TEE: Lush (wearing medium for looser, long fit- $19) | CARDIGAN: BP (more here) | DENIM: old SP (similar HERE) | MONOGRAM: BaubleBar | NECKLACE: H. Audrey (dupe here) | WEDGES: Jeffrey Campbell | HAT: Kinks (love this one under $40!) | HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton (similar option
I have been living in these Lush tees – I have a few different colors in them mainly because they are great worn alone from day-to-day or for layering! (You may remember me wearing this one HERE.) I know that the tag says they are dry clean only (ha!) but I do not dry clean them. I’ve had a lot of you ask about it – I just wash them w/other clothing & let them hang dry. So yea, we are all home free, I definilty would not want a basic tee that required dry cleaning! 
In other news… John had a day or so off this weekend so we spent Friday watching movies and it was SO fun. We rarely ever get down time to just sit and watch a movie but the weather was gloomy so it was perfect. We watched 10 Cloverfield Lane (I think thats the name!) & it was actually really good until the ending. I was sort of annoyed when it ended. Did anyone else feel the same way!?!


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46 thoughts on “Easy Outfit To Re-Create This Fall

  1. Great outfit! Your hair seems so much more curlier these days. I would love a tutorial on what you are doing with it to get that look. It looks lovely!

  2. Love the outfit! Also I saw 10 cloverfield lane in the theater with one of my friends and we were both like what just happened at the end… I thought it was good until then as well ( I guess we were supposed to know that it would have aliens because of the other cloverfield movie but I never saw that one so I had no idea)

  3. I am new to following you but LOVE your style! I bought the wedges you're showcasing here because I saw them on you and had to have them. Quick question….did you find that you had to adjust the laces to make them lay flatter on the sides of your foot? Mine gap a bit on either side but yours look great. Thanks so much! 🙂 Christine