Friday, April 8, 2016

Huge Instagram Round-Up

A snap from running errands yesterday.. so excited to finally have some peonies in my home!

Handbag | Similar sunglasses & here | Coffee is just a black iced coffee with a little bit of soy milk & Splenda. 
A snap from last week.. stopped at Antoinette's Bakery in downtown Tulsa.

Ring | Heels 
Sephora Run... (see post HERE.)

Denim (a fave of mine & ON SALE!) | Shoes | Tee is old but identical in short sleeve HERE) | Baseball Cap 
Outfit Details

Top | Denim | Heels | Necklace | Phone Case (on sale!) | Celine Phantom in Beige
Outfit snap at the airport on the way to NYC a couple of days ago!

Top | Denim (bought a second pair of these!) | Shoes | LV Keepall 55 
Big earrings..

c/o BaubleBar & Shopbop
Snap from Easter Sunday... Holding my new niece, Lola. She was 3 weeks old in this pic and she's a living doll baby! She's actually spending the weekend with me this weekend!(!!!) Fitz does. not. like. babies. at. all. Just look at his face! My friend Savanah has a 7mo old (Beckham, you've probably seen him in snaps!) and they always come over on Fridays and Fitz gets SO jealous! I really do think it is because I don't give him as much attention when they are over at the house and I constantly hold Beckham. 

My dress is here.
Snap from Cancun...

Sandals | Camera (only used for Vlogs) | Sunglasses 
Sunglasses (on sale) *see widget below to see all products*

A new lipstick I am loving! I did an entire Spring Lipstick Post HERE.

Outfit Details:

White Denim (on sale!) | Heels | Hat (on sale here) | Celine Ring Bag in White

I'm so obsessed with these heels, they look like expensive designer heels but they are right around $100!

Rug is here.
Outfit Details:

Sweater | Denim | Boots | 'So Chaud' | Neverfull MM (dupe HERE) 
My fave scarf right now.. I wear it SO much! It was a Valentine's day gift from John! It's the denim but I like it reversed.

Full Outfit Post HERE.

Full Outfit Post HERE.

 Full Outfit Post HERE. (This is the life update post where I talk about buying a home.)

Full Outfit Post HERE.

Full Outfit Post HERE.


  1. Love seeing all the details for these gorgeous outfits! The Tory Burch sandals are so cute!<3

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  3. I absolutely love all of your cute accessories! Especially your new earrings and your cute sunnies! Thanks for the round up. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

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  5. You have one of the best Instagram feds! I'm seriously loving every single photo! :)

  6. great collection of pics! I love those insta posts so much, because they are so inspiring :-*

    Melanie /

  7. I wish I had as man shoes as you do...

  8. Love your IG feed! It's like candy for the fashion/beauty obsessed :) Congrats again on the new home!


    Vast Aspiration

  9. Where are the sunglasses in the first picture from? They are soo cute!!

  10. I could not believe those were faux peonies! Awesome.

  11. You always have the cutest shots! Every picture is stunning and I want it all!

  12. Although I do obsessively follow you on Instagram because I love everything you post, sometimes I somehow miss a post so thank you for doing this roundup! I LOVE all your bright colors you are incorporating into your home and your outfits! Thank you for sharing :)

  13. lovely pics

  14. FYI a lot of your links are incorrect... I clicked on "Sweater" and it took me to YSL Touche Eclat. I clicked on the "full outfit post" link and it took me to a post about lipstick, no outfits.

  15. I am LOVING all of your casual looks lately Em. So effortless looking. I love your jeans and tee combos! It's so nice to see wearable pieces as well as the fun stuff!

    Grace xo

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  17. Hi! Do you not recommend that camera (a5000) for post pictures ?

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