Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#NSALE Beauty Products I Ordered & Kept..

^the top is Stila, the middle is the YSL lip color, and the bottom is the YSL gloss.. more on those below!


Outside of the cozy fall clothing from the Anniversary Sale, my favorite thing to shop are the beauty items. Many of my daily go-to items are actually included in the sale so I was able to stock up a little bit. Also, I have other items that are included in the sale, but I am not going to be talking about them as much just because I don't think they are worth the money or value. I don't want want you all to be disappointed in whatever you get!!

This kit is definitely more for someone who doesn't like a strong pigment on their lips. The lipstick itself is more sheer than a MAC color, but it's very pretty. The gloss that comes in it is more watery, than sticky but it's a fun, fall color & the other gloss is a plumper and I really love it! (PS. The pink kit is pretty, too!)

I love love love this eye liner. It's all I use and have used for a couple of years!! I went ahead and bought this kit because I know I'll be needing it again in the next two or so month. Also, the color 'patina' is a crazy popular color - in fact, at one point last fall it was sold out! I went into every Ulta and Sephora last September trying to hunt it down and it was completely sold out. I ended up finding it online and ordering it but I wanted to share because I find it interesting that they would combine two of their best products for the sale. Not to mention, it was only $20! Total steal. (I'm wearing this lip color in the photo above!!)

I feel as if I don't even need to explain myself... if you watched my YouTube Makeup Tutorial last week (or any of the from the past 2 years) you know I SWEAR by Anastasia eyebrow products. You get the brush (so good), the pomade, & the gel for $36!! I am probably going to order this just for the brush and gel and give my mom the pomade since I already have a new one.

4. NARS FACE PALETTE ($65 - this is a $124 value!)
Oh-em-geeeeeee... Y'all! This kit is a dream! When I was in Dallas last week I literally made a straight shot for the beauty just to purchase this! If you love switching up your blush colors or you travel a lot - this will be a hit for you as well! It has 4 blushes (orgasm is my fave! ), one highlighter, & one bronzer. I have used this to get ready every day since I got it. :) 

Another self explanatory one if you've seen my holy grail makeup posts...  I consider BBs to be a little expensive considering I change them out so often but I absolutely can not do my makeup without them! As soon as I saw I was going to get 2 + the cleanser for $35, I didn't think twice about the purchase. 

Not pictured, they are both dirty. :) oops. But, the F80 is my go-to foundation brush and these pads are amazing for cleaning your brushes. Trust me on this one - you will be so happy if you get this set!

Had to have this - the bottle is massive & has a pump so it's perfect for under my bathroom sink. I travel to lather up in it each night to keep my skin from drying out too much. I like this lotion because it doesn't have a strong scent and it does make your skin so soft.

If you followed me at all last spring and summer, you may remember me using this tool! It is SO cool - it cleans up the surface of your skin SO well. I highly recommend it if you have troubled skin. It's not pictured because it's upstairs in a box since I couldn't use it during Accutane or for 6months AFTER Accutane. I'm hoping to start using it again soon. 

9. NEULASH (2 for $150!!!)
So self explanatory - people ask about my lashes ALL the time and I for the past couple of years I've been talking about this serum. This is one of two serums that I love for growing longer lashes.

10. TORY BURCH PERFUME SET (Full size + Travel size for $125)
To me this and the Chloe (below) are staple fragrances for a woman - you either need one or the other though. Both are clean and fresh smelling - nothing crazy!! 

11. CHLOE PERFUME SET (Full size, Rollerball, & Lotion for $135)
^read above.

I've had this straightener for YEARS. It's way better than a Chi and is definitely one of the nicest straighteners I've ever used on my hair! If your hair is hard to straighten, then I recommend investing into this one while the price is marked down! Also, I've gone through so many since I was 13 and this is the only one that's lasted this long!

13. LANCOME GENIFIQUE (2 for $150)
During Accutane I swore by this stuff for brightening up my skin and bringing it back to life! I can't say a whole lot on it as I have backed off of using it the past 4 months but it does do wonders if you've had skin issues and want radiant or smooth skin. 

Long time, no see... :) If you read my SKIN CARE POST from last week then you saw that this stuff is my JAM. Read the post to understand why I love this product.

You have seen this product on my Instagram a few times probably because I posted a couple of photos of my cute pink Clarisonic on there this spring! I love the Clarisonic and the travel size is what I use even while at home. 

That's it for now - if I try any others and love them, I will update you all! <3


  1. I just bought the Neulash serum and so excited! How long did it take you to start seeing results? Also, what are your tricks for taking off mascara at night? I am so cautious I never want my eyelashes to fall out Baha!! Thank you :)
    Xox Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  2. I also have a neulash question. I've read you see results within 3-4 weeks with your natural lash cycle but do you have to use it forever to maintain the results or do you just use it until your satisfied and they will stay like that forever?

  3. Your beauty posts are some of my favorites! Loved this post. I have been wanting the Neulash for so long! I am so tempted to splurge since you get 2 for 1!


  4. I definitely have to look into the Neulash since your lashes are amazing! I'm just so nervous putting anything on my lashes that isn't mascara! Does it sting at all?

    xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  5. Fabulous picks! I'm eyeing the Nars palette, the beauty blender set, and the sigma brush!


  6. Love that NARS kit!! I need it so bad!! XO


  7. Great picks! I love the clarisonic and this new cute little one is tempting. Also, the Nars blush palette looks so pretty!


  8. I love your beauty picks! I posted my best beauty buys on my blog today too ;) I can't wait for my lash serum to arrive in the mail! :)

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your faves Emily! I definitely need to add that lash serum to my beauty routine as well as the Nars Face Palette!

    xo, Caitlin

  10. Can I ask where the gold mirrored tray is from? It's stunning!

  11. Nice post ;)

  12. I started using Neulash because of you! I love it! Just curious, what's the other serum you like?

  13. Your fashion posts are to die for! Your husband does amazing photography...I'm surprised he didn't choose radiology! I was wondering about the Sigma pad...does it really clean without a liquid or do u need to add brush cleaner liquid! Sorry but I'm confused! I am a physician and loved your residency post...things have changed since my time but it's a tough ride no matter. Especially for the spouse/family! Unfortunately it may not get easier but seems like u have a great attitude and a career of your own so things should go well for u two. Love your blog and insta! If I had the time I would love to do what u do! It's my secret passion!

  14. The beauty products from the NSale are my favorites to look through! And I totally know what you mean about YSL lipsticks. I have yet to find one I actually like because they are all so sheer!

  15. Lovelyyy picks! Especially the Chloe perfume :)

    xo Vanessa from

  16. Nothing better than some new lip products!

    Sara Kate Styling

  17. I NEED that Nars palette! Love your blog girl!

  18. These products sound amazing!! Loving your blog too btw :)

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