Sunday, August 7, 2016

Last Chance For #NSALE Prices

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is coming to an end - tonight. The sale prices go back up tomorrow (Monday, August 8) so you have a few hours to take advantage of these great prices. THIS re-cap of the sale is the best way to shop everything! A lot of these items sold out several times and then were re-stocked -- they are still selling very quickly so make sure you check out asap if you find something! (I’m craving THESE in nude!)

Outfit DetailsCardigan | Tee | Necklace | Booties (all of my IG outfits are linked here.)
Outfit DetailsCashmere poncho comes in 4 colors (Full Blog Post HERE.)

Photo Details: Tory Burch Riding Boots (6 & 8 left!) 

Outfit Details: Sweater (4 colors available) | Denim 

See what Beauty Products I purchased during the #NSALE here.
Outfit Details: Full Blog Post HERE

Outfit Details: Full Blog Post HERE. (Cardigan is back in stock & selling super quick!)

Outfit Details: Full Blog Post HERE. (Dress is #NSALE.)

Outfit Details: Full Blog Post HERE. (Full outfit excluding shoes is #NSALE.)

Outfit Details: Tunic (wearing XS - $27) | Denim 

Outfit Details: Full Blog Post HERE. (Sweater is Nsale & still available!) 


  1. Wow everything is so gorgeous! xx

  2. Love your style, these outfits are so so cool!
    ♡ Kristina

  3. Great roundup! There's still a few things I'm tossing over in the Nsale! It's so good this year! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love your style!

  5. I splurged and picked up the Neulash serum. I am excited to see results. Love these outfit ideas!


  6. Great looks. I like your style.

    xx, Andrea - Strawberries 'n' Chamapagne

  7. Love all your outfits!


  8. Great looks, love those TB riding boots.

  9. I want some thoughts for a few cute summer outfits. I don't do girly sundresses but I will be dressed in some. I am from Custom Paper Service | Aoneessays can somebody please create me several fall outfits from Abercrombie and Fitch.


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