immediately get the color payoff - but then next day when you wake up you are little tanner! It's subtle, too!

2. HAIR TEXTURIZER: I have 3 hair texturizes that I LOVE... But after trying out all 3, I've decided THIS is my favorite. It's exactly the product I need for an extra oomph - gives the best volume. I use it on clean hair so that my hair feels thicker and more full.

3. BRONZER: I'm all about bronzer - especially since I like to self tan my body (I don't do my face!). So to even it up and make it all match (lol), I swear by bronzer and I am very picky. Right now I am loving THIS one for a matte bronzer & THIS one for a glowy bronzer.

4. UNDER EYE BRIGHTNESS: I've mentioned before that Accutane dried out my eye area so I still have dark circles under my eyes. I've been setting my concealer use a new bright powder from THIS pallette. I just dip my damp beauty blender in it and dab it on top of my concealer to set it.

5. TEASING COMB: I do not like to go out of my house with flat hair - ever. If I do, I always wear a hat to hide it. Having volume on the crown of your head is flattering for most face shapes. I always tease my hair with THIS comb and I have one in each of my handbags. (embarrassing but it's the truth!)

If you want to see Caitlin's Top 5 Beauty Products for a GNO read here.

*Sidetone - don't mind my bathroom! One side is complete and we haven't started re-doing the other half so it's mis-matched right now. 


  1. Love this!!!

    I had so much fun watching on SnapChat!!! lol


  2. I loved watching this on your snapchat! This is such a cute post, so glad you guys had such a great time!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. I saw on your snap that you use some great lighting- can you link to those?

  4. your hair is gorgeous


  5. How fun!! Hope you ladies had a great time and thanks for the product recommendations!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  6. This is so cute! But really where is your mirror from? I am on a hunt for a large mirror like it and yours is perfect!

    Dede Raad

  7. What do you use to make the bottom picture collage that has clickable links?

  8. Such a fun post!! Definitely checking out # 2 and #4. You ladies all look beautiful too and I am glad that you had a fun night out together!! :-)

  9. I'm so positive you've answered this before so I hate to pester you with it! But can you tell me where you got the gold/mirrored tray on your bathroom counter? I NEED something just like that!!! THANK YOU!!

  10. Loved this post, such a cute idea! Getting ready for a girl's night is half the fun!
    -Angela & Amy

  11. Great post!! Y'all are too cute. XO -Anna

  12. Bathroom = perfection. Love love love all the white and your marble counters...ughhh swoon. I'm looking for a house now with my fiance and this bathroom is exactly what I dream of!!! Can't wait to see more house pics :)

  13. Gorgeous ladies!! So great you got to have a GNO with old friends!
    Love that off the shoulder blue dress!! <3

    xoxo A
    The Miller Affect, a Fashion Blog by Amanda Miller

  14. Beautiful photos, great vibe and such a sweet girls!!


  15. Such a fun post, I love both you and Caitlin as bloggers, so it's fun to see you both hang out and have a GNO! By the way I didn't notice anything wrong with your bathroom lol, it looks gorgeous!

    xx Madeleine


  16. Such a cute post! Love that Fitz made an appearance, too :)


  17. aw lovely pics

  18. We love this post, so fun!! Beautiful ladies inside and out! Whitney and I would love to come back to Tulsa for a GNO! Tell Savannah hello from us! :)

    Lindsay & Whitney

  19. This looks like such a blast! It's always fun getting ready together for #GNO :)

    xx Kathryn

  20. I love your big bouncy curls!

  21. Cute outfit! Looks like you girls had alot of fun!!


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  23. LOVE THIS POST! You all look so cute!! FYI, if anyone is wondering, that pineapple candle is from Target. I threw it on my blog a week ago after knocking several people over in the candle aisle after spotting it. OBSESSED!


  24. Love this post! It's so nice to see you girls having so much fun! Reminds me of my girls' night outs! Thank you for sharing your tips!


  25. love the post:)


  26. beautiful and fun post

  27. super cute post :D Love all the photos and I completely agree with the "must-haves." I had a lovely night out with my friend yesterday and I wish I saw this post before we went out.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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  29. Such a lovely post

  30. That sad moment when you find out Caitlin's wedges aren't available anymore! :(


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